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Staff Pick of the Week

My staff pick for this week is a southeast Asian manuscript with white markings on black handmade paper. It is an accordion book with content on both sides. I have always found this piece fascinating, which is part of the reason for my choice, but also problematic, which is my other reason for making this my staff pick. I’m hoping that someone in the Tumblrverse can help solve our little mystery. 

This book was donated to UWM Special Collections many years ago, but it’s never been cataloged, mainly because we have no idea what we have here. We don’t recognize the script or language; we don’t know where or when the manuscript was produced; and we know nothing about its content, purpose, and usage. None of our Indian friends and colleagues recognize it, but there’s a vague sense that it might be Burmese or Thai. A very vague sense.

So, I’m putting it out to y’all.  If you have any concrete idea about what we’re looking at, we’d surely appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!


if you refuse to acknowledge that some political movements maintain oppressive power structures while others reject those structures, i calmly invite you to sit your ass down and keep your mouth shut about how “we need to listen to both sides” and “black lives matter/any other liberation movement are just as bad as the systems they’re dismantling.” 


France, Garde du Corps du Roi M1814 Officer’s Helmet, c. 1814.

Black varnished leather body and visors trimmed entirely with silver-plated copped fixtures. The body has two large palm leaf scrolls on each side with their curls forward, and the ends terminating behind a silver band that covers the seam between skull and rear visor. The front visor is edged in silver. A large sun ray plate embossed with crown over intertwined scrolls of palms crossing above the face of a deity, all above clouds with a bannered motto “Nec Pluribus Impar” (”without comparison under the sun”). Screwed to the skull, a crest with feather plume designs on both sides, holds a black chenille of horse hair cropped like a mane and falling forward over the front of the helmet. The ear bosses are sun rays behind the godly face at centre, and hold the scalloped, graduating chinscales to the helmet. The chinstraps fasten at the wearer’s chin with a cloth ribbon tie. On the left side, forward to the ear boss, a silver squared tube plume socket holds a two-tiered tulip cup holding the stem of a white cock feather plume. Interior sweatband of leather only. Green colour under the front visor and black under the rear visor. Say what you will about the Borurbon Restoration, but the excellent taste in uniforms the French possessed continued under them.

The Garde du Corps du Roi were the senior unit in the military branch of the Maison du Roi (King’s Household). It was disbanded in 1816.

No. Just no.

I can’t deal and most other people can’t either.
People had to leave work to pick up their children being harassed about being deported.
At my school, I broke up 7 fights today.
The other teachers look like their soul has been sucked out.
Some of my kids came in with dark circles and puffy eyes because of being up all night crying.
Some needed extra hugs because they said they didn’t feel safe.
All because this country’s true colors were shown.

My whole family voted for Trump, both the white and black sides, so there is no support there. Just hate and arrogance.

Not only am I the only openly non-straight one in the family, but also the only admitted rape victim. So it’s been effing tough to say the least. I’m not accepted for my sexuality, not believed when I tell my assault story, and not accepted for my political beliefs.

There has to be a silver lining somewhere, I’m just going to keep praying.

“Gray is a mixture of white and black and I think I am just like it. Similar to the colour, I’m neither fully black nor white; I have both sides in me. 
Moreover, gray has a lot of different shades, like for example light gray or dark gray. As the artist and musician Gray, I also have a lot of different “colours” to offer.”
- Gray

anonymous asked:

Do you believe the wage gap is real? I've seen evidence for both sides and I really don't know. I know the answer probably isn't black and white, and that both sides of the argument have a grain of truth. However, I really respect your opinion, so I was curious if you had anything to weigh in on the debate. Love your blog!

On a large-scale, no; it should be called the earnings gap instead. Calling it a wage gap makes people assume that employers on average pay a female employee ~78% percent (or h/e much it is) of what a male employee makes and that gender discrimination is the only contributing factor to it. There definitely are isolated incidents of it, but I doubt it’s a wide-scale problem like some make it out to be. Career choices, shorter/longer hours, how long someone has been working at that job (pay raises add to that, depending on how long they’ve been there), and the position they have in their line of work. That all delves into why it should be called an earnings gap, especially when it comes to the career they’re in. ‘Earnings’ rather than wage or even pay better describes the net income someone receives.

Simply saying that it’s because “women aren’t valued for their work” and ignoring the many sides to it is just dishonest.

hong seol’s wardrobe appreciation: episode 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

You know what? Let’s be real here for a second… The Black LGBTQ+ community is left on an island. They’re often forgotten at the intersection of their own identities, by BOTH the cishet Black community and the non-Black LGBTQ+ community.

Niggas will literally DISOWN their Gay or Trans child, while overlooking all the shit within the Black community that IS problematic. Meanwhile, non-Black queer folk will avoid dating their Black counterparts for racist/colorist reasons, but then also exploit them for their BBC/Ebony fetishes. And both sides will steal stuff from Black queer culture. It’s like Black LGBTQ do not have anyone to turn to for assistance whatsoever!

So I am calling on both communities with which they intersect: Y’all need to FUCKING DO BETTER BY THEIR SIDE!!!

Tony Stark In Civil War

-didn’t give a shit about Bucky until he could use his situation to try and get Steve to sign the accords
-locked away Wanda and let Vision tear down at the few bits of confidence she had built up
- gave Steve shit for recruiting a 44 year old trained assassin who had friends on both sides of the fight, WHILE basically black mailing a 15 year old who had zero ties to anyone and zero actually training to fight for him and giving him zero info on the actual issues (just what Steve would say and to ‘not listen to him’)
- Gave Clint shit for daring to pick 'the wrong side’ and accused him of not caring about his family (while the military was listening??? A military who didn’t know Clit had a family cuz Clint was trying to protect them)
- Shot Sam for daring to not be the one hit by Vision’s blast (it was a Tazzer shot but still… Sam had no intention of leaving and had tried to save Rhodey himself) while only giving Vision a stern talking to and not mentioned locking him away till he could get his head in the damn game without almost murdering someone
- tried to guilt Steve into signing the accords
- Tried to Kill Bucky knowing he was brainwashed and not in control of his actions
- literally black mailed a 15 year old into fighting a war that was not his and then didn’t ensure that he was by said 15 year olds side the entire fight
- used a kids death who the mother blamed on TONY (because you know, he created Ultron and the team had to fight him Fifa) to guilt the team into being pro-accords

So please, tell me again why I should be on his side or feel sorry for him???

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tumblr only cares about interracial relationships when they're gay, thats why they hate gency so much. i couldn't be happier tbh, i love seeing ships with poc being happy (also im a brazilian so i hope we get an interracial couple w/ lucio too, being it straight or not, bonus point if its with dva bc poc/poc interracial ships are even better)

I dont even think they realize how bad this looks.

Like im black. Ive seen a looooooot of hate from both sides whenever an interracial couple surfaces. Its ESPECIALLY bad tho when the other side is white. Jfc like my mom literally yesterday saw a black guy on a date with a white girl and started an entire dialog with me about it. 

And whenever i saw an interracial relationship with support now its only ever supported if the white side of the fandom can fetishize it in someway. You ever see white guys talk about brown girls its high key disturbing. Same shit with white girls talking about black guys. It gets really racial and uncomfortable sometimes. 

So now when i see people attacking Gency, to me it looks like a combination of both. A bunch of white lesbians who wanna live out some strong brown girl fantasy with pharah through mercy, and at the same time condemning a different interracial relationship. But it not racist they’re only condemning it cause its straight haha.

Like even in PC forward thinking safe space tumblr, we’re not allowed to just ship interracial things without people being fucking dicks about it.