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I have never been more sick, disgusted, or disappointed.
This is shit that we drag white people through the mud for, and here yall up here doing it?
And then people wonder why no one respects us. This shit is fucking disgraceful, and I can’t believe that fellow black people would stoop to such an abhorrent level.
If there was ever a time to do better, this would be it.
This woman was murdered, and not only do you disrespect her and her honor by bringing this type of light to the situation, WHAT ABOUT HER FAMILY?!?
Someone that loved this woman might come across this shit. How would you feel if you were in their shoes?

Let’s talk about race

Tumblr is all about calling out white people and how shit they are. You need to remember that white people (especially white men) are the scourge of humanity.

I mean, what have white people ever given the world?!

(Excluding: the industrial revolution, modern medicine, the scientific method, planes, trains, automobiles, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, cartography, philosophy, universities, space exploration, liberalism, secularism, rationalism, civil society, democracy, the rule of law, the globe’s lingua franca, literature, classical music, sculpture, art, all the world’s major architectural movements, oh and global prosperity and trade)