black phase

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they tried to call timberlake the 'new king of pop' (all shade to michael jackson). he didnt get backlash and still gets fawned over for being a white boy with soul. he pandered to black women by hyping them up on tv knowing goodand well he wasnt into them (check thebet interview abt his 'weakness for sistas') black women fell for it. plus black men helped legitimize his appropriation-- timbaland with production. idt black male singers are safe bc white supremacy always wants their own to win

White people, tried to call him the new king of pop. Black people weren’t haven’t that. They gathered his ass throughout his Justified career which is why he went back to his white image. Remember when he got the cornrows and we was like hell no, like his black phase really made black people call his bluff and rightfully so. The music industry sees that black male artist within hip-hop/R&B genre sales better, because that’s what consumers like. Look at the current hot 100, most of the top 10-20 are black male artist.

White supremacy most definitely want their own to win, which is why they operate the most through white women. People know why women are the holy grail of society. We eat up white girls with soul, black acting white girls or white girls with black girl aesthetics which is why someone like Tori Kelly (I know she’s not fully white) Iggy Azealea, Fergie, Adele, can succeed in the music industry. They satisfy colorstruck black folks who are misogynoristic and white suburban music consumers who want to dabble in black female culture in music without having to support black female artists not named Beyonce or Rihanna.

The music industry doesn’t care about the erasure of black female culture within it, because white-black girls sell.

my 7 month old low-low mid content wolfdog, Spock

A lot of people have been freaking out about Spock’s size. Let me just clarify that 1, he was lying down so he looks wider than he actually is, 2, I am only 4’11 so he looks really big next to me. Right now he is as big as our fully-grown German Shepherd/Husky mix. He is not WILD, my 3 year old adopted rottweiler is wild, not Spock.

All of our dogs are adopted and Spock is also adopted too. Let me just clarify this, he is a WOLFDOG, not A WOLF. There is a big difference especially because he is low to low mid content. Meaning he only has 40-45% wolf heritage at the MOST. People also have a misconception that wolfdogs have a wolf parent. Wolfdogs are dogs with a recent wolf heritage, all dogs came from wolves, my wolfdog is just closer removed from a wolf. None of his parents are pure wolves. His mother is a belgian shepherd and husky and his father is a WOLFDOG and NOT a wolf. 

Owning a wolfdog is not for everyone, they are more challenging than your northern breeds. Spock has low percentage of wolf in him so his dog genes affect his over all temperament. I didn’t adopt him because of a whim, I had to apply to be able to give him a home. They do not make good first dogs. It helps to have northern breed experience.

In regards to the “Is it illegal?” question, it depends on the state, city, and county you are living in. I live in a state where you can own a wolfdog legally up to 75% and then you need to get a Class II wildlife permit to own anything higher percentage than that. However, there are other counties that do not allow wolfdogs at all, fortunately mine is not one of them.

Some people like to have Iguanas, toads, chameleons, big cats, snakes, and other exotic pets, this is just the same. People are quick to judge exotic animal enthusiasts, but have you seen what they are doing to pure wolves? That’s even scarier, their numbers are down because of hunting and they are in danger in some states to being taken out of the protected wildlife list, I think that is scarier than being “EATEN’ by my dog. 

I don’t want to come off as rude, but I think if people understood what a wolfdog really is, I think the fear and the myths would be dispelled. :-)

P.S. Wolf Hybrid is not really a correct term, hybrid is a cross of different species.