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Behind the Curtain - MiniOhm

A/N: I don’t play Friday the 13th, so I don’t know how much is accurate. My knowledge is based off videos and streams because I’m a broke 15 year old.


Ohmwrecker wouldn’t be where he was without Mini Ladd. The hacker was always at his back, constantly making sure he didn’t run into cops or trip any alarms. Ohm didn’t know anything about the person, from what their voice sounded like to what they looked like to what gender they were. All he had was the name of the person and the confidence that they had his back. Which is why when the name popped up in a Friday the 13th lobby, he was to say a little surprised.

Mini didn’t recognize him, however. Ohm always used the tag Masked Gamer when he’s online with his friends. He was surprised the person didn’t use his real name like Bryce or make a new one like he did. Nonetheless, neither of them say anything prior to the cut scene.

“~Ooo. Who’s going to be Jason?” Delirious pondered.

“Me please.” Gorilla complained. “I’ve been it a single goddamn time. Always getting stuck as the goddamn survivor victims.”

“I’m just waiting for The Face.” Mini commented. It was like several accents from around the globe mushed their way into one male voice. It was unique, to say that much. “Wait for it.” Jason came into view, but even by its feet you could tell it was Sevini Jason.  

“Goddamn it.” Gorilla complained.

“I think it’s Satt.” Ohm commented as the generic character got killed.

“There it is!” Mini shouted as the Chad made the generic scared face.

“Let’s hope there’s a boat.” Bryce commented. As the screen faded to black, Ohm thought he heard a faint Mickey Mouse impression from Satt. Hopefully he wouldn’t have to hear more of it.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. He ended up spawning alone by the two seater, which bought him some time. Especially since he got a pocket knife, heal spray, and firecrackers. But the Packanack Lodge had both the four seater and the fuse box, so in essence it was a death house. Ohm made the mistake of using his pocket knife so they could put the fuse in, so maybe his other choice of going on the defensive for Gorilla wasn’t the best option.

“Gorilla, call the cops!” He shouted as he swung at Satt with a baseball bat, protecting the repaired fuse box. His attack didn’t make contact.

“I’m trying!” Gorilla shouted back, crystal clear because of the walkies. “I don’t know where the phone is.”

“Nice try, Bitch! Huh Ha!” Satt taunted in his Mickey Mouse impression as he grabbed Ohm.

“Upstairs Gorilla!” Ohm replied as he tried to struggled in Jason’s grasp.

“Aw, no cool kills.” Satt complained. “Look likes I’m just going to have to kill you.” The scene quickly changed to a cutscene, that Ohm recognized when Jason stabbed his character with the pitchfork.

“Gorilla, call the cops. I’ve bought you some time.” Ohm quickly got out before his character died.

“Enjoy your stay at Disneyland.” Satt said, as his character fell over. The message ‘You Died’ flashed across the screen.

“Fuck me in the ass.”

“I mean I’d take you up on that offer, but we only just met.” Ohm would be lying if he said he wasn’t startled by Mini’s comment. He checked quick, and saw they were the only two dead.

“Shit. Am I hot mic-ing?”

“Are you pressing ’T’?” Mini asked.


“Then yes.” Ohm groaned, before changing his audio settings quick. He didn’t need anything about who he was to accidentally slip out.

“Sorry.” He apologized. “I was Jason last round, and I always change my audio settings when I do it.”

“Oh you’re good.” Mini assured him. “Hey, is there anything else I can call you? Masked Gamer just … it doesn’t roll of the tongue.”

“Ryan.” Ohm blurred out a little too quickly, and he felt his face grow red. “Most of my friends call me Ryan.”

“Alright.” Mini said. “Hold, I was just spectating Delirious. That ass tho.” Ohm switched to Del, who was slowly walking away with the Tiffany’s character. Aka: Booty Shorts. “That ass tho.” He repeated.

