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Love Her From Afar

Pairing: Draco x Fem!Reader

Warning: Angsty, maybe?

Part 2

Her yellow dress was a stark comparison to the boy’s black clothes. Her hair, today in curls, was pinned in a bun but there were a few loose strands falling on her face. Her hands on the boy’s shoulder and his on her waist made Draco’s stomach churn. Her eyes lit up and she let out a laugh at something that the boy whispered in her ear. He couldn’t take it anymore. He turned away from the scene of the happy couple only to be met with Blaise Zabini.

“What happened to your face, Malfoy? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Blaise said sitting next to Draco.

He looked behind Draco and nodded his head in understanding.

“Ah! I see. Your best friend has ditched you for that Durmstrang lad, hasn’t she?” Blaise smirked. “I mean, she looks happy. She has been laughing since she came here. I think she really likes the lad.” Draco felt like punching Zabini and his smirk meant that he knew it.

“You must be really happy for her. Since, you know, she’s your best friend.”

Draco glared at his housemate.

Zabini’s smirk grew bigger, if it was possible. “Oh, look who’s coming over here.” Draco turned around to see (Y/N) making her way towards them with the Durmstrang lad on her heels.

Her smile was contagious. And that smile was directed to him. “Hello, boys. This is Zeke.” She said nodding towards her date.

Draco snorted. What kind of name was that?
He acknowledged Zeke with a nod while Blaise pat his back like the two happened to be long lost pals.

“Zeke, my mate, how do you find Hogwarts?” asked Zabini. Mate? Blaise did not even know his mate’s name ten seconds ago.

“Well, my experience here so far has been incredible.” he responded moving his arm towards (Y/N)’s waist causing a rosy tint to appear on her cheeks.

Something dropped in Draco’s stomach. He clenched his jaw and tried to control the bitter feeling mixed with anger rising inside him.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t it be when you and (Y/N) have been at each others side as if stuck with glue?” grunted Draco.

(Y/N) looked at him with a confused expression making her eyebrows scrunch up which melted his heart. She had him wrapped around her finger and she had no clue.

She opened her mouth to say something but before she could get a chance Zeke dragged her off for another dance. Seeing them laughing and gliding on the floor broke Draco’s heart.

He was the Slytherin Prince.

He didn’t get jealous of others.

But right now he would give anything to take Zeke’s place.

“Quite a couple, aren’t they?” Zabini pondered out loud with an innocent look on his face.

He was aggravating Draco on purpose. He knew it. Blaise Zabini knew that Draco was in love with his best friend. So why couldn’t (Y/N) know it too? Because Draco was a coward. He would rather be by your side and see you be happy with some other guy than confess his feelings and lose you.

(Y/N) was the closest person to him but he could only love her from afar.

things we carry inside us // (1)

we all carry these things inside of us, that no one else can see. they weigh us down like anchors. they drown us out at sea
Warnings: mention of scars.
A/N: i promise things will start getting better soon with this haha. title & summary from BMTH’s Chelsea Smile.
Returning home after my first day of college, all I want is to shower, change into my pyjama’s, and get straight into bed. As soon as I open the door and Drake’s raps hit me I know it probably won’t be happening.

My three room-mates are in various states of undress; Betty is wearing a flowing, floral blouse and a black a-line skirt, frowning as she smooths down the clingy fabric. Veronica is dancing around the living room, clad only in a pair of sheer black tights and a lacy bra, hair pinned up and half-curled. Cheryl’s head pops out from around her bedroom door when she hears me coming in. Her eyes are dusted with dark browns, lips coated in her signature Maple Red lippie, and she squeals in excitement as I walk down the hall.

‘Storm! You’re here!’

Dropping my backpack with a thunk, I lean against the doorframe of her room. Glancing in, I see a red dress laid out on her bedspread, a pair of silver heels waiting by the floor-length mirror, and a faux-fur shrug draped beside the dress. ‘We are all going to our first college party!’ She informs me gleefully.


Cheryl hits me with that Blossom stare - fierce and unrelenting. I feel my resistance falling away as Betty sidles up behind me. 'Guys?’ Her voice is uncertain. 'I don’t think I have anything nice to wear.’

Cheryl’s eyes nearly pop out in horror; before she has the chance to make a cutting remark, I take the blonde by the wrist and pull her further down the hall. 'You can borrow something of mine.’

