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There was plenty of white terrorist flavored bullshit at the prepper expo, as I expected. There were booths dedicated to helping you create homemade silencers or converting semi-automatic weapons to full, and a goddamn 55 pound bag of 98% explosives grade ammonium nitrate?! I sure hope anyone who buys that shit gets followed home.

But! There were also a considerable number of booths dedicated to sustainability, medical care, green farming, and wilderness survival. Lots of solar panels and books on environmental harm reduction. I bought a magnesium and flint fire starter because it’s a little more fun than flint and steel, as well as a pack of DrinkSafe cards.

Revels Caton, a Black, gay [Marine Cooks Stewards Union] leader, posed the argument this way, ‘If you let them red bait, they’ll race bait. If you let them race bait, they’ll queen bait. These are connected - that’s why we have to stick together.’ MSC grew in strength, numbering twenty thousand workers at its height, and was legendary for its Black, gay, militant leadership and the sign that hung in their union hall that read 'Race-baiting, Red-baiting, and Queer-bating is Anti-Union.’
—  Sherry Wolf, Sexuality and Socialism, p. 244

C: I feel conflicted a lot in this time. It’s like I’m in the twilight zone. I believe weed has given me insight but it’s also a hinderance. It’s just a hypothesis. I feel like everything is deja vu. Weed is the new drug to make people more docile, compliant and receptive to whatever they want; a break from reality if you will. It’s like the ‘60s again: black people are seemingly militant, awakened and prepared just to be overtaken.

I swear, reactionaries are just constantly throwing shit at walls and hoping some of it sticks.

This just in: republicans quote-mine Malcolm X, a militant black-liberationist anti-capitalist, to make it appear as though he would’ve sided with their imperialist asses. This is so surreal. Malcolm X was vocal in his hatred for both wings of the white supremacist ruling class, and it’s fucking disgusting that conservatives are trying to cash in on something specific he said about democrats in service of a reactionary agenda. I guess they ran out of palatable quotes from MLK to cherry-pick and so they decided to give Malcolm X a try.

I pull out this quote often, and it never stops being relevant:

“During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes constantly hounded them, received their theories with the most savage malice, the most furious hatred and the most unscrupulous campaigns of lies and slander. After their death, attempts are made to convert them into harmless icons, to canonize them, so to say, and to hallow their names to a certain extent for the ‘consolation’ of the oppressed classes and with the object of duping the latter, while at the same time robbing the revolutionary theory of its substance, blunting its revolutionary edge and vulgarizing it.” -Lenin

Nighthawk: The Batman to Luke Cage’s Superman

Us Black nerds are happy as fuck about Luke Cage. Shit, I am. 

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We don’t get apologetically black superheroes. A bulletproof black man? Holy shit, police sure did not like the idea of that.

But have you considered….Nighthawk.

While Luke Cage represents black resilience and resistance, Nighthawk is black rage. Luke Cage was the wholesome Barbershop talk while Nighthawk is black militancy. Luke Cage is street. Nighthawk is revolution.

Imagine this: take Batman’s premise of fighting off criminally insane super-villains who are caricatures of mental disorders and replace Batman’s origin with parents killed by a bunch of racists, Batman being black, and replace Batman’s super-villains with racism and make Gotham Chicago…That is fucking Nighthawk.

The main reason I enjoy this comic is that 1. it has nothing to do with the Civil War II  because Ulysses loves to incriminate black folks but won’t stop race riots that have black folks hunted down.

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But forreal, this is one of the few books that are bogged down with that bullshit. Also, it explores a different type of character. Raymond Kane or Kyle Richmond is not an angry black man. He is THE ANGRY BLACK MAN. May I present you the first panel of Nighthawk.

He starts off in an utterly cathartic shit kicking of a white supremacist group that used the tried but always false “Black on Black crime” defense to justify the murder of a Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown/Tamir Rice expy.

This book is not for white people. If you are riding fence on racial issues, don’t buy this book. If you are conservative, don’t buy this book. If you say “All Lives Matters,” don’t buy this book. You are better off buying Captain America, fam. He is a fascist now so he is more your style.

Some background: Raymond is from an alternate universe that was exploded because Marvel does that from some time to time. He was then transported to 616 where he forms a team of fellow transported superheroes who fuck up the culprits and are about justice…like the Justice League in the marvel universe. They have a Superman, a Flash, a Wonder Woman and everything. Anyways, this is not about them. Nighthawk decides to take up his residence in Chicago like he did in his previous universe as up and coming philanthropist Raymond Kane. He fights crime and deals with racism in his own way.

I did tell you that Nighthawk is not for you, right?

