black natural updos


#BlackGirlHair IG:lovealissuhh

1:Most recent wash and go(: hair color:????? lol

2: wash and go, dyed purple(can’t remember the name)

3:blow out with pin curls slightly combed out 

4.dreadlock extensions (not faux locs)

5. box braids (I never finished the top lol)

6. two ass length braids I twisted into princess leia buns(:

7. clip on bangs

8. twists

9. first twistout ever!!

(I want a 28in silky straight black weave tho)


This year by far has been the hardest most emotional year yet.
But through the many ups and downs of my crazy year the best part without a doubt was marrying my best friend.
About 4 days before our 7 year anniversary we called our mothers and told them we were getting married at the courthouse and requested their presence.
We got ready at our apartment.
I stayed in one room so I couldn’t be seen.
I made my baby’s breath crown the night before which I loved.
We rode to the courthouse in separate cars.
My mother told me the things that she has learned over the years about love and marriage as she drove me to the courthouse.
On October 14th,2015 at 5pm before our mothers, grandmother, brother, and sister, we exchanged vows.
There were plenty of other couples in the room but I swear as I looked in your eyes as we exchanged vows we were the only two.
I remember thinking back to our dating days in 2008 when we were scared to say “I Love You” and a simple “I Like You A Lot” sufficed.
Now I love you doesn’t even begin to explain how much you mean to me.
I’ve watched you transform from a boy into a man.
You’ve been with me at my weakest to lift me up.
You’ve been my biggest cheerleader and brought me back down to reality plenty of times
I try to be exactly what you are to me.
Adonis I tell you all the time that
You Are Essential To My Being 👑
And I’m so honored to be your wife !

I am now Mrs. Harper

9 months ago, big chop.
5 months ago, stopped getting my hair cut, and lined up.
this is 5 months of hair growth.
natural gyals does it better 😼