“I love me some good ass, though.” Ohm agreed, and Mini laughed. He smiled behind the computer screen, glad nobody but Buddy was there to witness how much of a lovesick pile of mush he was becoming.

“Hey Mini, can I get your Discord or Skype or something?” Ohm asked during their 3rd game, while they waited for Bryce, as the last one alive, to either juke Gorilla until time ran out or died. “You seem like a nice guy, and I don’t want to loose you once the server eventually crashes.”

“Sure thing. It’s the same handle on everything. Mini Laddd, with 3 d’s.”

“Got it. I’ll add you later.” He smiled. His friends were oddly quiet, which was weird. He could practically hear Delirious’ smirk, and he had a feeling once the lobby kicked them out he was going to hear an earful from all of them.

He wasn’t wrong.


Mark: Take him to the movies. That’s a great first date

Bryce: I kinda see him as the Starbucks type

Jonathan: Just go to an amusement park and win me a teddy bear

Luke: there are no carnivals and stuff around here this time of year

Jonathan: I just want a teddy bear!

Ryan sighed as he watched his friends ‘debate’ (argue was a better term here) about what he should about Mini, or Craig as he found out during a round of Golf It. It was no secret to anyone who saw the two of them interact that he was practically head over heals for the guy. Most of them didn’t understand his hesitation to have the two finally meet in person. Everyone saw his as a very upfront person who usually went for what he wanted, so almost everyone was confused at the hesitation. He put the larger group on Do Not Disturb mode, and turned to the one other person who knew all the details.

Ryan: What should I do?

Mike: I feel like u should b open. this relationship that the 2 of u have is much more complex and developed 4 u not 2 come clean

Ryan: yeah but what about Them?

Mike: I think they’ll see this as beneficial 2 them right now. U guys r the best team na. Not much could really screw that up this late in the game

Mike: long as u don’t move beyond friendship u should b fine

Ryan sighed, knowing subconscious that his fears were simply trying to put off the inevitable. He didn’t have anything to do, and They hadn’t sent them an assignment yet (It has been a week. One is due soon). He just had to breath, and type those seven simple words.

Ryan: You want to meet up in person?

Craig: absolutely. When and where?

Ryan: Wherever you want baby ;)

After being criticized for his use of emoticons, they found out they both lived in California at the time for school. They also decided to meet at a Starbucks that wasn’t too far from Ohm’s off campus apartment. Then Mike gave Ryan the brilliant idea of adding Craig to the group chat silently.

Ryan: Can you girls stop fighting and help me figure out where to take Craig when I ask him out?

Luke: the man in question finally speaks

Bryce: Starbucks date

Mark: movies and dinner

Jonathan: teddy bear!!

Luke: stfu Del

Craig: can we get back to the important thing here

Mike: ^^

Ryan: ^^

Bryce: well, you know him best Ry.

Craig: yeah, what’s your brilliant idea?

Ryan: I don’t have one! That’s the problem

Ryan: I’m nervous this time around for some reason

Mark: that’s called being human

Jonathan: just, do you and you’ll be fine

Luke: Hold up

Craig: holding

Luke: ^ when and how the fuck did you get here

Jonathan: tbh I did t even realize

Craig: I’ve gotta go


Ryan’s fingers twiddled with the straw of his drink. Despite the reassurance he received from the guys before, it all practically flew out the window as he glanced around the crowded Starbucks to whoever Craig was. He had no idea what the man in question looked like, and vise versa. And the fact that the two of them were partners in crime and only he knew it shook him harder.

“Excuse me?” Ryan looked up from his hands to see a man standing behind the chair across from him. He looked to be about Ryan’s height, with brown hair that had light blue at the tips and eyes hidden behind glasses. He had a storm trooper shirt on as well as a dark jacket and jeans. His voice sounded familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it. “Do you mind if I sit here for now? I’m just waiting for a friend.”