Relief washes over her face. 'Really? Are you sure?’ Smiling, I enter my own room, opening the wardrobe and scanning the scant contents. Most of my stuff is still in boxes, some half-open and items scattered all across the floor. I run my hand over the clothes rail, selecting a pale pink skater dress and holding it out to Betty. She holds it up against herself. 'It’s a bit… short?’

I shrug. 'If you’ve got it, flaunt it, Bets.’ She laughs at that, and retreats to her own room to change. Resisting the urge to rest for even a moment, I resign myself to finding something decent to wear. Nothing in the wardrobe stands out, so I root through a few of the boxes marked 'clothes’ until I come up with something casual but cute.

Betty reappears at the door, tugging at the hem. She’s trying to hide a smile, as she looks to me for an opinion. 'Gorgeous, girl,’ I tell her honestly, watching the blush spread across her face. 'You think?’

'I know,’ I correct her, grabbing my makeup bag and straighteners. 'Go see what the others say,’ I encourage, and she slips out again. I hear Veronica wolf-whistling, and grin. Betty has probably turned completely crimson - even after a mere day of knowing her, her crush on the sassy brunette is no secret to anyone, except to said sassy brunette.

Closing over my own door, I shrug out of my first day of college outfit - black leggings and an oversized maroon hoodie, black canvas runners, then pull my hair out of the messy top-knot I had it in. Before even attempting to wrangle my hair into a respectable 'do, I step into a pair of distressed shorts, pairing it with a light grey tee shirt with an alien printed on the right side. I hesitate - though the scars on my arm are pretty faded, they’re still just about visible. I’m not ashamed of them, but people tend to make assumptions about their origins - but, hey. Screw it. Let people think what they want to, right?

I debate between dressing up the casual outfit with a pair of heels or sticking to comfort with sneakers, then leave the decision to before we go.

Blonde strands with knots the size of fully-grown cats in are not fun to deal with- I yank out more hair than I brush every time the bristles pass through the thick waves. I’ve been growing it for about two years now - not that it was particularly short, but I haven’t had in cut in a long time - and it just about grazes the small of my back. I call out to Ronnie, asking her to braid it.

Waiting for her to come in, I start putting my face on. Swiping foundation on, then attempting to contour. Emphasis on attempt. When everything looks blended, I check myself out on the dresser mirror - I can’t see a difference, really. Moving on, I shade my eyes silver and black, blending and blending and blending until I’m satisfied with how it looks. My greatest enemy comes next - liquid eyeliner. It takes about ten minutes to get it evenly applied, little wings stretching out from the corner of my eyes. When that nerve-wracking exercise is finished, I put on a few coats of mascara and apply a nude lip, standing back to appraise myself.

Ronnie taps on the door - 'are you decent?’ I smirk at the mirror. 'Depends on your definition of decent.’ I tease back. She steps inside, twirling for me, showing off her little black dress. The top is tightly fitted while the bottom flares out; showing off her long, smooth legs. She winks at me and then climbs onto my bed, careful of the skirt of her dress, sitting cross-legged, patting the space in front of her. I toss the hairbrush to her and grab a handful of ties, leaving them in a pile by her knee. I sit at the edge of the bed, relaxing momentarily as her fingers run through my hair. It’s comforting; usually, physical contact makes me flinch, but this is nice. She hums along to Clean Bandit, playing from the living room, twisting my hair around itself with nimble movements.

'So, where are we actually going tonight?’

'Our friends have a house share a few blocks over - guys we knew in high school. They’re having their own freshers party.’ She pauses, looping some more hair over and under. 'You’ll like them,’ she tells me reassuringly.

I say nothing. She finishes the braid and pins it around my head in a crown - clapping her hands excitedly as she surveys her work. 'Beautiful!’
I look in the mirror again; a stranger’s reflection staring back at me. My skin is still tanned from travelling, my hair lighter from all the sun. With the make-up, I even look a little older, and Veronica’s braid sets the whole ensemble off perfectly. I thank her quietly, and stand up to toe on a fresh pair of pristine white Vans. I’d meant to wear them today, but changed my mind last second, choosing an old battered pair of black sneakers that were a little bit comforting - old and familiar. Tonight, though, it is out with the old and in with the new. No more hanging on to fragments of the past - except for maybe one. Finding my jewellery box, I dig out a long silver chain. The charm on it is simple, a half-tied knot, a symbol and a promise. Swallowing hard, I manage to tie it around my neck, surprised to find myself smiling as I look down at it. Maybe I don’t have to let go of everything.

