Roxane Gay will write a 'Black Panther' spin-off comic about the women of Wakanda

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze soon won’t be the only ones making Black Panther comics for Marvel. The duo have layered their take on T’Challa (who made his on-screen debut earlier this year in Captain America: Civil War) with fascinating female characters, from the revolutionary leader Zenzi to the elite bodyguards-turned-starcrossed-lovers Ayo and Aneka. Now those women are getting their own spotlight series this November, co-written by award-winning author Roxane Gay and the poet Yona Harvey, Marvel announced at Comic Con on Friday.

The first issue of Women of Wakanda, which is set to launch this November, will feature two different stories. Gay’s will focus on Ayo and Aneka; co-plotted with Coates, it will come out of Black Panther’s explosive “A Nation Under Our Feet” storyline, which has radically shifted the status quo in Wakanda, the high-tech African country ruled by T’Challa.


Marvel’s World of Wakanda Will Spotlight Women, on the Page and Behind It

“The world of the Black Panther, the Marvel Comics hero who hails from the fictional African country of Wakanda, is about to get bigger. Marvel is expected to announce on Friday a companion series, World of Wakanda, which is to premiere in November.

And just like the current Black Panther series, which is written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, the author and a national correspondent for The Atlantic, the new comic will be written by newcomers to the industry: the feminist writer Roxane Gay and the poet Yona Harvey.

“My agent was not thrilled that I was taking on another project,” Ms. Gay said. But learning to write comics exercised different creative muscles, which she said she found exciting.

“It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done, and I mean that in the best possible way,” she said. Her story, written with Mr. Coates, will follow Ayo and Aneka, two lovers who are former members of the Dora Milaje, the Black Panther’s female security force.

“The opportunity to write black women and queer black women into the Marvel universe, there’s no saying no to that,” Ms. Gay added…”

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Imagine: Dating T’Challa, and fighting with him in CACW. Instead of Bucky fighting Black Widow, he fights with you. T’Challa gets angry at Bucky and protective over you. [x] [x] [x]

Bucky: I’m sorry about fighting you- you know, before…
Y/N: Honestly, it’s fine. Besides, it’s nice knowing that I won against the Winter Soldier. *smiles*
Bucky: You won? *laughs*
Y/N: Of course, I did. We were in the same fight, right? *laughs*
Bucky: Sure-
T’Challa: -Hello. *fake smiles* Y/N, I need to speak to you- alone. Please.
Y/N: Okay, it was nice speaking to you, James. *walks away from Bucky with T’Challa*
T’Challa: Was he bothering you-
Y/N: -Someone’s jealous. *smiles* T’Challa, I’m fine. I don’t mind talking to Bucky: I’m over the fight. 
T’Challa: *sighs* Fine- I just… 
Y/N: I know. *kisses his on the cheek* I appreciate you looking out for me.

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Marvel’s ‘World of Wakanda’ will explore Black Panther’s roots

Following Marvel’s massive success with Black Panther, the comic book behemoth has announced it will be releasing a new companion comic. The series titled World of Wakanda explores the roots of Black Panther’s home country and is set to hit shelves in November

World of Wakanda has some serious star power behind it, providing representation both on the pages and behind the scenes. Here’s the amazing team of writers that are bringing the project to life.


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