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“He’s Turning Blue”
(Album: Strange Old Brew, 2000)


Carpathian Forest “Strange Old Brew” (Full album) .Norwegian black metal .

Common Positions of the Medieval Middle Class, a Masterpost of Sorts

This is meant as an information resource for creative folk, not a complete guide. Be sure to supplement this with additional research. Find the rest of the series, including the previous posts on clergynobilitydivinationspirit animalsmythical creaturesstructuring an armymedieval punishmentsarmorpre-gunpowder weaponssiege warfarecastle anatomymedieval clothing, and common terms of medieval life.

Find the masterposts for the Lower Class and the Upper Class.

Almoner: One who collects and dispenses alms to the poor. He or she is usually employed by a wealthy or middle-class household, and it is his or her duty to gather table scraps and see them dispensed after every meal. The title can also be given to a member of the church who fulfills this position on a regular basis.

Apprentice: These were either boys or girls who were indentured to a trade between the ages of five and seven. The actual time of their servitude was worked out when they were apprenticed, but the average length was seven years, at which time they became a journeyman or journeywoman and entered a guild.

Armorer: One who made armor (steel, iron, or leather) or chain mail.

Arrow-smith: One who made arrow heads.

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So, my pal @blackmetalandbrews sat down and talked about acouple shows he caught recently… One of which was that Mgla show and a house show I regret not catching.

Come sit down with Ben as he sips through some wheaty beer and talk profound wisdom on shows.. and stick around for some great cat follies.

Shipping out all the rest of the orders today! 
Been in packaging chaos these past few days , thank you all for supporting the shop through this holiday season. 
The shop will be closed until after the holidays…. i will be restocking everything and starting on the 26th we will offer options of tracking and fancy gift wrapping for orders. 

( photo below= bed head excitement about morning coffee and totally redoing the shop….. BLACK METAL STYLE) 

Starting to brew ideas for next months giveaway… going to have some smaller prints for sale when the shop re-opens! 
Thinking about printing out mug sets for the shop too, though getting mugs printed is expensive which results in higher prices… 
Is it worth trying? 
Mugs would cost about 20 bucks….. which seems way overpriced for a skull mug….. 
We’ll see how that goes. 

Again thank you all for the awesome messages, trades, orders and general awesomeness <3 
Hoping to have some down time soon to get to some of your messages!