black people confession

C: I really wish non-black people would understand that you can appreciate black culture from a far. Stop wearing dreads, braids, those stupid straws etc. to try to achieve my hair texture. It’s annoying. Stop making excuses for your bullshit, saying “well, black women wear weave.” You do too tf? I remember being teased by white & non-black girls calling me Medusa, cotton head etc. for wearing my ancestral hairstyles. You DO NOT get to chime in on my shit after you humiliated me for it. FOH.

C: I’m jealous that my white friends have this privilege where they can be free with their bad moods. Like they can be petty and act out because of a bad day and no one bats an eye or gets pissed, but everyone is worried. But the moment I act out even the slightest, no one like worries about what’s wrong like with the others and just start attacking me. Like, why can’t I act irrational when I’m having a bad day? Why do i have to be the responsible adult in the group all the time?

We’re NOT ‘gods’ chosen people


“I absolutely hate when folks say blacks are gods chosen people. It in no way possible. African have to experience hate from every other race. Arabs started the slave trade.. Europeans operated the slave trade for 17 centuries.. Asians despise us and still have black face on tv. Canadians let us starve… and Mexico killed the blacks off there… I could keep going.. but my point is the fact that are race still exist is a great thing I credit my ancestors not some mystical guy in the sky..”

C: Recently I have found myself absolutely detesting white people and it concerns me. I have white friends that I truly love and would be devastated if anything happened to but every time I see or hear about a white person doing something horribly racist I get incredibly angry. “I hate white people” rolls so easily off of my tongue. Feeling like this makes me believe I’m a terrible person for judging an entire race based off of the actions of a few but that’s exactly what a large amount of white people do. Every time I think about Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin or Philando Castile and see white Devils trying to justify their murders it makes it a little easier to hate white people.

The fact that a dark skin woman is getting her deserved recognition for all the hard work she's done and we still have people bashing her based on the color of her skin shows that society is ignorant.

People are so brainwashed on what beauty is all about.
People comes in all shades
If you’re not willing to accept that.
Fuck you.

“I empathize with the indigenous Africans/non-African American Black people who wish Disney would expand their representation of Black people in their films, but it REALLY bothers me to see some of them hate on and express "disappointment” with Disney’s few Black characters for being African American. African Americans are real people; our representation is important too. We can support the need for representation of a marginalized group without undermining the representation of another.“

C: I really think white people don’t know what racism means lol. They think uplifting ourselves and not including them is racism. I think we start finally loving ourselves and our blackness and they’re mad. They love saying it’s cool to uplift your own, but don’t bash white people. I’m thinking, “We do uplift our own and y'all still crying.” Like, they need to realize not everything is about them.

Ok so this is probably the most awkward thing I’ve ever posted on here but it’s important to me.

Everyone has that one facial imperfection that they never really get over - for me, it has always been my naturally thick eyebrows. Ever since primary school, people would pick on me because of their size and it bothered me ridiculously until it got to a point where I took my Mum’s shaving razor and tried to ‘fix’ them (worst idea ever).

Anyway, as I got older my Mum started taking me to beauty salons to neaten them up a bit, which allowed me to accept the way I looked. I began to embrace them, particularly when people would tell me that big brows were becoming a fashion statement, and I even found it in myself to joke about the way they used to look when I was younger.

Well last night some kid on the internet decides to point them right out and laugh at them again, “wtf are those slugs on your face?!” and you know what, I should’ve just ignored it, but I couldn’t - it took me right back to how I felt when I was 11, and it really fucking bothered me.

But I’m not gonna let it continue to bother me. Why should I let other people’s opinions of MY face define my self-worth? I’m posting this photo of me and my ‘slug’ brows (excuse the wet hair), as a big F-YOU to the standards of beauty girls everywhere are expected to adhere to. I’m done with it, I’m going to let my imperfections define me, and I really couldn’t give a fuck about whether it offends people or not. Big brows are beautiful!