Now before you write this book off as a power fantasy of black men, Nighthawk is not without a foil. Currently he is investigating the killings of people of power who just happened to use that power to oppress black people. Of course, he is a bit conflicted about this.

Nighthawk is investigating the killings of the Revelator who is pretty much Jigsaw but testing people’s will to live, he just tests people’s systemic racism.


The Revelator serves as an anchor to Nighthawk’s ideology. He is the villinous foil that makes him and the reader question what is the difference between the two. They are both violent. They are both obsessive. They are both killers. While Nighthawk fights systemic racism using his wealth and influence and fights violent racism with vigilantism, Revelator does not use discretion.

Also, they are both fighting the same enemy.

Mr. Hanrahan is the gentrifying jackass who is empowering white supremacist groups with weapons to incite the racial tension in Chicago to move black people out of the Kilien Fields Projects. He builds buildings, is white, and just in case you aren’t sure who Mr. Hanrahan is supposed to represent.

“Make America Great Again”

Nighthawk is unapologetic about what side it is on.

It does not spare you any philosophy of the middle.

David F Walker wrote this series and it pulled no punches. Sadly, after October, it is getting cancelled. Oh well.

Malcom X was right

Malcolm was not “pro-violence” nor advocated for violence. ALL Afro American people need to read his autobiography or listen to more speeches. Because these assumptions are incredibly ignorant. He was advocating for self-defense, which is perfectly acceptable.

“He doesn’t call it violence when he lands troops in south Vietnam. He doesn’t call it violence when he lands troops in Berlin. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, he didn’t say, ‘Get nonviolent’. He said, 'Praise the Lord, but pass the ammunition.’ When someone attacks you, when someone comes at you with a club, when someone comes at you with a rope, when someone comes at you with a gun, despite the fact that you’ve done nothing, he tells you 'Suffer peacefully’." 

It’s disgusting that people think the appropriate reaction to being aggressed upon is to sit there and wait until the aggressor decides to stop. That’s not going to happen. Human beings live based on consequences. Those who speak "violence” only understand “violence”. Look at what integration and civil rights (didn’t) achieve.

 Malcolm X was right. End of story.

SUPPORT THE BLACK LIBERATION ARMY (c. 1971). Offset-litho 43.3x28cm.

The image shows Jonathan Jackson and James McClain leading out the hostages from the Marin County courthouse on August 7, 1970. McClain is seen in the centre of the picture pointing a revolver at police with his right hand while holding a shotgun taped around Judge Haley’s neck with his left hand.

The Black Liberation Army was an underground black militant organisation formed in 1971 and composed largely of former Black Panthers. Its program was one of “armed struggle”, and its stated goal was to “take up arms for the liberation and self-determination of black people in the United States” (it carried out a series of bombings, executions and expropriations, including a Brinks armoured-truck robbery in 1981 with support from former Weather Underground members Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert).

About me...

If you follow me or visit my blog, you’re likely to see a healthy mix of Orthodoxy and posts about black America, with pinches of feminism and environmentalism. And my avatar is an icon of my patron saint, Abba Moses the Black.

If I were to guess, without knowing who I was, I would think that the owner of this blog is a semi-militant black man. But I don’t want to mislead anyone (and I’m sorry for doing so if I have). I am a white man who is married to a black woman, and we have a child together.

Orthodoxy & racial justice and healing are primary concerns of mine. I fight for my wife and my child, for their sake (and therefore my own). I am one flesh with my wife and my child is half from me.

While I am more intimately familiar with the black American perspective than most white people (due to my family and my engagement with the black community), I cannot fully know what it is to be black. My wife and I occasionally get dirty looks, but I have the luxury of white skin when I’m by myself and all the assumptions that accompany it. Which sickens me.

I come from a privileged background, and I am not immune to the residue of racism. But I am actively struggling to purge it from deep inside me and repent of it for myself, my lineage, and my nation.  

When I began believing black people, my white-framed world began to unravel. I ask you to believe black Americans when they share their experience.

TL;DR I don’t want to be mistaken as anyone’s “black person quota.”


The Brown Berets started as a group of High school students protesting the education system in East LA in the 60s. Because being socially excluded, they wanted to improve conditions of the school system and showing needs of their community.
They were a Youth group, YCCA (Young Citizens for Community Action) then after meeting with Chicano leaders like Cesar Chavez they changed the Citizen to Chicano. All peaceful and protesting Till the law enforcement saw their civil rights activism and glorification of “radical leaders” law enforcement harassed not only members but their family. This Brought on a more Militant approach with militant suits, black boots, carried rifles and brown berets which brought on the title Brown Berets.
Police were scared wanting to destroy the Berets persecuting, slandering, raiding and even encourage other groups to attack the Brown Beret members.