Gluttony (Jin)

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Word Count: 1144 words

Wrath (Jungkook), Pride (Yoongi), Lust (Namjoon), Greed (Hoseok) 

Part 3 of 7

It was an undying hunger. This, selfish need that must be done in order to fill this hunger. It wasn’t just his stomach but his soul.

Living the excessive hunger, yearning, it was a nuisance. An annoying part of him he would get off. But it was him.

He was the living embodiment of gluttony.

A word that no Christian would dare say a sin that earns you a spot in hell. However, he didn’t care much. His mind, consumed horribly by this burning hunger throughout his soul.

It metaphorically growled, ready to prey on any human being that dare passed him.

That’s when you came along.

The dreadful irony, seeing you help a homeless man and giving him money. What foolishness, doing this will do you no good? Nothing. How could you not indulge into yourself?

Were you not hungry? Did you not yearn for the materialistic things of this world? Why were you not like everyone else who passed this man, never getting him even a single glance and walking past him as if he were a ghost?

Why were you so different?

He must know. He cannot leave you be.

“Excuse me?”


“Do you know where the nearest restaurant is? I’ve been looking for something to eat.”

“Oh, I can show you. Follow me.” Of course he lied, there was no way he could ever be so direct with his approach. You were, fortunately gullible, easily believing every word that fell out his tongue.

You were a pure heart, waving to everyone in the restaurant and the owner looking at him in confusion. He smirked, were they going to think that you were with him? Silly.

“Hey Maria, this is a new customer that I brought for you~”

“Y/N, you don’t have to bring in new customers. As long as I have my regulars.”

“He’ll become one, I promise,” you turned to him, looking into his eyes and he cleared his throat while turning his head away,“ wouldn’t you?”

“We’ll see.”

“See, he’s willing to try.”


“Get him seated, Y/N.”

“Come on.” He found himself sitting across from you; you eagerly tapping your toes. The annoying tapping was angering him along with the wait. This place was practically empty and they were still taking their time?

Did they know who he was? Silly humans.

“So, what’s your name?” He would never dare tell a soul his real name. He had names of course, most humoured him. If he had to choose, he liked the name ‘Seokjin’ the best. The lie of his name slipped out of his mouth, as if it was carbon dioxide humans breathe out.

“Can I call you Jin?”

“Of course.” He listened to you, responding only when necessary and assessing how selfless you were. How could go on in this world with such a pure heart?

How are you not tainted? He must and he will taint you. He watch as you slip into excessive indulgence, willing to do anything to get one thing. Him.

“Here’s you order.” He filled the table, every dish on the menu sat piquing hot in front of him and you marvelled in the sight.

“You ordered all of this?”

“You said I would become a regular? I need to see if everything here is to my taste.”

“But you ordered everything.”

“Good observation, sweetheart.”


“If you’d like, we could share. You wouldn’t mind that, would you sweetheart?”

“Can you not call me that? I’ll take this off your hands, though.” You took the plate of cake he ordered, a smile dancing on your lips and ate quietly. He ate, taking his time to see you watch him finish every dish he was served.

“You ate every single plate.”

“Are you going to doubt me again?”

“Let me pay for you, I mean you can’t pay for all of this. Maria!”

“You don’t have to do that sweetheart.” You weren’t listening, paying outright what his meal costed. There you go again. How could you be so selfless?

Will you become a regular, Mr. Critic?”

“Maybe. If I come back with you, that is.”

“Are you asking me out?”



“It’s only if you want to, sweetheart.”

“Okay. Let me get your number…” This was the first step before your downfall into gluttony. He smiled at you, seeing you get a little flustered at his actions.

Had you not noticed?

“Hope to see you again, Y/N.” He walked away, fairing to other business, or people, rather he had to tend to. He went to bars, clubs, and expensive stores. Places where self-indulgence was its focus. It excited him, seeing people become so consumed by things seen as frivolous or materialistic. He mocked those that envy the rich, why not try to indulge as well.

Just take a dive. It’s not so bad, is it?

