black on everything

i also find it fascinating that john silver, a man with a silver-tongue to rival james flint, finds his past so irrelevant. john silver, the same man who values a story as much as flint and rackham do, who can instantly weave a story so intricate that those around him cant help but be absolutely enamored, refuses to divulge, to even acknowledge, his own story. he tells flint that he know all he needs to about him, that when flint finds him is when his story begins. this could only possibly be the case for three reasons: either because it was too painful to relive, hes ashamed, or it truly was irrelevant. either way, silver views flint as his opportunity at a new life, one thats meaningful and relevant to who he is now, and who he will be. john silver quite literally states that james flint is his motivation. flint literally means so much to silver its not even funny.

Me and my rescue furbaby Flynn were just singing and boogieing around the the kitchen to ‘Jump In The Line’ by Harry Harold George Belafonte Jr on the radio as I waited for the timer for the spuds to go off- I’m cooking the sunday roast for all the family on mother’s day, as apparently my roasties are the best teehee.  Honestly its the best way to spend a sunny sunday.