M8L8TH on Militant Black Metal

Over its three-decade existence, black metal has regressed from a radical anti-modernist project - the black soot of the burned-out churches and clotted enemy blood, into one of the mainstream shock-scene trends, startling in appearance but empty of meaning.

However, it is the absolute harmony of form and content, of words and deeds, of creator and his creation, which are the unique qualities that have allowed the black metal genre to exceed its subcultural framework, becoming a genuine and integral act of resistance to the modern world.

Death, war, violence, murder - these pretentious words have become nothing but empty clichés on the dark scene. They lost its authentic, sacred meaning because the majority of “artists” using them are faint-hearted windbags unwilling to answer for their words.

After all, to sing about strength, one has to be strong; to sing about purity, one has to be mentally and physically pure (which implies, at the very least, giving up alcohol, smoking and drugs); to sing about war, one has to fight; and finally, to sing about murder, one has to …

It is this sincerity, consistency and compliance of form with content that defines Militant Black Metal. It is what defines our existence.

Some condemn blacks for being militant when they demand justice and equality. The people condemning blacks should remember that blacks wouldn’t be violent if racists wouldn’t treat blacks violently. They must also look at the purpose of black militancy. Black militancy is for protection, not hatred and intimidation. If the US wants to end the violence taking place, it must force the racists to stop first so blacks wouldn’t have to fight back.

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I like how Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary transcends everything on Tumblr. You can check out any kind of blog, whether it be a left-wing SJW blog, alt-right blog, black militant blog, white supremacist blog, atheist blog, religious blog, anarcho-capitalist blog, communist blog, nationalist blog, MRA blog, radical feminist blog, vegan blog, otherkin blog, furry blog, or any fandom, and every one of them will have love for Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.

Gives me a slight hope for the future of humanity. 


Relatives of the the Egyptians captured in Libya and killed by militants affiliated with the Islamic State group. The extremist group released a video on Sunday purporting to show the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya. In the video, militants in black marched the captives to a beach that the group said was near Tripoli. They were forced down onto their knees, then beheaded. (AP)

Until we do right by black women, the black community still has a long way to go.

Stop separating black women into to classist groups. Stop saying the “Good” black women go here and the “ratchet” one’s go here. Do we do that to black men? No. Not once have I saw black people separate the black men from the hood, from the college educated black men. There are always lectures to constantly attach them both to each other, so they both can be seen as people who can contribute positively to our society.

We also do this with this “Queens” talk created by pro-black militant sexist and misogynistic black men (and women). We don’t denounce other black men by labeling only obedient black men as kings, we throw the king label on every black man because we value all black men. Don’t tell me I’m behaving and acting like a queen because I’m educated, working and dressing modest like. If that’s the case I don’t want to be your Queen and don’t call me that ever.

When whites say that rappers are the reason for crime and the negative images of black men, the entire black race comes to the rappers defense along with the everyday black men. We tell them don’t generalize, and even make a case for the rappers to be treated like humans too.

But on the other hand, when it comes to black women we don’t do this. Any stripper, love and hip/basketball wives member, or whatever are always used as examples to freely generalize black women. It’s not fair.

The fact that our sexist misogynistic thoughts intersect with racism, allows us to use extreme examples of respectability politics on black women and girls. This happens in our own race, not just regarding white America and non-black poc communities. Respectability politics are mainly used on black women in the black community, rarely black men.

We complain about patriarchy, misogyny and sexism in other races but the black community is “extremely” misogynistic and sexist. Even a large number of black women inflict misogynistic and sexist beliefs on women. It see it 24/7 black women young and old being as vile and repulsive towards women like it’s nothing.

And you know why It’s frustrating? Because there’s all this talk about how we shouldn’t force black boys and black men into hypermasculinity, because it doesn’t allow them to be human. It doesn’t allow them to experience a wide range of emotions and feelings. It confines them to a certain label and identity, and all of that jazz. But we continue to shame our daughters into hyperfemininity, and we tell them “Act like a lady in order for people to respect you”. Black women constantly lecturing our daughters about how hyperfemininity is the only way black women will be seen as victims or valued. This is so because there’s isn’t a day or a time where we actually sit down and discuss these things amongst black women and girls.Do we tell our black sons “Act like a man and maybe you’ll be respected?” Hell no. We don’t discuss the value of black women outside of gender roles, because of racialized stereotypes of black women.

So I don’t want to read posts about us progressing and becoming unified, because there’s a big ass hole still in our community that involved black girls and women, that we still have not fixed.