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Peste Noire - Dueil Angoisseus


Peste Noire - La Chaise-Dyable - 2015

The staggering turnout of young college educated males voting for Trump was by far the most disheartening thing about the election. They were all there almost exclusively because they support Trump as this ‘last of the alpha males, when men were men’ type mindset. The younger demo of Trump supporters, men in particular, like Trump because he represents the last great vestiges of old white man’s America, where woman are 2nd class citizens, gays and blacks and minorities are pests and pariahs on the purity of society to be subtly persecuted, and the concept of a 'real man’  is key to the functioning of society. Male identity as a whole not just in the USA but around the world is undergoing a rapid change in the world we live in today. Not everyone understand or agrees with the idea, but it is happening regardless because you cannot stop progress, you can only slow it down. A lot of what these young men idolise in Trump is this archaic ideal of what a “real man” used to be, but America as a whole, and the white male in particular has fallen and become pussified and a part of the whole 'Make America Great Again’ rhetoric is about re-establishing archaic toxic macho culture as the norm when it just doesn’t fit into the 2000s anymore.
A lot of those misguided but very educated young men probably don’t give 2 fucks about the knock on effects of Trumps economics on small rural communities where maybe their parents or grandparents came from, they were the ones posting Ppepe memes and trolling liberal cucks on line for the lulz, and wanting Donald to win so 1. they can troll some more and 2. feel like they have “taken back” male identity and re-established it in the way it used to be where men didn’t have feelings and never cried and dealt with mental health issues by bringing on whiskey and beating their wives. There’s a whole generation of young men who grew up watching Mad Men and seeing the way things used to be for men and thought to themselves 'Man I wish we could go back to that.' 
And that is where Trump got such a huge level of support from young white college educated males. Stupid idiotic foolish macho bravado.

A young guy I knew had a real ‘drop the mic’ moment.

I didn’t say this. But, dear God, I wish I had. 


Peste Noire - Ballade cuntre lo Anemi Francor - 2009