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Eat Right & Train Hard Tuesday

Maliah Michel

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going go back to something basic that we ALL do. Today’s #NutritionTalkTuesday topic is EATING. I know that sounds silly, but when you eat and how you eat can play a major role in weight loss or weight gain. Studies show that “Mindful Eating” (focusing on eating only) has many benefits that include lifespan and digestion. Think about your last meal, were you at your desk? Looking at your phone? Or eating out a bag? Distracted eating can lead to eating too fast, which can reduce how long we feel full after a meal.
1. Eat at a table, not at your desk or in front of a tv. Don’t look at your phone or computer. Eat alone or over conversation
2. Eat from a plate/or food prep container. Not from a package or bag
3. Put your eating utensil down in between bites
4. Chew your food 25 times
5. Eat with your non-dominant hand
1. Increased attention span
2. Helps regulate binge eating & emotional eating
3. Increased Satiety (feeling fuller longer)
4. Increased digestion & absorption
5. Increased immune function
6. Reduces indigestion
Try these practices at your next meal, see how much longer it takes you to eat. Note if you feel fuller sooner with a meal you can usually finish. I know these things seem minor but they can go a long way! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions please leave them below!


Fasted Cardio!

I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, it really helps. I didn’t know EXACTLY what it did until I watched this video and I’m so happy this is part of my routine on the days that I do go to the gym. If you’re someone who feels they need more knowledge on the nutrition part of fitness. Please watch this. It’s SUPER helpful.

Happy TUESDAY!I’m back for another round of #NutritionTalkTuesday, this weeks topic is PROCESSED FOOD! I’m sure you all have one idea or another as to why we should avoid processed food, but maybe not enough to make you stop eating it altogether.
WHAT IS IT? PROCESSED FOOD is any food that has been altered from its natural state, like an apple, turning into an packaged apple strudel pastry. Not all PROCESSED FOODS are bad but the altered state usually adds in salt, sugar & cheap fats which all cause inflammation.
- PROCESSED FOOD makes us fat and sick, studies show any time a culture adopts a western diet their health declines
- High Fructose corn syrup added to PROCESSED FOODS can lead to insulin resistance, increase triglyceride & cholesterol levels, increased belly fat & fat around your liver
- High fructose corn syrup consumption is strongly connect to heart disease, diabetes, & cancer
- We crave sweet, salty & fatty foods because our brains know they have the energy & nutrients we need to survive
- PROCESSED FOODS companies take advantage of that, they are designed to be rewarding to our brains, which causes cravings for them & overconsumption
- PROCESSED FOOD are loaded with preservatives, dyes, artificial chemicals for texture & flavor that our bodies cannot break down
- The way food companies engineer their food to taste and trigger our brains to crave them can lead to food addiction
1. Shop on the perimeter of the store
2. Avoid boxes, bags & cans
3. Avoid packaged meat
4. Cook at home
5. Pack snacks when you leave home
6. Cook or bake your own “junk” food
7. Read food labels check for salt, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup or anything you’d have to google to know what it is
8. Real food doesn’t have a label
If you have any questions or comments just drop them below! As always, thanks for reading and have a great week!

Happy ❤️Valentine’s Day ❤️! And happy Tuesday, today’s #NutritionTalkTuesday topic is SODA! Whether you call it coke, pop or soda it’s all the same thing and it’s all killing you!
1. A 10 year study found those who drink 2 diet sodas a day experiences a 500% waists increase
2. 1 soda a day can increase triglycerides by 30%
3. Postmenopausal women who drink soda regularly increase their cancer risk by 78%
4. Men who drink 1 soda a day increase their risk of developing prostate cancer by 40%
5. 1 soda a day increases your risk of a heart attack by 43%
6. 1 soda a day increase your risk of obesity by 41%
7. Regularly drinking soda affects genes that regulate weight gain
If that doesn’t scare you straight maybe these facts will
1. Aspartame stimulates your appetite, increases carb cravings & promotes fat storage
2. Adults who drink diet sodas or use aspartame as a sweetener have higher BMIs
3. The FDAs approvals of aspartame was the most controversial
4. Aspartame is 50% phenylaline increased levels cause mood swings, memory loss, headaches, emotional disorders & depression
5. Aspartame is 40% Aspartic Acid and 10% Methanol
6. When mixed with common food dye aspartame becomes toxic to brain cells
Please share with someone with you love! Sodas are so mainstream in our diets when they shouldn’t be at all! Please leave your questions or comments below, and thank you for reading!

anonymous asked:

What's on your current ''life'' list? 😃 xx

Haha haven’t updated this in a while!!! So are still on the list 👅

Coconut yoghurt
Sesame seeds (tahini)
Bread (always)
White sweet potatoes
KALE (with nutritional yeast)
Black beans
Mangoes (always)
Emily’s cookies (Bae)

I think that’s it for now

CHAI… omg how could I forget chai 😍

Ard people. Imma do it. Fuck it. It might motivate or bless someone else, so here goes nothing. 😂 #TransformationTuesday

The photo on the left was taken the day we celebrated our union…the one on the right, this NYE. I definitely wasn’t that “plush” when she fell in love. Didn’t think she’d stick around cause ain’t no way she expected to be pushin this much cushion but, to my surprise our love only grew deeper. She still accepted me, repped tf outta me, respected me, complimented me, made love to me, uplifted me. And even after I gained all this “happy weight” she still wanted to marry ME! I’m like….wth?! Are you sure?! You down to get ya upper body strength up cuz these legs must be at least 75 pounds a piece by now? What about fat jokes? Can you deal with people jeering at the love of your life constantly? How is 320 pounds of sexy not murch tew murch for you?! You do know you’re a size 4 right? 🤔

Chanel taught me that when love is TRUE, it’s always unconditional and never superficial. It was such a beautiful and needed lesson and I promise to spend the rest of my life finding other ways besides stuffing my face to express my happiness 😩😂 but it’s nice to know that I can blow tf uppp if I wanna and shawty still gone ride. To anyone on a weight loss journey, you CAN do it, but be sure to do it for yourself. The people that are really for you are going to stand behind you at any size. 😎 Anyways…love yourself, love the one you’re with and make no apologies for it. Stay dope y'all.