“Not at all.” He replied, and the man sat down. He instantly went on his phone, in which he appeared to be texting. So it wasn’t much of a coincidence that when the man put his phone down, Ryan’s buzzed in his pocket.

Craig: Here. Waiting for you. Pretty crowded. Had to sit w/ some random guy just for a seat.

He smiled. He had an idea, and his fingers flew across the digital keyboard. Ryan felt like he didn’t hit Send soon enough.

Ryan: look across from you.

The second the man, or Craig as he figured out, looked down at the message, he held up his messages to show the man across from him. Craig’s eyebrows burrowed in confusion, and opened his mouth to say something only to be silence by the same text conversation staring back at him from Ryan’s phone.

“So … you’re Ryan then?” Craig asked. Ryan had to remember to breath as now was a good as time as ever to explain.

“Yeah.” He started. “I’m Ryan. But, um …” He pressed the On button on the microphone clipped to the inside of his shirt, the one that helped to change his voice. “I think you better know me as Ohmwrecker.”

Prom {Full}

The tickets had decreased in price about a week before the prom. Of course, the snickering, immature, but somewhat sophisticated lovers wanted to cherish this night. 

Jonathan was the one who suggested buying the ticket while it was cheaper than not going at all. After all, the two still needed to pay the expenses of a suit and tie, maybe some slick shoes to be able to dance with.

Despite the expenses, they knew that all of this year’s harassment on their sexuality would be worth the while. At the prom, that would all stop. No one would be focusing on them having a great night and they’d be focused on their own date.

As they had bought the tickets for 15 bucks, they instantly planned on their suits. Red tie for Evan, blue tie for Jonathan. They wanted to be tacky and unique but not too exotic or it would divine attention upon them alone. 

During their shopping trip the weekend before the four hour long prom, they chose the selected ties, shoes with bows that matched the colors, and black and white suits.

Jonathan decided to show off a little angelic atmosphere of himself, the side of innocent and purity that Evan desired in him throughout their years of friendship and then romance.

Jonathan wore that white suit with a crazy smile, ruffled his hair per usual but added a flower crown of white and blue to match his shoe bow, suit, and tie. In contrast, Evan wanted to appear more devilish and sinful.

Evan wore a crimson tie with his black suit, red bows decorated his shoes and a funny little mustache on the tip where his toes were. He had on a headband with fake little devil horns at the tip that were red and mischievous.

Mischief was their cue for entering, a little emotion of joy dancing in their eyes as they turned in their tickets and received two raffle tickets with snack names and drinks on them that they could get for free for coming. 

“When you want to dance, Jonathan, I’ll be here.” Evan smiled, pecking the boy’s cheek with affection.

Jonathan nodded, “Let’s go socialize with our friends for now. I’ll let you know when the time has come to surprise the fuck outta this school.” Jonathan grinned, heading towards his friends who he had spotted directly across the red velvet carpets.

As they inched closer to their friends, the two of them smiles politely and greeted their group of 8 friends. Ohm wore a usual white tux with a black tie and his ohm mask with a similar symbol at the toe of his shoes. Bryce matched him with his purple tux and a black tie with a sheepish grin.

The rest of the group wore suits instead of tuxes. David wore a green tie with his black suit and a pair of black boots that seemed smaller than his usual show size but looked good on him otherwise. 

Lui stood, hand in hand with him, in a light brown tux with a dark brown undershirt and tie that matched the color of his shoes. He wore a top hat that was colored like a chocolate chip cookie.

“Nice hat, Lui.” Evan complimented, chuckling as Tyler added a comment, “It’s a fucking cookie, Evan. It looks absolutely shitty.”

“Thanks, Evan. Fuck off yler, David bought it for me!” Lui’s squeaky voice brought a bright smile to David’s face, one that Evan hadn’t ever seen in a long ass time.

Beside Evan now stood  Marcel and Scotty, both seeming like an anti couple instead of an actual couple, much like Evan and Jonathan. Scotty wore a light brown suit, his tie a raven dark blue/black with a pair of dark brown boots and a headband that said, “Fuck off”.

