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THE WORD AYAHUASCA: comes from the Quecha language and means “soul plant”, “death plant” or “vision plant” known by many different names from the 72 cultures that ingest Ayahuasca in Peru, Columbia and Ecuador. This legendary hallucinogen is used by Shamans to cure illnesses and to communicate with the Spirits. Various Shamans of the Rain Forest simply refer to Ayahuasca as the “cure-all”. To the indigenous people, it is known as a sacred medicine that can cure all illnesses. Without a doubt, it is the most celebrated hallucinogen of the Amazon.

ACCORDING TO THE INDIGENOUS FOLKLORE: Ayahuasca is the fountain of knowledge, the best way to reveal the mythological origins of life. The anthropologist Gerardo Reichel-Donatoff once wrote that to consume this spiritual drink is to become the center of the cosmos. The origin of our existence where the individual sees tribal divinities, the creation of the universe and of mankind, Adam and Eve, the creation of animals and the establishment of social order.

THE BIG CLEANING: Ayahuasca has never been used casually or for recreational purposes in the traditional societies. The Shaman, which is the person who knows how to bring out a chemical induced state of trance, guides those who wish to embark on the “search for vision”. The Shaman is without a doubt, the master of ceremonies, the key figure in drinking Ayahuasca. After sunset, the bitter drink is passed in a circle from person to person, and the Shaman begins to sing or chant about the visions that they will see. When they hear the song, the participants feel a certain tingling on the lips and a burning in their stomach. A nauseating energy ill overwhelm them, and many will begin to get sick with vomiting and diarrhea (but not necessarily everyone). This is a strong and unstoppable movement of the colon that penetrates all organs passing through the intestines like a liquid laxative of the soul, cleaning the entire body of all parasites, emotional blocks, and ancient feelings of resentment. This is why the natives of the Amazon refer to the “purge” when they speak of this drink. “One cannot help but be impressed by the notable improvement in their health attributed to the purging caused by the plant”, wrote the psychologist Ralph Metzner, editor of “Ayahuasca”. Metzner wrote an anecdotal report of the complete disappearance of certain types of cancer after one or two sessions using Ayahuasca. The rejuvenating impact of the “purge” helps to explain the exceptional health of those who use Ayahuasca, including even the oldest people.

TRAVEL IN TIME AND SPACE: After the inevitable purge, the senses sharpen and the initiate experiences are “magnetic liberation of the whole world”. After that spectacular visions are coming like a turbulent pandemonium of images that change faster than you can think. While one is under the influence of Ayahuasca, people frequently have the sensation of being separated from their bodies and catapulted into a strange area of excursion. During this trip outside of reality, marvelous sights appear and enchanting landscapes that unexpectedly give way to unsettling encounters with wild jaguars, enormous iridescent snakes, and other predator beats that will try to attack the person. William Burroughs described a sensation of flying long distances when he drank Ayahuasca during a South American expedition in 1953. “The spiritual drink is a trip in time and space”, he wrote in a letter to Allen Ginsberg. The blood and substance of various races: black, Polynesian, Mongolian people of the mountains, desert nomads, Indians, new races that have never been experienced before will pass through your body, incredible trips through the mountains, deserts, and jungles… A place where the past is forgotten and the emerging future combines in a vibration without sound.“ It is unknown, why the visions provoked by the Ayahuasca include animals from the jungles of the Amazon. Especially when people from other continents ingest the sour tonic. Long anecdotal stories about rivers and electric radiations that illuminate the night sky are classic elements of the experience with this liquid. An indigenous said: "Always when I drink Ayahuasca I have such wonderful visions that I have to cover my eyes with my hands, because I am afraid someone would steal them.

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I'm curious, who are some of your favorite singers in some of the lesser known languages you study, like Mongolian, Kazakh, etc?

Ohhhhhh guuuurl (or guy) you got me excited now hahahah LET ME BEGIN
Oh golly I love music so much ima cry

Dimash Kudaibergen
Black Dial

Zorigoo (we were actually FB friends for a time LOL)
IDK who this is but the song is good
Can’t find the singer’s name anywhere but this song is a jam

Mahan Moin (Iran)
Direc-T (Turkey)
Kendji Girac (France/Spain)

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How many OCs do you have and which ethnicity do they have?

