black milk swimmers

In my new Black Milk Superman swimmers I purchased at this years Supanova pop culture expo, While buying it I noticed the lady serving me was wearing the same one! not only did she look amazing in it but she was half my size!

After walking away I couldn’t help but feel discouraged that I won’t look nearly as nice with the shape of my own body. 

There will always be someone skinnier, prettier, more athletic, better self confidence, but at the end of the day none of that matters because you are unique!

My legs do look big in my black milk but you know what? I still look amazing because It suits me, I’ll never let anyone tell me different. I have a flabby belly but do I care? no! I will eat another cupcake because they are delicious, I will go to the gym because I feel better when I do on the inside.

It took me a long time to love myself the way I do but I am so genuinely happy now that I do, Please take the time to make yourself happy, A very special person taught me that, I thank her all the time for it.

I love you Jess xxx

All my love Katie :D