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A Chance Encounter: Chapter Four - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @susybird

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Description: Fluff, a little swearing. Reader attends the Premiere with Dylan and makes a new friend. But the night doesn’t end like you thought it would…

Word Count: 4313

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for the love guys!!! This one took longer than normal so thank you for hanging in there! Again any feedback is greatly appreciated and let me know if you want a tag :)

Chapter Three - Chapter Five

Chapter Four

I was woken by the sound of my phone shrilly ringing right beside my ear. I groaned in frustration and scrabbled around under my pillow, trying to find the stupid thing and shut it off. My fingers finally located the offending device and I put it up to my ear, not checking to see who it was in my sleep-induced haze.

“Hello?” I yawned croakily, nestling further into my cosy bed.

“Hello, beautiful!” A now familiar voice echoed in my ear, warming my cheeks instantaneously.

I sat bolt upright, spilling covers and pillows all over the place. “Dylan, hi.”

“Are you still in bed?” Dylan gave a deep chuckle, picking up on my sleep-ridden voice.

“I might be,” I answered sheepishly, seeing that it was after one in the afternoon.

Dylan barked a laugh, seemingly finding my abhorrence towards mornings endearing.

“Well, I was ringing to tell you that some people are coming round to your place at four.”

I frowned, processing this bizarre statement. “Why are there people coming here at four?”

“You’ll see. It’s a surprise!” Dylan was trying his best to sound mysterious, but he couldn’t keep the excitement from his voice.

“Okay…” I said hesitantly, completely freaked out by this arrangement.

“Listen, you trust me right?” Dylan asked quickly, his voice earnest.

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One Night Mistake (closed rp monsieurcopycat)

Marcel had been looking forward to this whole trip for weeks. This night was going to be a blast. Marinette and him had saved up to take a trip to the states to Las Vegas for their 22nd birthday with their friends. He’s dressed up in a nice red dress shirt, a horseshoe vest, black dress pants, and black penny loafers. He was finishing up tying his red and black poka dotted tie as he glanced back at Theo as he entered the room.

“Hello darling. I got you something to wear tonight for the party.” He said with a grin while holding up a large box. “May I braid your hair?”

Charms (Chanyeol x You)

Each day you saw him in the halls.

He stood out from all the other students. It was not only because of his height, but also the way he dressed. Though you did not want to add to all the glares and snickers from the students, you could not help but notice his outdated fashion. He always wore such proper clothes, such as ironed trousers, a button-up dress shirt, and a chesterfield coat. Instead of sneakers, he typically wore penny loafers. His hair was styled back, and he wore thin-rimmed glasses.

Though you had never seen with a friend, you did your best to avoid any interaction with him.

Not once did you think of becoming friends with him.

You were walking through the halls absent-mindedly. Class after class, your teachers had assigned you homework, adding to the stressful pile of work you had. As a result, you were tired, lifeless, and oblivious of your surroundings.

Unknowingly, you walked straight into a person.

You fell backwards. Though the misfortunate person had not fallen over, you realized you had caused them to drop the stack of books and papers in their hands. Frantically, you began gathering the scattered papers on the ground.

“I’m so sorry!” you apologized.

“It’s okay,” a deep voice said.

Surprised, you look up to see a handsome face. Your cheeks turned a dark shade of red. You had never seen this student before.

However, he squinted and began feeling the ground to find his glasses. Once his fingers felt the touch of the familiar metal frame, he picked his glasses up and put them on, the once blurred image of your face now crystal clear. After he had put on his glasses, you recognized his face.

He was the student who you avoided.

Though you knew you had told yourself to avoid him, you could not help but think how handsome he actually was. The two of you stood up from the ground, brushing the dust off your pants.

“I-I’m really sorry!” you stuttered.

He smiled, and your heart began beating faster. “Don’t worry about it!” he said. “Are you okay, though? I hope you didn’t fall too hard.”

“I’m fine,” you replied. “Are you alone?” you boldly asked.

He nodded.

“Don’t you have any friends?” you asked.

He shook his head.

Your heart broke. No one had even dared to approach him.

“I assume it’s because I dress differently from the other students,” he said indifferently.

“Don’t you feel lonely?”

He shrugged. “It’s been like this for years.”

Suddenly, an idea popped in your head. “I’ll be your friend” you said. “And I want to help you fix your problem!”

He gave you a confused expression.

“Just meet me at the mall this weekend,” you said. Before you left, you asked, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Chanyeol.”

You smiled. “Nice to meet you, Chanyeol. I’m _____.”

That weekend, Chanyeol had obediently gone to the mall. When you walked in, you saw him sitting on a bench, wearing the same outdated attire he always wore. When he spotted you in the crowd, he waved slightly. He ran up to, smiling, still not knowing why you had brought him here.

Immediately, without an explanation, you grabbed his hand and pulled him through the crowds of people to the variety of clothing stores. After only about an hour, Chanyeol was holding an abundance of shopping bags in both bags. Each store you went in, Chanyeol would stand next to you, watching as you browsed through the clothes. Occasionally, you would pull out a shirt and place it against Chanyeol to see if the size was right and the design would suit him.

After you had gone through each and every store, Chanyeol asked, “Are you doing this for me?”

Instead of giving him an answer, you just smiled, causing Chanyeol to feel suspicion.

Once you were done shopping, you went to Chanyeol’s place. However, once you arrived at his house, you were quite surprised. His house was quite large with several rooms. Inside, the rooms were decorated with antique clocks, vases, and tapestries.

When you entered his room, you emptied the contents of the many shopping bags. After mixing and matching different garments of clothing, you eventually handed Chanyeol a pile of clothes and gestured him to go change into them. After a few minutes, he walked out of the bathroom, and a smile spread across your face.

Chanyeol was wearing distressed jeans, a loose-fit, black tee with a white design, and a black hoodie. Instead of penny loafers, he wore a pair of black converse. You stood beside him and admired his new appearance. Then, on your tip-toes, you reached and pulled his glasses off with one hand. With your other hand, you ruffled his hair so that it was not neatly styled to one side.

Suddenly, your heart began beating fast.

Had Chanyeol always been this charming?

“I can’t see without my glasses,” he spoke, squinting.

“We can get you contact lenses,” you replied, trying to hide your blushing face.

Unexpectedly, Chanyeol grabbed your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours. He smiled.

“W-what are you doing?” you asked, embarrassed.

“Do you think we look good together, now?” he asked.

Suddenly, you began to smile uncontrollably. Without any hesitation, you nodded.


Retro Mod

What’s Old Is New Again

Aha! So here’s a post where I can kinda tie in my knowledge of architectural and structural design. After all, I did go to school for it sooo I guess that’s worth something, right? The mid-century modern aesthetic that took over in the 50s and 60s was all about clean lines, minimal sophistication, and open concept spaces that fused the indoors with the outdoors. Think Don Draper in that episode with the Palm Springs house and all those window walls of floor to ceiling glass. I die! Anyway, when I stumbled upon this purdy little building with its curved facade of all glass windows I knew it was the perfect backdrop for my throwback 50s look. Again, any shirt with an open collar has my heart and Kitsune definitel gets it right with this amazing vintage inspired bowling shirt. I paired the shirt with black penny loafers (another classic!) and some skinny raw denim to really serve that retro realness. I’m pretty obsessed with this whole outfit and even more obessed with old styles becoming new again!


Maison Kitsune Bowling Shirt // DSTLD Jeans // Florsheim Shoes Loafers // Skagen Watch // Komono Sunglasses