This is long

Ok so I’ll just list all my ocs sorted by webcomic then haaahh

Les Normaux

Sebastien - Filipino (wizard)

Elia - Gujarati Indian/ Italian (vampire)

Ronnie - Puerto Rican (werewolf)

Drew - Japanese/ Brazilian (zombie) 

Pam- Haitian (cyclops)

Radha- Bengali Indian (naga)

Amou - Jamaican (ghost)

Aunt Alair -Filipino (witch)

~and now for some characters that have not appeared yet~

Adrien-  puerto rican (werewolf)

Giovanna- Gujarati Indian/ Italian (vampire)

Devonte - Nigerian (incubus)

Tiponi - Hopi (fairy) 

Raahim - Iraqi (wizard)

Matisse - French (wizard)

Lou - Filipino

And Pierre the bunny


Biana - Punjabi Indian

Manu - Swedish

Gyan - Yemini/ Ethiopian (alien hybrid)

James - English (alien hybrid)

Eliot - Mexican

Johanna - Panamanian  (alien hybrid)

Marshall- Australian of Portuguese descent

Oke - Ugandan

Anthony- Brazillian (alien hybrid)

Rhea - Brazillian/ Indonesian (alien hybrid)

Aatu- Mongolian (prob a (black) Egyptian? grandparent)

Fillin- Mongolian (same here)

Merah - Korean/ Japanese


I have more Oc’s (old ones) but I’m still redesigning them and all that but yeaaaaaaaaaah. And LN will prob get more along the way.

I might have a addiction.


i’d like to finish this sometime soon but for now hey check out these (mostly) not-white avengers (races in captions for anyone curious, ha)

some races were chosen deliberately while others were kinda spur of the moment because imo you should not need a reason to make a character anything other than white!

i have Feels over a few of these headcanons (bruce’s and tony’s especially, being japanese-american myself, i was part of the asian-american audience that watched the hulk movie and got Feels about supressed anger) so you’ll probably see me draw these characters like this more often

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*gentle reminder* being caucasian isn't the same thing as being white. like, caucasian is a larger group, consisting of some asian and african peoples, and yes, white people can be caucasian (but a caucasian person isn't necessarily white) idk, google "caucasian vs white" or smth this is relatively new to me too... i absolutely LOVE your blog, keep up the good work

OK, dully noted, but I think in the context of the post and this blog people kind of get (I hope) what I’m referring to.

I’ll not go too deep into it but I hope it’s understood what I’m reffering to when talking about  "archetypical hero stock character from 1930s American comics, aka Caucasian, American middle- or upper- class, athletic, tall, attractive, heterosexual, educated, young adult male.“

But to be fair you got a point there.

 AS a racial classification, the term Caucasian has many flaws, dating as it does from a time when the study of race was based on skull measurements and travel diaries. It has long been entirely unmoored from its geographical reference point, the Caucasus region. Its equivalents from that era are obsolete — nobody refers to Asians as “Mongolian” or blacks as “Negroid.” x

Thanks for writing.

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Colorized Wedding Photos

January 21, 1966 - George and Pattie on their wedding day.

Top Photo:  Mr. & Mrs. Harrison walking out of the Leatherhead Register Office in Epsom, Surrey, as husband and wife.  Pattie wrote: “I bought a Mary Quant pinky-red shot-silk dress… and wore it with creamy stockings and pointy red shoes. On top… I wore a red fox-fur coat, also by Mary Quant, that George gave me. [Quant] made George a beautiful black Mongolian lamb coat.”

Bottom Photo:  Back at their Esher home, Kinfauns, after the wedding the newlyweds lit incense, toasted family and friends with champagne, and posed cutting their traditional wedding cake topped with a lucky horseshoe. This is a colorized version of a scan posted by the_end_1984 in the Something About Pattie Boyd group (Thanks!).