You were falling slowing but surely, talking to him when you could. He would meet you often, simple little hangout and you were still flustered by his little pet names for you. You grew more attached to him and it was more evident when he asked you out tonight. You had put in the effort, dressing in a black draped dress and your hair pinned to the side with boundless curls.


“Yes, sweetheart.” He grew fond of the nickname you gave him; it was cute when you said it. Dare he say it; you may have become his new guilty pleasure. But was he yours?

“You just look like you have a lot on your mind and I want to know why. If you don’t mind telling me. If not t-then, forget I said anything.” Were you always this panicked? It’s almost like his feelings and thoughts were of some importance to you. Did his plan work?

Were you his now?

“I just wanted to have a good time with you, I really like being with you.” You froze up, becoming shy and clumsy. He watched you fumble your way through the rest of the night up until he was standing at your front door at the end. You hinted that he should come inside and he was no imbecile.

“J-” He wasted no time, taking haste to taste those sweet lips of yours. They were sweeter than he imagined, plumper and simply delectable. You melted, easily obeying his every whim. He got a taste of your heavenly body, his sinful touch against your pure skin. It only made this more beautifully indulgent for him.

He revelled in your screams, the digging of your nails into his back and how tight you held onto him.

This was the moment he was waiting for.

The moment when you’ve fallen for him. That is how it gets you. Now, he knew you would never leave astray. It was sealed the moment you said:

“I love you.”  

Drabble Prompt: #3

goldcaught: Caroline daughter of Senator Elizabeth Forbes, Klaus CEO of a private security job, Best Man for The Job. (Person must pose as their significant other…)

So I hope this meets your expectations, Hun. Again, no smut cause still at work…

“What was that?” Klaus snarled as he slammed into her house behind her. Caroline spun, swiping at the fall of her hair, the ruined up-do that she’d so carefully arranged that afternoon. Fingers searching through her curls for pins, she barely refrained from throwing them at his face childishly.

“Don’t you yell at me,” Caroline ground out, eyes snapping, face flushed. “What do you think that was? He had a gun pointed at my mom and since her bodyguards were all busy holding their own dicks, I did what needed to be done.”

“He almost shot you.” Klaus said slowly, face flushed with rage. “Do you understand how easily he could have killed you? Standing in front of the Senator?”

Caroline rolled her eyes, stepping out of her heels. “I fail to see why you are acting like this. Mom is safe, the gunman is in custody, the press for this should be amazing and you get to go home, back to your company. Win, win.”

Every part of him locked up, except his eyes. They blazed at her, his jaw working as he clearly struggled to contain himself. His hands slid to tie, fingers working to untie the knot. “Is that what you think?”

For one moment, unease flared in her gut. To cover it, she tossed the pins from her hair onto her mantel and shrugged. “You’ve been pretty blunt about the entire situation, which I generally appreciate in a person, but you can go now.”

The dismissal hung between them and she waited. Caroline fully expected him to walk out, never to be seen again. She’d told Stefan this was a bad idea. Had repeated it multiple times. The entire premise was stupid, having someone come in to pose as her boyfriend to protect her from a madman with a gun who was targeting her mom, not her.

But her mother - her freaking mother - had agreed with them. And Klaus Mikaelson, old college friend of Stefan’s, CEO of some security group had just watched and smiled.

“Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. I’m sure you don’t have anything I can’t handle.”

So she’d smiled back with teeth. “Okay. Fine. But I withhold the right to say I told you so.”

The last week had been torture. Him wearing a jeans and Henley combo, professional ice nothing could crack between them. She’d hated the attraction she felt anyway - the urge to strangle him with those damn necklaces leaving her hands fisted at her side more than once.

And he’d just watched, smile knowing and unwilling to crack. Well, fine. She’d gone down this path once, had her heart stomped on. She didn’t need that a second time.

The sound of his jacket hitting a chair startled her.

“No,” Klaus’ voice cut into the charged silence, and she turned in surprise. He watched her, gaze calculating. “Not yet.”

Caroline arched a brow. “Oh?”

“A man doesn’t just walk away when a woman wears a dress like that, Caroline. Much less a dress picked out for him.”

