black mongolians

A quick Velociraptor mongoliensis, done without references so there are some innacuracies. However, I wanted to reconstruct it with Zhenyuanlong-like plumage since it seems to be the actual default feather arrangement for eudromaeosaurids. Plus, Velociraptor had pretty visible anchor points on its forearms, indicating large wing feathers.


i’d like to finish this sometime soon but for now hey check out these (mostly) not-white avengers (races in captions for anyone curious, ha)

some races were chosen deliberately while others were kinda spur of the moment because imo you should not need a reason to make a character anything other than white!

i have Feels over a few of these headcanons (bruce’s and tony’s especially, being japanese-american myself, i was part of the asian-american audience that watched the hulk movie and got Feels about supressed anger) so you’ll probably see me draw these characters like this more often