black people are crazy


I don’t know what to say… Her words are a part of history, the black history!

And our people miss her so much, not only her words! She did great things in her life! Her speeches, interviews, teachings make us better persons! She was a warrior for defending not just black people, but for every group.

This crazy world needs her! Don’t let the dream die!


"White people are evil!"

YEAH, we fuckin are! Remove the word “white” and you’ll find an even more liberating truth!

As Jordan Peterson said: the world is full of monsters. What we often forget is that we’re monsters too.

To The People That Have Shown Hatred Towards White People, Cis People, and Heterosexual People.

Why do you constantly feel the need to do this? Especially after claiming that Tumblr is an accepting place for everybody? Why do you always claim that people in these groups are terrible, distasteful, and disgusting? Does shaming others make you feel better about yourself? I would like you to answer this question, please.

If you are not against any of the groups above, then this question is not for you to answer.