black miata


@warrenwarren and @onemakebodytune tinkering on warren’s 4age-t miata rear end swapped corolla. drift union invitational 2015. penticton, bc

these two shots turned out the best out of the entire roll. they really took on the infrared traits and needed no touch up. even the dust and water marks seemed to be less apparent on them. the skies are dark and the clouds look wild in it.

canon ae-1 - 50mm f1.8 / konica infrared 750nm

Oh, yeah, my dad bought a gun recently because of this strange incident:

One day, he was going out to Home Depot, and in the bed of his pickup truck, there was a backpack and its contents (CDs, a navigation system, a phone, and maybe even e-cigs) strewn about, and also a freaking dog just sitting there waiting. My dad gave the dog some water and called the cops and animal control.

The dog, it turns out, was microchipped, and the cops picked up the stuff and told my dad they’d keep him appraised. The dog herself belonged to someone who probably wasn’t homeless, but still, strange.

Later on, my dad gets home from a different errand, there’s a black Mazda Miata in the driveway, some stranger in trunks is looking for someone, and my dad chases him off. Our newest next-door neighbor tells my dad that the guy had shown up at his place too.

One night, the guy shows up again, demanding to see this one dude. Dad calls the cops, cops come and arrest the guy for trespassing. So now dad has a gun and intends to have me train with it just in case.

I wish I knew more, like what the deal with the dog and the stuff was.