black mosquito


Screenshots of the new ultimates revealed in the latest Fractured but Whole trailer for those who don’t want to pause the video every few seconds.

On a side note: Oh my god Clyde’s looks awesome! I want to have him in my party just so I can use that! I’ve actually been wondering what exactly Mosquito’s powers are. Guess that’s a hint. Stan’s looks pretty damn sweet too.

Is anyone else seeing something out of place in this clip?

Professor Chaos is there and from the looks of it, he’s currently not trying to “destroy” our heroes. Does this mean they’ll make an alliance with him once whatever the true threat of this game is unveils itself? And if they do, will he be playable? We haven’t seen any signs that he will be, but on the other hand they could just be keeping it secret to avoid spoilers.

And on the subject of this particular clip, let’s look a bit closer at the lineup here. We got both Coon Friends and Freedom Pals there, which suggests this takes place after the two teams inevitably join forces again. So where are Fastpass, Toolshed, Professor Timothy, and Wonder Tweek? Are they off on some other mission? I can understand that with most of them, especially since it might get crowded with too many characters around at once, but it strikes me as odd that Wonder Tweek isn’t with his partner. Is it an editing trick for whatever reason? Are they in trouble and this is a rescue mission? Did they switch to the side of evil for some reason? Am I over-analysing this? Yes, I most definitely am.

I hope it’s a rescue mission though. I love rescue missions.