Marcel, however, wore a dark brown suit with a sparkling, glitter white tie, and light brown loafers, and his own headband that said, “Fuck on”. The joke was clear each time Marcel winked at Scotty and he just scoffed back with a grin.

They were best friends but Evan felt like there was some chemistry happening.

Tyler and Craig were next to Marcel, some oblivious chemistry working it’s way on them. Craig stood in a normal suit, black with a white tie and white boots with little black flower petal details scattered among the white. He had on cat ears, much to his own dismay, that Tyler forced him to wear “for the lolz”.

Tyler stood in complete opposition, a white suit with a black tie and a top hat that said, “He’s quite the show”, though he had on a black pair of shoes with white, translucent emojis scattered along the edges of the heel and at the toe.

“You two should kiss, it’ll be like that one scene in the movie where…” Marcel started his long explanation with pure mischievous excitement.

Evan stopped entertaining himself with the view of his friend’s and decided to listen in on the music, nudging Jonathan when it was transitioning to a slow song. Jonathan smiled and glanced at him, “Hm?”

“Wan to dance?”

Craig beamed with joy towards the two, “Yes! Go dance! You two will look cute, Mr. Devil and Mr. Angel!”

Craig hadn’t been all that excited since he had gotten here, but since he was excited over the two dancing together, Jonathan figured, ‘Why the hell not’.

“Alright, let’s go then, Fong.”

Evan shuddered lightly, smirking as he led Jonathan carefully towards the dance floor. His hand held tight around Jonathan’s waist.

As they reached the floor, they stayed in sight of their friends. Evan smiled, pecking Jonathan’s cheek as he placed his hands around his waist, resting them on his hips.

Jonathan copied him, resting his hands around his neck however and leaving his elbows to lazily stay on Evan’s shoulders. “You actually fit the facade of an Angel.”

“Why, thank you. No doubts here that you’re literally devil himself.”

“And you’re just my god, eh?”

Evan smirked at the blush dusting Jonathan’s cheeks. They moved gently in sync through the waves of different couples, who stole glances at them from time to time. 

As the song became slower and nearer to the end, Evan gently moved back from Jonathan’s lazy gaze and his hand traveled to his. He raised their hands high and held onto Jonathan’s waist with the other.

Jonathan spread his other arm out with a gentle smile, spinning to Evan’s little command. Once the song cut off, Evan had Jonathan in his arms, their lips smashed together in delightful beauty.

Though the song had ended, their kiss had not. An array of cheers and somewhat excited squealing from their friends alerted the two that the whole Senior grade had been watching them finalize their kiss!

Jonathan was bright red with appreciation, gratitude, joy, and other mixed happy emotions. Evan was confused but joyful anyway, showing his emotion by pecking Jonathan on the cheek passionately.

Lui and  Marcel ran over, Scotty and Luke at their heels. “You two were so cute. You were just twirling around in one place!” Marcel blabbered with a huge grin on his face.

“Yeah! You twirled him in a perfect circle and bowed him over then kissed him in front of everyone!!!” Lui shrieked with pure joy, his child voice apparent.

Scotty and Luke were too busy fangirling over their friends to realize what was suddenly happening just a few feet away in a shady corner.

Craig smiled softly, sadly watching the two kiss once more. He wished he could at least have something like that in his life. Just next to him, however, was his giant friend, glancing t him with question towards his sad smile.

Craig chuckled and shook his head, slowly approaching the bright, cheerful couple. However, Tyler knew better and sped up to catch up to him. He took a deep breath and grabbed Craig’s waist.

Craig spun around in question and surprise, his eyes widening to find another’s lips so close to his own. He made a try to escape then realized that Tyler gripped his waist even tighter and pulled him flush against his chest without hesitation.

That prom night had become the most memorable and interesting that school ever had.

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