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holes (2003) is an amazing film for a million reasons and one of them is that in manages to represent ant-black racism in a pg-13 film as something that’s prominent in both the fabric of american history and shaping contemporary society WITHOUT using a single racial slur, or gratuitously violent scene like a massive part of the plot revolves around racial profiling, lynching and unjust criminalization - the way mr sir, the counselor and the wardern treat armpit, x-ray and zero is much harsher than the way they treat the non-black boys to the point where they’re entirely prepared to let zero die in the desert instead of looking for him, stanley manages to get away with a lot of things he is blamed for while the black boys are deprived of their shower privileges also it is worth noting that the film makes the point that (in the flashbacks) katherine (a white woman) is not prosecuted for being with sam, who is killed for it (because he is a black man) despite it being a consensual relationship between them both and the reason this is so amazing is because this is a KIDS film that dealt with these themes and did so with respect and a happy ending and i love that

Until I can write the prompts (I can’t write long things on my phone for some reason), have some angst
I saw a post about Lance becoming a part of the Blue Lion when he died and I wanted to write a thing
Like, what if Blue was able to make a hologram of Lance that was actually Lance, he just didn’t have a physical form? It was all of his thoughts, all of his memories, the real Lance, just not his physical body so he can’t be touched?

Shiro’s voice echoed through the hangers as he sat in the Black Lion’s hanger, head tilted back slightly. He was talking to the machine when he had a thought.

“I’m gonna go see Lance.” He stated, smiling up at her. He heard his lion’s concern rumble in the back of his mind and he placed a hand on her large paw. “It’ll be fine.”

Leaving his lion’s hanger, he headed for the Blue Lion’s hanger, smiling when it opened up for him. He walked in and smiled up at the beautiful ship, tilting his head slightly.

“Hey, Blue. Just here to see Lance.” A rumble echoed through the room and the lion’s eyes lit up as she looked down at him. Shiro just smiled at her, relaxing when she seemed to give in.

“You can’t keep doing this..” Lance’s voice was soft and he turned to see the Blue Paladin staring at him, a sad look in once bright blue eyes. Shiro smiled at him and approached, hand raising to cup his cheek. His heart clenched when Lance’s form glitched slightly. “It’s not good for your mental health.”

“I can’t help it, Lance..” Shiro’s hand fell back to his side and he looked away slightly. The hologram of his boyfriend let out a soft sigh and he tilted his head back, staring up at the ceiling for a moment before looking back at the Black Paladin.

“Shiro, let Keith help you.” Shiro’s gaze snapped towards him, eyes widening slightly. “You’re not the only one that comes to see me…Allura and Keith have both found out, they just promised not to tell the others…you’re just the one that does it the most..”

“Lance, I-”

“Shiro, I can’t stay. Coran is coming with Hunk, if they see me..” His voice trailed off and he looked back to the entrance of the Blue Lion’s- of his hanger.


“I love you, Shiro.” The words pulled a broken sound from the Black Paladin. He couldn’t feel the arms that wrapped around him, he couldn’t feel the warmth of a body he used to hold through the night, he couldn’t feel Lance’s heart beat through his chest. He wasn’t aware he was crying until Lance was gone and Hunk and Coran were in the hanger. Both rushed towards him and Shiro felt two large arms wrap around him and pull him into a hug. A broken sob left the leader and he wrapped his arms around Hunk, letting himself be held for the first time since Lance died.

“Shh…I know, I miss him, too…we all do..” Hunk’s voice cracked and for some reason, it just made him cry harder.

Why couldn’t it be Lance holding him?

stammi vicino has been playing in my head for 72 hours


Sirius loves hanging enchanted mistletoe all over the place, usually to try to trap Lily and James together as a way to help Prongs, but one year, the plan backfired and he got stuck under the mistletoe with Remus. The plant being enchanted, Sirius had to solidly make out with Remus before it could let them go, and that’s when Sirius realized that he had a thing for Remus. Remus had seemed to be really into it, but it could have been just to fool the enchantment. Anyways, Sirius just couldn’t stop thinking about it.


