black militancy

Malcom X was right

Malcolm was not “pro-violence” nor advocated for violence. ALL Afro American people need to read his autobiography or listen to more speeches. Because these assumptions are incredibly ignorant. He was advocating for self-defense, which is perfectly acceptable.

“He doesn’t call it violence when he lands troops in south Vietnam. He doesn’t call it violence when he lands troops in Berlin. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, he didn’t say, ‘Get nonviolent’. He said, 'Praise the Lord, but pass the ammunition.’ When someone attacks you, when someone comes at you with a club, when someone comes at you with a rope, when someone comes at you with a gun, despite the fact that you’ve done nothing, he tells you 'Suffer peacefully’." 

It’s disgusting that people think the appropriate reaction to being aggressed upon is to sit there and wait until the aggressor decides to stop. That’s not going to happen. Human beings live based on consequences. Those who speak "violence” only understand “violence”. Look at what integration and civil rights (didn’t) achieve.

 Malcolm X was right. End of story.

The ideological battle on which the Cold War was fought compelled Northern political and economic elites to take progressively more formal stances against discrimination and to call for more law and order… The developing Black militancy, fueled by political dynamics within the United States as well as global uprisings of Black and Brown people against colonialism, set the US state on a collision course with its Black population.
—  From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation, Keeanga Yamhatta Taylor

I watched “Dear White People” last night and I don’t get it. 

Was there supposed to be any character development? 
-Coco still deals with internalized racism 
-Troy is still doing whatever his dad says and won’t be seen with Coco
-Sam “dropped the act” and got a white boyfriend so everything is good now  
-Reggie, who had the most important commentary, is the “angry, militant” black guy who incites drama 

Like, what is the take away from this film? 

M8L8TH on Militant Black Metal

Over its three-decade existence, black metal has regressed from a radical anti-modernist project - the black soot of the burned-out churches and clotted enemy blood, into one of the mainstream shock-scene trends, startling in appearance but empty of meaning.

However, it is the absolute harmony of form and content, of words and deeds, of creator and his creation, which are the unique qualities that have allowed the black metal genre to exceed its subcultural framework, becoming a genuine and integral act of resistance to the modern world.

Death, war, violence, murder - these pretentious words have become nothing but empty clichés on the dark scene. They lost its authentic, sacred meaning because the majority of “artists” using them are faint-hearted windbags unwilling to answer for their words.

After all, to sing about strength, one has to be strong; to sing about purity, one has to be mentally and physically pure (which implies, at the very least, giving up alcohol, smoking and drugs); to sing about war, one has to fight; and finally, to sing about murder, one has to …

It is this sincerity, consistency and compliance of form with content that defines Militant Black Metal. It is what defines our existence.


The Brown Berets started as a group of High school students protesting the education system in East LA in the 60s. Because being socially excluded, they wanted to improve conditions of the school system and showing needs of their community.
They were a Youth group, YCCA (Young Citizens for Community Action) then after meeting with Chicano leaders like Cesar Chavez they changed the Citizen to Chicano. All peaceful and protesting Till the law enforcement saw their civil rights activism and glorification of “radical leaders” law enforcement harassed not only members but their family. This Brought on a more Militant approach with militant suits, black boots, carried rifles and brown berets which brought on the title Brown Berets.
Police were scared wanting to destroy the Berets persecuting, slandering, raiding and even encourage other groups to attack the Brown Beret members.

I called it, people are already complaining that the Black Panther movie looks “too black and militant”. It’s called BLACK PANTHER. A black superhero created in 1966, the same year the Black Panther Party was founded. What are you expecting?

SUPPORT THE BLACK LIBERATION ARMY (c. 1971). Offset-litho 43.3x28cm.

The image shows Jonathan Jackson and James McClain leading out the hostages from the Marin County courthouse on August 7, 1970. McClain is seen in the centre of the picture pointing a revolver at police with his right hand while holding a shotgun taped around Judge Haley’s neck with his left hand.

The Black Liberation Army was an underground black militant organisation formed in 1971 and composed largely of former Black Panthers. Its program was one of “armed struggle”, and its stated goal was to “take up arms for the liberation and self-determination of black people in the United States” (it carried out a series of bombings, executions and expropriations, including a Brinks armoured-truck robbery in 1981 with support from former Weather Underground members Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert).

I feel like it might look like i’m so defensive on this Gal Gadot/Israel thing because i’m a fanboy for the new Wonder Woman movie… and yeah, maybe a little but tbh i’ve long been frustrated by the militant black and white view of the complex Israel/Palestine situation within the left.

Which doesn’t make me an apologist for human rights abuses by the Israeli government- in the same way seeing the Troubles in Northern Ireland through a nuanced lense and condemning the IRA wouldn’t mean i was endorsing the historic discrimination Northern Irish Catholics endured.

I really don’t sound like someone who loves Jeremy Corbyn now do i? lol


Relatives of the the Egyptians captured in Libya and killed by militants affiliated with the Islamic State group. The extremist group released a video on Sunday purporting to show the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya. In the video, militants in black marched the captives to a beach that the group said was near Tripoli. They were forced down onto their knees, then beheaded. (AP)