Alright, so maybe the dress wasn’t exactly fair. Caroline was willing to concede that she hadn’t thought the entire thing through as much as she should’ve. But God, those dimples cutting into his cheeks as his eyes had laughed at her, that slightly condescending sweetheart murmured in that accent. Please. She was pretty, not stupid.

Except, all night she’d felt Klaus on her skin; had surprised herself with the heat in her gut when he’d looked at her when she’d met him in her foyer. The way he’d startled at her appearance - black dress, red heels, red lips, hair curled and pinned to perfection - the ice of her irritation nearly cracking at the way his pupils had gone wide; that subtle parting of his lips, as he breathed in her perfume.

That awareness, the unexpected need that moved in her blood was only made worse by the drag of his calloused fingers catching on her skin through strategic cutouts. But how was a girl to plan for Klaus Mikaelson in a tux? Fitted, his tux followed the narrow, lean lines of him to perfection; her heels put them at eye level and God, she wanted to bite that smirk. Catch that bottom lip and roll it between her teeth until he gasped.

His eyes told he knew what she was thinking and they dared her. Klaus had made no pretense of watching her lips, eyes lowering deliberately to burn along her skin. Caroline was tempted, oh so tempted, to see what exactly Klaus thought he could handle.

But that’d be just playing into his assumptions and like hell. The Bodyguard might have been an interesting troupe, but no. She’d been down that route with Tyler, and look how that’d blown up in her face.

“You’re feeling mean,” Stefan had commented as he handed her a flute of champagne, eyes amused.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Stefan rolled his eyes. “Caroline - I’m your friend, not blind. That’s not the dress you you planned on a week ago.”

She took sip, lowered her lashes. “He called me sweetheart.”

“So, your revenge is what?” Stefan gestured with a hand. “Tempt him with sin and then walk away?”

Caroline smiled at him, blinked her eyes wide. “He said he could handle whatever I threw at him. We both know I’m just here for my pretty face, to support my mom.”

Stefan let out a long sigh. “I thought it might be something like that. Don’t ruin him.”

“Really?” Caroline shook her head. “To ruin something, it has to matter. He’s made his opinion pretty well know about me in the last few days. And you know what Stefan, I’m not at all amused that you think I’d only wear this dress for revenge.”

“Caroline…” Stefan said slowly, face slightly alarmed. “What are you planning?”

She smiled at him, letting it curve across her face and into her eyes. Just to watch him sweat. Once she was sure he’d a million panicked contingencies in his mind, she looped her arm with his. Squeezed his arm.

“Nothing. Tonight is about my mom, I’d never ruin that. We’re going to get through tonight, your strange British BFF will go back to his life, and I’ll get to concentrate on running mom’s campaign without this nonsense.”

Stefan kissed the top of her head. “If you say so, Care.”

She stepped away and laughed. “When am I ever wrong?”

And now Caroline had a seething, irate man in her living room who was looking at her as if he could swallow her whole. Whose entire demeanor was such a drastic change from everything else she’d seen from him that she felt off balance.

“You’re being presumptuous.”

“Am I?” Klaus asked as he stalked towards her. “Tell me something Caroline, show me I’m wrong. Because your eyes have been an invitation all night. And this dress? Stefan had no idea when he called you sin.”

Caroline straightened her spine. “Eavesdropping is rude.”

He laughed, reached for the cuff links on his shirt. Unhooked them. “You can’t ruin what you’ve already wrecked love. Your goddamn smile, your fucking gorgeous eyes and that mind of yours.”

Caroline stared at him, brows bunching together as he dropped the cufflinks on the mantel. “You’ve spent the entire week either laughing at me or scowling.”

“Do you know what I told Stefan when I accepted this job? Piece of cake. Bodyguard jobs like this were a dime a dozen when I first started, and not once have I ever been tempted to break my rule of being involved. Not once.” He laughed lowly, bending to unlaced his shoes; toe them off. “And there you were, so fucking perfect. I told myself that you were just like the rest - a name on a page, a pretty face to admire.”

Caroline watched him stand, curled her lips in a mocking smile. But her heart was pounding, skin flushed. “Getting comfortable?”

“Oh sweetheart,” his eyes gleamed, the warm indulgence a contrast to the amusement of before. “You want me as much as I want you.”

“Presumptions.” She retorted, body held tight as he stepped close. The bite of his cologne, the heat of his skin was temptation.

