black noize

  • Friend: I hope I get chocolates and a big ass teddy bear for Valentine's Day.
  • friend: I hope I get a bunch of flowers and a cute card.
  • Friend: I hope they come over so we can watch Netflix and cuddle.
  • Me: I hope I see a lot of cute art of my Otp and maybe some Valentine's Day oneshots.

WHOO here it is you guys my fucking sons except they’re being racebent as black. 

it took me 5+ hours from conception to completion to get this done because I knew the hardest thing about this was gonna be their  hair.  I’m mostly proud of Ren and Mink and especially Noiz, look at him!!  This is my first digital piece of 2017 actually because I’ve been fucking around in the dramatical murder nsfw tag and shit.  The hardest one to conceptualize and draw was Clear because he could have the exact same style as Aoba no problem but I can’t have that.  IN conclusion, as I type this I see mistakes that make me wanna cry and I’d totally fight each and every one.  (not really pls im small and weak)

ps: I will not not get notes for this because FUCK it’s colorful

“… No MattEr HOW hARD I Try TO mOvE foRwArd, YOu’re ALwayS THerE HOLDiNg Me baCk.”

“Then why do you keep coming back?”

One fine day, while visiting Noiz, Aoba gets a closer look on his piercing collection…

Aoba: Wow… you really have a lot of them.
Noiz: So?
Aoba: Ah- no, I mean, you even have them in black and stuff.
Noiz: I guess. Having them all in one color can be kinda boring.
Aoba: Yeah, you’re right.

*Aoba picks a barbell piercing*

Aoba: Hmm…
Noiz: What?
Aoba: Isn’t this one a bit long for your ear? It’s even thicker…
Noiz: That one doesn’t go on my ear.
Aoba: Eh? Then where?
Noiz: Let’s say that’s the one you like the most.
Aoba: Huh? What do you mean “the one I like th-… ah… Oh.
Noiz: …Your face is red.
Aoba: Sh-shut up!
Noiz: Heeeh… so you really like it.
Aoba: Gh-… you… PERVERTED BRAT!!


Noiz - German Sachengold Rabbit

Koujaku - Melanistic Black (Grey) Wolf

Noiz is literally a tiny golden bun bun. He cannot do anything about this, and hates it, so he tries to pick fights with potential predators instead of running away like a rabbit should. Usually it just ends up with them making noises at each other and Koujaku eventually bending low so that Noiz can climb onto his back and see the world from a higher viewpoint. Noiz just pretends to be threatening and has no knowledge of what a flight instinct is. Koujaku keeps him safe from predators and carries him around a lot. Noiz reluctantly agrees to this and sometimes falls asleep on his back if he’s tired.