black people confession

C: Recently I have found myself absolutely detesting white people and it concerns me. I have white friends that I truly love and would be devastated if anything happened to but every time I see or hear about a white person doing something horribly racist I get incredibly angry. “I hate white people” rolls so easily off of my tongue. Feeling like this makes me believe I’m a terrible person for judging an entire race based off of the actions of a few but that’s exactly what a large amount of white people do. Every time I think about Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin or Philando Castile and see white Devils trying to justify their murders it makes it a little easier to hate white people.

My problem

Not an Oreo

I am an African American girl, not an oreo.

I am the only girl of color in my grade to take all advanced classes. I am a virgin and i have never done drugs. I do not live in the ghetto, nor am I ghetto, nor do I speak in an unintelligent manor.

An African American who has and displays intelligence and makes wise decisions is NOT “white on the inside”! He or she is simply smart, and bound for success just as you may be.

Black is not being ghetto. White is not being perfect or successful/good. Stop stereotyping for five minutes and look at the racist ideas floating around in your head. Being racist is more than just being mean to a person who is of a different ethnic background.

You see my color, you respect it as you expect me to respect yours. That is all I ask.

Confession: Wah?! White women are the reason Trump was elected? B-b-but, black men said white women were better than black women, they look out for black men. That white women were oppressed too. *Guffaws* These White women legit gave these sellouts a kiss on the cheek, voted for Trump, and came back home to make these fools a bland dinner without so much as a wink or peep on Election day *laughter intensifies* But y'all keep talking shit though while enjoying nationwide stop and frisk!

“I empathize with the indigenous Africans/non-African American Black people who wish Disney would expand their representation of Black people in their films, but it REALLY bothers me to see some of them hate on and express "disappointment” with Disney’s few Black characters for being African American. African Americans are real people; our representation is important too. We can support the need for representation of a marginalized group without undermining the representation of another.“

Confession: I’m sick of racist white people who tell us that racism doesn’t exist and saying that we blame all white people for slavery. If we oppressed white people for centuries and discriminated against them till this day they’d blame us for it just like they blame immigrants, muslims and POC for everything that happened over in the US.🐸☕️