black mops

Imagine Naruto coming home really late from his hokage duties one day for whatever reason and not being able to find Sasuke. He looks all over their house and is just about to panic when he sees a mop of black hair sitting on their patio looking out towards the rain. When he approaches Sasuke looks completely surprised to see him.

“I thought you left…”

Naruto doesn’t need to hear the rest of the sentence to know what Sasuke was getting at. He vows to never be late again.

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How do you think each of the boys would react to discovering their first gray hair? Would there be tears? Freaking out? Hair dye? Would they own it? Name it, or pull it out and pretend it never happened?

(Deviating from chronology to do this cute one! Aww. Enjoy! ♡)

Noctis - When he looks in the mirror at a shitty motel and sees, nestled in his mop of black, a cluster of a few silver hairs, he just sighs in exasperation. He’s been subjected to massive amounts of stress over the course of his life, so greying prematurely was a given. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t try and disguise it, though. When he first finds it, he’s a bit annoyed. As it becomes more visible, he takes to dying his hair. Which means that the boys will always take the piss out of him.

Prompto - As soon as he notices for the first time that he’s going grey, Prompto gets despondent. He acts so melodramatic about it, moping around saying “My youth is over, now I’ve got to pay taxes and get an office job and conform.” He pulls out his first one, and dyes the next few, but eventually gives up and lets it go. Noctis teases him for it, but he gets strangely proud of his hair and sees it as a fashion choice. He gets annoyed when people try and tell him about ways to cover it up because dammit, if I want to try and be a silver fox, I can!

Ignis - Speaking of silver foxes, from the very beginning, Ignis wears his greying hair with pride. He doesn’t see why people are so concerned about their hair going grey, and just shrugs it off in the mirror that morning. When it begins to look noticable, though, I can see him either dying it back to its natural colour or biting the bullet and going full grey. After his injury, though, I can imagine him feeling feeling a bit self-concious about having scars and greying hair, so he’d probably spend an evening with Prompto, trusting him to do a dye job that didn’t look too bad, and getting Gladio as a second opinion.

Gladio - Another in the “don’t give that big of a shit” camp, Gladio wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. In fact, he probably wouldn’t notice until one of the other boys (probably Noct) pointed it out. He would completely embrace it. Or, to be more precice, he wouldn’t really really do anything to stop it. He’d just see it, aknowledge it, then forget about it. When he starts noticing it more, to the point where it’s obvious, he feels a little annoyed, like he’s passing his prime, but he still rocks a man-bun and shows it off because it’s his life and if someone takes the piss they’re not gonna have a good time.

Title: Squishy
Characters: Kyungsoo/Reader
Genre: Fluff, Blurb
Word Count: 219
A/N: I was feeling in the mood for some Kyungsoo fluff, so here you go.


“Hey, wat'cha doing?” You ask your boyfriend as you enter the living room. “Earth to Kyungsoo?” His chin was kissing his chest, his hair a messy mop of black swirls. He must have gotten up early to meet you, then fell asleep again. He even had his blanket wrapped around his neck.


“Soo,” You sing, kneeling between his legs and tilting his chin up. He jerks awake, surprised at the physical contact. His blink, then his dark eyes focus on you. “I’m home now.” You smile at him.

He sighs deeply, sliding the blanket off of his shoulders and around your neck. You watch with amusement as he nods tiredly, his eyelids slipping closed again. “Welcome home.” He murmurs deeply, his voice lower since he just woke up.

“Sorry I was late–” Kyungsoo’s hands were still holding onto the blanket, and in his drowsy state, he brings his arms down, tugging the blanket and pulling you forward. Your lips smash against his messily, and he jerks away again, eyes wide in surprise.

You shake your head at him, eyes just as wide. “Uh-uh, that was you.” You tell him, poking his chest.

“I’m not apologizing.” He replies smartly, awake enough now kiss you on his own. He lips brush yours gently, soft and cute and so, so nice.

Colours (Sherlock x Reader)

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“(YN)!” You rolled your eyes. “What?”, you yelled back. “A murder. Come!”, Sherlock shouted. You looked down at your nails, which were currently covered by a still wet layer of nail polish. “I can’t right now!” Suddenly the door was thrown open, revealing Sherlock. “Of course you can” He gave you a stern look, you him an annoyed one. “You’re better off leaving me here, if you don’t want me smearing nail polish everywhere.” He gave your nails a look. “You won’t now come.”

You sighed, out of breath. Of course, after inspecting the body, Sherlock ran off without you. You had been chasing after him, but had now lost sight of him. You leaned on your knees, eyes searching the busy streets for the black mop of hair. Suddenly you were grabbed from behind. You struggled, but were dragged into an alleyway. You broke free, turning to see the person that had grabbed you. It was a woman, and she was furious. “You!”, she hissed. “You’re the one that stole my husband!” Your eyebrows raised on their own account. “Excuse me?” She balled her hands to fists. “He cheated on me, with you!” You raised your hands to signal your innocence. “I don’t even know you!” She pulled something out of her pocket, and you immediately took a step back. “Calm down. I did nothing!”

