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Magnus Bane’s S2 Wardrobe: a Study | Accessories
↳ A necessity in Magnus’ wardrobe is his accessories. A belt or a scarf can be used to top off an already bold outfit, while a pair of grey suspenders hanging loosely off the hip can put some spark to an otherwise toned down outfit. His accessory styling choices range from a soft patterned scarf tucked into a royal blue vest, to a practical belt complimenting a black and white striped dress pant, to an entirely decorative black tassel swinging from his hip with every step. His wide range of accessories allow him to play with textures in his looks by contrasting soft and hard elements, like pairing a flowy scarf with a studded coat, or to amplify an already sharp look by adding a pair of chunky suspenders.


got my new @gc2b-apparel binder today. i tried it on, took some pics, and took it off because i’mma wear it tonight (along with the yellow shirt and purple tie, seen in poor quality here, lmao).



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Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Themes: high school au, badboy & fuckboy jungkook

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 2,003

Summary: After being labelled the school’s biggest bad boy, Jeon Jungkook chooses to live up to the title. What he doesn’t know is that his arrogance will lead him to you.



Jeon Jungkook knows so much about stars that he makes you see them.

Jeon Jungkook was overwhelmed- enough to almost be afraid to let you go to you locker and to go to his. Why? Because he’d never felt like that before- an overwhelming sense of wanting to be near or around you. Not even with all his previous flings because it’s simple, that was all they were.

He promised to meet you back in the music room after you both finished freshening up in the locker rooms near the football field and you complied, agreeing that the room was one of the coldest and most peaceful in the entirety of your school. That is- except for the library, but you’ve both already been there for the night.

You face yourself in the mirror after getting out from the shower and changing into clean, crisp clothes. You’re wearing a plain white shirt and black loose fitting pants with three white stripes on each side. There’s a dark bruise on your neck and you could only wonder where that came from. Your hair is still slightly wet so you get your comb from your small white pouch consisting of your school essentials.

You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t a bit set off by what had happened because sure, your cheeks were no longer that flushed and you had shrugged off the ‘moment’ that you had but was it wrong to feel a bit nervous about going to the music room with him alone in a rather confined area? You weren’t worried about seeing him, no. You were worried about what you would do especially within such a close proximity.

You were worried about if you’d be able to stop yourself.

You walk slowly, steps light against the tiled floors of your school’s hallways. You put your clothes inside your locker and make your way to where the two of you are supposed to meet. When you open the door and quietly make your way inside the dark room illuminated only by a large window on the side, you hear an angelic voice singing and the accompaniment of a melodious piano.

“Lost my way, 쉴 새 없이 몰아치는 거친 비바람 속에, Lost my way, 출구라곤 없는 복잡한 세상 속에…” His voice was one that could reach a wide range and you were sure of it because he hit all the notes effortlessly. His back was facing you and he played the piano without a care in the world- and you were lucky enough to see him like this. You’ve never heard that song before, and you were just about sit down on the nearby couch and watch him continue playing but he must have noticed your presence because immediately after the chorus, he took his fingers off the keys and dusted them.

“Hey, Y/N,” He greets casually before making his way towards the couch- towards you. There’s an evident smile on his lips as he sits beside you and you wonder if you’re the reason behind it. What you don’t notice, though, is how your lips have tugged upward upon entering the room and Jungkook is fascinated by you. He’s wondering the same exact thing, you just don’t know it.

“Hey…” You reply, him slipping his arm around your shoulder and impulsively kissing your temple. It’s evident that he’s extremely fond of you. He’d seen you around but he never had the chance to get you alone like this. “How are you?”

“Kookie, you saw me thirty minutes ago.” You whisper against his chest, snuggling into his black hoodie. “Still.” He notices that you’re a bit cold and with that, he immediately removes his hoodie, handing it over to you.

The action tugs at your heartstrings because no boy has ever treated you like this before and it’s almost unreal. The entire night all still feels like a dream that you will wake up from, the memory of him quickly disappearing. After all, this feels like a fleeting moment of time- something ephemeral.

You graciously accept his clothing and pull it over your head. You lean over to peck him on the lips and surely, it takes him by surprise. You’re positive he wants more though, because within second your body is pinned down on the couch, him hovering over you. You entangle your fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, tugging lightly. Jungkook groans and you assume you’re actually doing something right for once.

Eager to get revenge for his actions merely an hour ago, your lips trail their way down to his neck. His arms grow weaker every time your lips touch his skin so you turn around, letting him ie down. By now, you’re straddling him and your hips are right on top of each other as you try to find his weak spot.

Your lips are connected to the bottom of his jaw when he lets out a guttural moan, telling you you’ve found it. You suck gently and lightly grind your hips on his, knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into. “Fuck,” He says, voice barely above a whisper you’re sure you would have missed it if you weren’t so close to him.

“Baby girl, you’re too good to me.”

You blush- it’s the first time he’s given you any sort of pet name intimately and you’re so fucking turned on- you know there’s a blaze inside of you right now and only he can tame it. When you detach your lips from his neck, there’s a faint sign of a growing bruise and you feel successful with your work. He captures your mouth with his and this time, he’s ruthless. He wants you and you sure as hell want him.

