black owned industries

Why you should listen to audio dramas

-They come in pretty much every kind such as Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Comedy and Short Stories
-You can listen to them pretty much anywhere at any time like whilst cleaning the house or drawing
-They only have sound to tell you a story so the way they’re presented is often very creative
-There are SO MANY of them that are brilliantly written and wonderfully produced but don’t get the recognition they deserve.
-A lot of them come with a small friendly fanbase that’s cosy and is frequently interacted with by the creators of the shows.
-Generally very LGBT friendly with a lot of queer and POC representation
-Voice actors are very talented and have lovely soothing voices
-They’re very addictive and often emotional so be prepared
-They’re completely FREE and accessible on iTunes, any podcast app and the podcast’s own website!
The people who make these are amazing and share their own work for free for your entertainment so go show them some love!

Future Career Headcanons/Ideas  for South Park Characters


Cartman- Repairman, politician, scammer, salesman, cleans sewers, some shitty job? 

Kyle- Science teacher, lawyer, teacher, math teacher, tutor, scientist, accountant, doctor?

Stan- Animal caretaker, helps out animals in need, an athlete, guitarist, has a band?  

Kenny- Probably some manwhore or pornstar lol. Maybe a salesman, dancer, singer?

Butters- A writer for children’s books, artist, cartoonist, cook, doctor of some kind?

Craig- Editor, action or sc-fi movie director, writer, astronomer, media, musician, makes video games? 

Clyde- I don’t know… Some shit job.. Works at McDonald’s?

Tweek- Actor, Broadway, theater? Has his own little shop? Makes video games? Painter? Cook? Doctor? 

Token- Teacher? Engineer? Math? Boss of his own enterprise (Black industries?) A singer? I don’t know… Some high paying job.. 

Jimmy- A comedian? A writer?

Timmy- Dies at 13 years old.. ;-; 

Kevin- Organizes nerd conventions? Some geeky shit? A failed Sc-fi writer? Movie director, Book writer? Conspiracy theorist?  Actor? Makes video games? 

Damien- He’s the ruler of Hell! He doesn’t need a job! (unless you count that time when he had to work at mcdonalds..)

Pip- The ruler of Hell alongside with Damien. But likes to help people out with his gentleman skills. Cooks, dances, plays music? Philanthropist? Works at a flower shop? 

Christophe- Mercenary, Assasin, Hitman (for fun!) Does whatever to survive? Doesn’t really have a job?? 

Gregory- A high paying job.. A translator? Actor? Theater? Broadway? Lawyer? Doctor? English teacher? Some snobby fancy high paying job.. (also, he occassionaly goes with chris on his hitman missions. he killed a few people.) 

Bebe- Marine Biologist? Swimmer? Model? Fashion designer? Stripper? Hooker? Makeup artist? 

Red- Model? Tailor? Waitress? Designs clothes? Gang leader? 

Annie- Librarian? Writer?

Nichole- Therapist? Social Worker?

Wendy- Activist, Tumblr feminist, writer? music teacher? singer? plays piano? 


Janice Bryant Howroyd:Woman To Know

Bryant Howroyd is an Entrepreneur best known as the  founder her employment staffing firm, ACT-1, in 1978 with just $1,500, a small office,a telephone, and Billboard as her first client. ACT-1 is the largest American company of its kind owned by a woman of color, with over 70 branches nationwide.Today, the company has offices in 75 U.S. cities and its clients include Ford Motor Company, Cingular, and Sempra Energy.


Black Enterprise Magazine: Third Place on the list of Top Black-Owned Industrial/Service Companies in America.2003

Spirit of American Enterprise Presidential Award, 2005

B.E.T , Entrepreneur of the Year 2005