She raised the object you now identified as a knife and took a step towards you. “It was a mistake to wear that nail polish again!” She attacked you, slicing your cheek with the knife. You scrambled away. “Miss put down the weapon!”, you yelled. She screamed and lunged at you again. You dodged again and shoved her out of your way before sprinting out of the alleyway. You nearly ran into Lestrade, who had his gun in his hands. His eyes met yours, and then drifted to the cut on your cheek. “I heard screams, what happened?” You moved your hands around frantically. “A woman attacked me! She-” Sherlock appeared from behind Lestrade. “She’s the killer”, he interrupted you. Lestrade looked over his shoulder, surprised. “How?” - “The nail polish.” You looked down at your nails. “The victim had the same colour. And she said the woman her husband cheated on her with had the same. It’s obviously her”

“You used me as bait?!”, you yelled at Sherlock after the woman was arrested. “It wasn’t intentional.” You threw your arms up in the air. “Not intentional? I could’ve died!” His eyes narrowed a bit. “But you didn’t. You were merely hurt.” You gritted your teeth, then turned around sharply. You started to walk away, until a hand grabbed your upper arm and pulled you back. You were ready to punch Sherlock, but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you even closer to him. Then he pressed his lips forcefully against yours. You struggled for a second, before melting into the kiss. He pulled away for a second, looking straight into your eyes. “I would never let you get severely hurt.”



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“Come on!” You hiss scrambling out of the closet. “Training started 10 minutes ago!”

“Relax.” Ben Solo scoffs hopping out on one foot trying to pull on his boot and pants at the same time resulting in him completely wiping out

“Dork.” You grin strapping your light saber holster around your waist.

Ben smirks and looks up at you through a mop of black curls drenched in sweat. He jumps to his feet. “You love me.”

You roll your eyes and turn and start to walk towards the atrium. “Master Luke is going to kill us.” You mumble.

“No he won’t. We are his best Padawans.” Ben laughs running to catch up with you. He slings an arm around your shoulder, his hand creeping down “You know we could just…”

“Ben!” You bark slapping his hand off your boob.

“What?” Ben says innocently. You glance up at him your eyes meeting his. For a second you were completely and utterly captured by him. He was beautiful. A glowing sun in the middle of a dark galaxy. He was your star and every day you felt yourself falling even more in love with him.

You didn’t realize you were grinning like a fool until he grinned back at you making your world grow a little brighter. Ok a lot brighter.

“What are you thinking about?” He asks stopping and turning you towards him. You don’t answer. Instead you reach up and kiss him. You close you eyes and pull him closer relishing in the feeling of him pressed against you.

You pull away though his head still lingers down by yours. He grins even more, his arm snaking down to your butt. “Because I know exactly what I’m thinking about. Your thighs wrapped around my-”

“OK!” You giggle before turning and darting towards the atrium. You hear him laugh and sprint after you.

He manages to catch up with you just as you both burst through the door. You screeching in laughter and him sprouting out innuendos.

“Ben and y/n, so glad you could finally join us.” The voice of Master Luke rings out around the room. You both pause dead in your tracks. Everyone’s eyes are now on you. You can only imagine what they are thinking. Both of your’s and Ben’s clothes are wrinkled. You guys are both out of breath and with sinking realization your realize you accidently strapped on Ben’s lightsaber hollister.

“You guys seem a little sweaty. You haven’t even started practice.” One of the older Padawans calls smirking. “And since when did you both switch lightsabers?”

You growl. He is really asking to get his ass kicked. You eyes dart back to Master Luke’s.

“Well it was a little dark in the closet after we-” Ben starts the grin evident on his face. You clap a hand over his mouth. The little fucker is not even embarrassed!

“Sorry about the tardiness.” You hiss.

“Well if you two are done- just find a spot on the floor!” Master Luke says quickly. You can practically see the knowing smirk on his face.

“I bet he can’t wait to tell my father.” Ben snorts before switching to Luke’s voice “Oh Han! Ben’s definitely getting-”

“UGHHH!” You cut him off. Ben Solo never knows when to shut his trap.

Batfam Headcanon- Tim's Hair

The entire family loves Tim’s long luxurious hair. Being the adorable mess he is, little Timmy often forgets to cut it, leading to it being a slightly too long shaggy black mop on his head. The girls have become obsessed with braiding it, eventually just using him as a living Barbie doll to practice whatever hairstyles they come up with. Dick likes to ruffle his hair whenever he passes by, enjoying how annoyed Tim gets. Damian and Jason only like it because they can use it as perfect teasing material, and Tim likes having it because he thinks it makes him look cooler. Of course, walking down the street with an old t-shirt, a messy man bun, and a gallon cup of Starbucks doesn’t look the least bit attractive, but as far as Tim knows, he’s as cool as they come. 😎