“I plan to wreck you, as you’ve ruined me. I want to slid under your skin, brand my touch into your marrow - until we’re both drowning in this together.” Klaus touched her cheek, fingertips gentle. “Tell me you don’t want this. Tell me that you weren’t imagining my lips on yours, my hands on your skin.”

Caroline’s breath hitched in her chest, caught in her throat. He’d dropped those iron shields, looked at her determination, adoration. He was showing her the truth behind his facade of aloofness and mocking amusement. That she’d dug in and took root, bothered him as much as he’d irritated her.

She licked her lips and his eyes darkened.

“Because when I saw you fling yourself in front of your mother, my heart stopped.” Klaus cupped her face. “Tell me no, now, Caroline. Otherwise, I’m taking you upstairs to check over ever part of you, to assure myself you’re not so much as scratched. I’m going to peel this seduction of a dress off your body and show you just how much I want this. You.”

She touched the scruff on his cheek, that five o'clock shadow he never fully lost. “No.”

His eyes went blank and she traced his lips. “I wasn’t imaging kissing you - I was thinking about how I could sink my teeth into your damn smirk. I thought about out how I’d like fist my hands in those necklaces of yours with you under me; pinned to my desk chair; unable to touch while I took.”

Klaus stared at her, body shuddering at the image she’d painted. “Your office is mostly glass.”

Caroline bit the curve of her lip as she smiled, watched him from lowered lashes. “Still think you can handle whatever I dish out, Mikaelson?”

He lowered his head, smile wide and hot. “Let’s see what you’ve got, love.”

Imagine Being With Dean, being a bad ass hunter and Crowley falling for you


“Touches me right where the bathing suit goes” Crowley mumbled watching you walk out of the bar in your short black dress, your hair curled and pinned back hanging down your back. “Excuse me?” Dean asked looking at him. “What? Shes a fine piece of art and you certainly don't deserve her.” he muttered as you walked up to them. 

What Can I Say? I'm an Of Mice and Men Fan Girl.

Hi! I have a slightly strange request. An Austin carlile/of mice and men imagine where y/n is a famous actress and she’s obsessed with OMAM and she talks about them in an Ellen interview and the boys are watching and they fan girl as much as she does. And Austin tweets about her and askes her on a date aw x


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Erie: heart thing

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Red eyes peered down to her young friend nervously pacing, “Hey Hey, calm down. They’ll believe we’re dating, not breathe hun.” Ally’s tall curvy frame was accented by a long mermaid gown that was tan with black lace overlay, her hair curled and pinned back with a red rose pin.


Oblivious Part 2 - Steve Rogers Imagine

Part One Here

Request: Hi! Can you do a cute snippet of oblivious? Where Steve x Reader are now dating and there is a party like the one on age of ultron and everyone is there and Thor and Tony are playfully flirting with the reader just to annoy Steve? Thank you so much!!

Notes: I feel this could be a stand alone imagine, but I have linked Part 1 if you want to read it and haven’t. I really hope you like it :D. 

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

It had been six months since Y/N and Steve first admitted their feelings for each other, apparently they were the only two shocked by this revelation as they witnessed their friends exchanging various amounts of money when they revealed the news to them, the sweepstake being how long it would take. A frown was formed on Y/N’s face as she was flicking through her vast wardrobe that Tony had installed for her. She contemplated, out of the numerous dresses that hung on luxury hangers which one she was going to wear for the evening, Tony was holding one of his infamous Stark parties. “I like the red one” Y/N smiled as she heard her boyfriend’s voice behind her, she turned to face Steve just as he reached her. She glanced down, he was ready, a light blue cotton button up shirt and dress pants. Y/N pouted, “what?” Steve asked, feeling slightly self-conscious. “You look far too good in that outfit” she said, Steve let out a laugh of relief, “well, I’m glad you think so” he spoke leaning down towards her, Y/N stood on her tiptoes to meet him half way. Strong arms wrapped round her waist, a little squeal left Y/N as her feet lifted from the floor, that was quickly cut off my Steve’s soft lips. He pulled back, his eyes watching Y/N and she began to blush. “What?” She asked trying to hold his gaze. “You’re beautiful” he whispered and smiled before placing her down on her feet. She rolled her eyes trying to stifle the girly giggle that was threatening to show. 

