black mp


I dont want to study for my exams and I want to draw shitty memes

some notes:

  • Regulus is trying to be cooler than his brother.
  • Petunia would rather die than sit on the wizard’s sofa. 
  • Bellatrix is wearing red so you wont see the blood 
  • and Barty just don’t give a fuck.

It’s just as I thought … they’ve found out where I am!

DIO uses his own Hermit Purple to remotely watch Joseph and Jotaro.   Seeming at first to break the “one stand per user” rule, this stand’s been officially explained as Jonathan Joestar’s body’s stand, left behind for DIO to control.

Idk what the appropriate level of emotion is when you’re in a fandom already but y'all I keep bursting into tears seeing all these beautiful edits and gifsets of black panther

This movie is so important. It might be the most important superhero movie of all time. Think of all the black children who are treated like shit from the world around them walking into a movie theater.

This is the movie we need

So, all of these were like planned? \

Yana opened a toy shop just when OC revealed in the latest chapters that he wanted to be a toy business man?! And now Yana did actually open a shop, as if she was like fulfilling Our Ciel’s dream gosh, 

It all happened this moment when everything is revealed. Yana’s goals were so ….I just can’t. Everything is so smooth and good timing,

The never ending surprises, this is why I love her creations so much. I don’t want this to end.