He grinds against you a little bit more and with his tongue in your mouth and the way he’s moving the room seems to have risen 20 degrees, the air being hotter and more humid. Jungkook takes off his shirt, finding the heat uncomfortable. You place your forehead on his and run your fingers down his toned body, your hunger growing even more.

Within seconds, both his hoodie and your tee are gone. You think about how useless it was for him to give you the outerwear but then again, everything that had happened led to now, hasn’t it?

You unclasp your bra and the boy in front of you is dumbfounded. To him- you’re fucking gorgeous and he will make sure that you know that. He places his hand on your right breast, massaging gently. He pushes you down until you’re the one leaning on the other edge of the couch, his lips on your left nipple. “Jungkook, shit, that feels so good!” He feels amazing too, because he’s the reason you’re feeling that way.

Both of you kick off your shoes and he pushes your sweatpants down, leaving you in your plain black underwear. He presses his hands to the side of your hips before using his teeth to pull your last piece of clothing off. By now, you can’t wait any longer and he takes this to his advantage.

“Mmm, you’re dripping wet, baby.” He says, pressing a kiss to the inside of your left thigh. “Fucking soaking…” He places his lips briefly on your right thigh. “All for me, Y/N?” He breathes directly on your core, knowing the answer damn well.

“Fuck, Kookie, do something!” You groan, being frustrated for far too long already. He simply chuckles at your attempt to coax him into satisfying your needs. “Ask nicely, baby,” He says against your hipbones. “Maybe then I’ll help you out.”

“Jungkook, please.” You whine, desperate for him to help you. “Touch me, fuck, please just do something. Please.”

“Since you asked so nicely…” He smirks before pressing his mouth to your core, licking a stripe in between your folds. His actions cause you to react immediately and you push his head closer to you. His tongue massages your clit gently and without warning, he pushes a finger into you slowly. “So fucking tight… How are you gonna take my cock baby?”

You groan in response, arching your back. His finger is uncomfortable in you but after a couple repeated thrusts, he knows you’re enjoying it. “More, please, more…” You beg him and he complies, placing in another finger. His other hand focuses on stimulating your clit and you swear you’ve never felt this way before. It’s euphoric and your core is on fire, the blaze growing into something stronger.

“Shit, Kookie, just like that!” You scream, grinding your hips against his fingers. “You like that baby?” He whispers in your ear. “You like fucking yourself against my fingers, huh?” His begins sucking on your neck again, but this time he’s relentless. His fingers continue to enter you at a quicker pace, your walls constricting around them. Jungkook curses, seeing you wither under him.

His fingers are doubtlessly covered in your juices and you can hear the slick sound of his digits entering your body perfectly, walls tight around him. Your body reacts so well to the slightest of touches because at that moment, it’s only you and him. The rest of the world does not exist.

You move quicker against his digits, trying to get yourself to your high. He rubs your clit mercilessly now, knowing how much you want to release. “Come on, Y/N,” He coaxes. Sweat drips down your forehead as you attempt to get to your high. He goes even faster, his fingers deeper in you before he hits a spot that drives you fucking insane. Your breath catches and you lean your head back, Jungkook nibbling on your earlobe gently. “Come for me, baby girl.” With his words, you clench around him, shouting out his name in pleasure.

Jeon Jungkook knows so much about stars that he makes you see them.

He rides out your high, going down on you to lap up your juices. His tender licks against your sensitive clit are bearable because you take into account how gentle he is even after all the dirty things he had said. You wonder, however, what you are going to do with the hard-on in his sweatpants which is visible even through the baggy material.

He slides a finger between your folds, collecting what’s left of your release and lifts his hand up, letting you taste yourself. “Good girl.” He praises, seeing how you relent to his actions without any orders from him. “You taste heavenly.” He says, though your acts are nothing short of sin.

“What about you?” You ask, genuinely curious about what he wants you to do about the situation in his lower region. He simply shushes you, telling you to sleep. You don’t fight against him because you are exhausted anyway, and you could really use the nap after all you’ve been through earlier in the night. He helps dress you back in your underwear and his hoodie.

Jungkook is uncomfortable, that’s a given. But when he checks the screen of his phone and is greeted by the bold numbers displaying the time which said it was half-past midnight, he knew that letting you go to sleep was the better thing to do. Sure he would have loved to get a blowjob or something like that but he knew that you weren’t ready for it- the way you reacted to his fingers alone said it.

He sees a certain difference in you, from the way the moonlight hits your face in an extremely perfect angle to the way the stupid nickname you’ve given him rolls of your tongue. He sees the innocence behind your remarks, the fragility behind your brave disposition and the masterpiece that is you altogether.

He’s not even worried about the boner he has though it’s extremely fucking annoying, instead he cherishes the time he spends with you wearing his hoodie after the intimate moment, he cherishes having you wrapped in his arms. Because then again, as early as now, he’s wrapped around your finger.