 As Steve suggested she went with the red dress, it was strapless, figure hugging and stopped just below the knee and was finished off with a pair of red strapped heels. Steve had already made his way downstairs, Tony had requested his help in moving tables “like the good American hero he is”. As Y/N slipped on her shoes a knock sounded at the door, she walked over to the door and opened it to reveal Natasha. She was in a forties style black swing dress, her red hair styled in loose pin curls. “Nat, you look great” Y/N" told her friend sincerely. A smirk formed on her face, “right back at you. This should be interesting” she said as Y/N asked what she meant by that Natasha was already half way down the hallway and making her way towards the party. One final check in the mirror, her hair hung sleek and straight down her back and her minimalist make up was intact. She turned to the door to face the party and did her best not to think of the devastation tomorrow would bring. 

 As she descended the stairs numerous people would stop her to compliment her on her outfit or the ass kicking she gave someone on a mission. She laughed and thanked them whilst politely excusing herself to find Steve. Walking towards the bar she noticed him stood there with Thor and Tony.
“Holy…sh…” “Language” Y/N cut Tony off before he could finish his sentence. Steve just rolled his eyes.
“You look like a goddess Lady Y/N” Thor complimented.
"Thank you, Thor. You look great yourself, you been working out?” Y/N joked.
I’m am grateful you noticed, I’ve been practicing the hammer throw” Thor winked.
Y/N laughed at the poor joke. “He’s been hanging of with you too long with jokes as bad as that!“ Y/N said to Tony, he feigned offence. "Your lies are insulting Y/L/N” “Aw. I’m sorry Tony. Can I do anything to make you feel better?” Y/N said falsely. “You could always give me an apology kiss” Tony suggested. “Not a chance, Stark” Steve cut in. His tone was light the but the jealously was easily detectable and if there is one thing you don’t do in front of Tony or Thor it’s show a weakness.

A song that Y/N hadn’t heard before was blaring from the sound system as she sat on the bar, Natasha was playing barmaid. "How’s your night?” She asked Y/N as Natasha poured her one of her specialities. “I’m having fun actually” Y/N said and took a sip from the drink Nat passed her, “hey, top shield agent by day and cocktail extraordinaire by night” she laughed. “What about you, top shield agent by day and heartbreaker by night” she spoke her voice accusatory, though it was full of amusement. Before Y/N could quiz her further Tony pulled her from her chair. “You’re dancing with me Y/L/N, no arguing” and he didn’t give her a chance too as he dragged her to the centre of the room.

Steve’s eyes were locked on the dance floor where Y/N was dancing around Tony, Thor and even Clint had decided to get in on the mini rave that was now happening in the largest area of the spacious living room. “She loves you, you know” Natasha reassured her friend, he smiled. “It’s not her I don’t trust” Natasha chuckled “They’re only doing this to annoy you, you know that right?” “Sadly yes. But that…” He struggled to find the words. “Go and show them who she’s with” Natasha said. He looked at her confused she just smirked and walked back to the bar.

Nervously Steve walked towards the dance floor. He wasn’t that confident back in the forties but that was proper dancing. Not the kind that meant Clint and Tony were all over Y/N. Tony caught Steve walking over and took note of his not so amused expression, “do you mind if I cut in?” Steve asked Y/N, though she could tell he wasn’t actually asking. More demanding, “I’m all yours” she said pulling herself from the drunk avengers and wrapped her arms around Steve’s neck. “Are you jealous of Tony, Thor and Clint?” Y/N asked. “They have been flirting with you all night and you looked like you were enjoying it” he said honestly. “Hey! Steve, you are the only one that, one, I would flirt with and actually mean it. Two, you’re the only one that I would ever want to date and three, you’re the only one I’m going to end up in bed with tonight” she winked, making Steve’s ears turn slightly pink. “In fact” she said pulling him down to her level to whisper in his ear. “What about an early night?” Steve stuttered but she took that as confirmation. Dragging Steve towards the elevator, Tony, Clint and Thor hollering after them. Y/N shook her head and she and Steve escaped in the elevator. "You’re cute a hell when you’re not jealous” Y/N started a smirk rising on her face.
what am I when I’m jealous?“ Steve challenged her.
Hot as fu…” She was cut off by Steve’s lips.
“Language” he said as he pulled back.
“Oh shut up” she said pulling him back to her.