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115 isn’t really contagious, just permanent. This way they can learn from their fucked up selves without turning into them!

I would imagine the test subjects during the time Original Richtofen got shot were undergoing some intense 115 aftermath where they were just walking stereotypes. Seems they caught them at a wrong time…

So, I have been playing a lot of this map recently on Black Ops II. I do believe it is now my favorite zombies experience to date. 

Here’s why:

Considering this is the most recent map to be released, it’s nice to see that Treyarch has really been busy making this one spectacular. I have noticed a huge emphasis on teamwork and trust this time around. Zombies maps in the past have only scratched the surface in those two areas. All I ever had to do was rely on others to open their fair share of doors, and revive me if they were able to. I have played with people who would do neither, but those people were the exception (and major assholes). My basic point is, those were shallow trust exercises. I’m not suggesting that none of the previous maps had teamwork or trust areas that stand out, but a majority of them do not.

Origins differs in this aspect.

Assuming you’re playing with 3 or 4 people total, someone is getting fucked over right from the start of the game. There are only two shovels that can be picked up in the starting room. The 3rd and 4th are elsewhere on the map. I won’t go into all the benefits of having a shovel (bonus points, free guns, power-ups) but obviously everyone should want one. I love that the game is designed this way because it immediately creates an air of competition in an environment that relies on teamwork. In other words, it sets you up to oppose the people you need for your survival.

Another important element is that of the 6 power generators. Each one is going to cost someone some points (they do get some back if successful at activating the generator) and each one charges faster when more people are around it. The decision about who turns each one on is up to the players. No one can be forced to do so against their will. You often see two mindsets regarding this issue:

1. Point expenditure should be nearly even (ex: I bought this door, so you should turn this on, etc.)

2. Whoever has the most points at the time should pony up for whatever needs doing.

I have played many zombies maps with both mindsets, and both have their merits. My point is, you must trust that things will get done. In situations where my fellow teammates are selfish with their points, I have found myself buying everything we need. In these scenarios, I resent my teammates and feel less inclined to do them any favors or revive them.

Another important feature is the 4 elemental staffs. You can see Takeo Masaki holding the staff of fire in the picture above. The other three are of ice, wind, and lightning. Anyone who has played this map a bit should know that none of these staffs are particularly difficult to make if you know where to go. The issue is that while each staff can be collectively created, only one person at a time can wield each one. Obviously if all 4 are created, everyone would get one (petty people might argue over who gets which one). I was witness to a problem over the fire staff (probably the easiest to create) just last night. One person (A) had done most of the work making it only to have another person (B) grab the fire jewel and then create the staff and take it. Person A had explicitly said they wanted it and put in the effort to make it.

Sound like a dick move by person B? It does happen.

I have yet to have that same experience (I rarely go for the fire staff for this reason) but if it were to happen, I would be angry. It can be difficult to trust random strangers in these games, but it is necessary if you wish to survive as a team into the high rounds.

There many other reasons I love this map, but they come down to actual features in the game, story line, etc. I just wanted to highlight why this one shines particularly bright, in my opinion of course.

Zombies Fact #20

In Origins, the Elemental Staffs are named after deities of the following mythologies:

The Staff of Lightning (Kimat’s Bite) is named after Kimat, the dog of the Tinguian God, Kadaklan.
The Staff of Fire (Kagutsuchi’s Blood) is named after the Japanese God of Fire, Kagutsuchi.
The Staff of Ice (Ull’s Arrow) is named after Ull, a Norse God commonly associated with winter.
The Staff of Wind (Boreas’ Fury) is named after Boreas, the Greek God of the North Wind.
Sekhmet’s Vigor (the end part of the staff used to revive players) is named after Sekhmet, the Egyptian warrior Goddess of healing.

- fact courtesy of the COD wiki.