Happy Tuesday! We’re only 10 days into the year, how are your resolutions going? Last week I took a small break, did you miss me? I’m back and today’s #NutritionTalkTuesday topic is ASHWAGANDHA (ash·wa·gan·dha) I know the name is weird but this a powerful I herb that I’ve personally been taking for 8 months that I get a lot of questions about because I tell people it’s what keeps me from being crazy 🙃 lol. So here we go!
- is an adaptive herb made from the leaves of a shrub called withania somnifera.
- Best known for handling stress and anxiety
1. Stimulates thyroid gland & secretion of thyroid hormones
2. Reduces pain & inflammation
3. Reduces anxiety & depression
4. Helps combat the effects of stress
5. Increases white blood cell production
6. Increased mitochondrial levels & endurance during physical activity
7. Protects brain from degeneration
8. Lowers cortisol levels for better sleep & weight loss.
Amazing right? This was one of the keys to my personal weight loss journey. My cortisol levels were up from stress, I wasn’t sleeping and craving carbs constantly. This broke that cycle, if you haven’t read the Stress post I recommend reading it.
- above I have my favorite brand of ASHWAGANDHA pictured. Jarrow has their own locally sourced farm where they grow ASHWAGANDHA, it goes straight from the farm to the bottle.
- I take 2 capsules daily at breakfast or lunch
- Not recommended for those with hyperthyroidism or if pregnant
- Taking too much can lead to GI distress

Stress is an American lifestyle staple, but it doesn’t have to be the thing holding you back from your fitness goals! Here’s one step you can take towards a better you! As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments leave them below! I really hope this helps, if it did tag a friend to share!


Figured i’d update y'all. Been taking intermittent fasting more seriously. Sitting at 200 flat or just below it. Fat is melting off, supplementing properly, lifting heavy, and trying to keep my protein as adequately high as possible has been helping me keep my size also.

This summer I wanna look like i’m straight outta Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Watch

anonymous asked:

i wanna be vegan when i move out from my parents place into my apartment, are there any vegan options? like cleaning supplies, and good foods to always have on hand.

vegan options? you’ll have SOOO many once you move out of your folk’s place. Even before you do that though, try to make as many positive steps towards veganism that you can in your current situation. I understand if you can’t go fully vegan right now because you live with your parents, but do your best. Next time you buy skin care/shampoo/conditioner/makeup etc, make sure you buy a vegan brand! I’m not saying throw away what you have now bc that’s still wasteful, but just make sure to buy a vegan brand when it comes time to buy some new products. Also make sure you aren’t buying any clothing made with animal products, such as leather, wool, down feathers, silk, etc.

For makeup, I love Tarte, Urban Decay, and NYX. NYX and ELF are fantastic and cheap vegan makeup brands that you can find everywhere. I get all of my skincare and haircare items from Lush. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their rose scented products like Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner or their Rose Argan solid shampoo bar. I smell of roses all the time and it’s so beautifully romantic and sexy ;)

I use Meyer’s brand for household cleaning products (dish soap, air freshener, etc). I like the lavender scented stuff. I use Dr. Bronner’s (rose) for a general soap and also I love their peppermint toothpaste and mouthwash.

Food to always have on hand? I always keep some jars full of brown rice, black beans, chickpeas, nutritional yeast, and steel cut oats. Boring but staple items to keep in your pantry! I also have little jars filled with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, garlic powder, ginger powder, salt, and pepper. I fill up my jars at my local bulk grocery store to help reduce my trash. I always keep nori sheets in my cupboard for vegan sushi. I keep salt-free ketchup, soy sauce, oil free roasted red pepper hummus, and sriracha in my fridge at all times. Dijon mustard is also great to have on hand for a quick salad dressing (dijon, ACV, w/ a splash of water and you’re good to go). And I always have a bar of vegan dark chocolate in the fridge for bad days. Most of the food I buy is fresh fruits and veggies such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, limes, lemons, baby carrots, lettuce, spinach, kale, onions, bell peppers, apples, avocados, blood oranges, bananas, and mushrooms. These are weekly staples for me. I also grow my own herbs (cilantro and basil mostly) and I am working on growing some more plants since spring is rolling around here in the pacific northwest! 

Hope all of this helps. Sorry it was just a dump of information haha, good luck with your vegan journey and please message me if you have any additional questions at any time. I am SO happy to help! 

The photo on the right is from last night on New Years !! It might be too soon to tell but I’ve been at this for about 2 months now and I’m about 18 pounds less!! I’ve never felt this good. I have so much confidence and I just feel like I’m glowing. I’m so happy and I can’t wait to continue in this new year ❤️ happy New Years yall


i seem to always be eating the same meal everyday when i am in England hehehe. ☺ spinach, lettuce, watercress, arugula, rocket, chickpeas, tomato, cucumber, raisins, beet & hummus. w/ black pepper, himalayan salt, nutritional yeast, olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar… and ginger & lemon tea :) & that’s it… it’s just what i feel like eating everyday. mostly because it’s quick & easy to make and i feel it nourishes me & brings clarity to my mind… which is just what i need! ~