Anna Sewell (30 March 1820 – 25 April 1878)

English novelist, best known as the author of the classic 1877 novel Black Beauty. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: 1. Cover from Black Beauty The Autobiography of a Horse By Anna Sewell. With Fifty Illustrations. Philadelphia: Henry Altemus Company, 1897. 2. Cover from Black Beauty; The Autobiography of a Horse By Anna Sewell. Illustrated. New York: McLoughlin Brothers, n.d. 3.-4. Cover and frontispiece from Black Beauty; The Autobiography of a Horse By Anna Sewell. With Forty Illustrations. Chicago: W. B. Conkey Company, n.d. 5. Frontispiece “’I fell heavily to the ground on my side’” from Black Beauty The Autobiography of a Horse By Anna Sewell. With Fifty Illustrations. Philadelphia: Henry Altemus Company, 1897. 6. Title page from Black Beauty; The Autobiography of a Horse By Anna Sewell. Illustrated. New York: McLoughlin Brothers, n.d.

I was gonna do it I was gonna try n be quiet on this but I just can’t so here goes:

apologising for killing Snape is entirely unnecessary, he got the death he deserved, he was a racist, double-crossing abusive asshole who was only redeemable because he happened to love Harry’s mum, but that fcker wouldn’t have changed at all if Neville had been chosen by voldy and it’s honestly painful for me that people don’t get that - you don’t apologise for killing abusers I don’t care what acts of kindness they did cos they decided they were in the mood that day. Snape was an asshole and what’s more, his life as a double agent wasn’t exactly conducive to long term survival and he fkn knew that.

But u know who deserved exactly 0% of the shit he endured in his life and then died for fkn nothing??



I swear to God I am gonna be saying this every day for the rest of my life, Sirius Black DID NOTHING BUT CARE FOR THE POTTERS AND ALL HE GOT FOR IT WAS PUNISHED.

Sirius lived in an abusive household. He ran away and was raised by James and his family. Okay yeah he was a bit of an ass at school, but not once did he ever call lilly a mudblood. Not ONCE.

Sirius was the kind of man who learns animagi so he can look after his best friend. Sirius is the kind of man that lends his motorcycle to Hagrid to get Harry to safety in the knowledge he has been framed for the selling out of two people he loved most in the world. Sirius was the kind of man who wasted away in azkaban for 13 years dwelling on revenge, but the first thing he does when he gets out is check on the well being of his godson despite being the most wanted man in the country and lives off rats and God knows what else while he watches over harry at hogwarts. Sirius was the kind of man who even when revenge was right there, he put harry and remus’ safety first.

Sirius was the sort of man who lived off scraps (half of which he gave to buckbeak) in a cave just so he could help support harry while he was in 4th year and again he is doing all this at the risk of being caught and killed for a crime he did not commit.

Sirius risked everything wherever he could for so many people. Voldemort is back and security is tenfold?? He still sees harry off at the train. He gives up Grimauld place as hq for the Order. He let’s Molly boss him around on what’s best for Harry even tho she is in his fkn house and talkin about his fkn Godson. Sirius was the only person who listened to Harry in ootf when Harry was feeling isolated and dealing with ptsd.

And what does he get for all of that?? Killed by his shit of a cousin and there isn’t even a body for harry to bury.

so jk don’t u dare come at me. Don’t anyone dare come at me and try and tell me that Snape actually loved Harry because he loved lilly and didn’t deserve to die and that you’re sorry!!! because Sirius proved time and time again that he loved harry SELFLESSLY and jk murdered him for it and I will never forgive or forget so all u Snape stans can stfu

  • happy international women’s day to nb folk
  • happy international women’s day to indigenous women
  • happy international women’s day to black women
  • happy international women’s day to abused women
  • happy international women’s day to religous women
  • happy international women’s day to lgbt+ women
  • happy international women’s day to dark skinned women
  • happy international women’s day to mentally ill women
  • happy international women’s day to ace-spec women
  • happy international women’s day to women of color 
  • happy international women’s day to disabled women 
  • happy international women’s day to mixed women of color
  • happy international women’s day to literally all of us who identify as women/present as fem/support ALL women - we’re amazing and the fact that we have made it this far is amazing and i am so proud of every single breath we take in this world that hates so many of us!! i love you all and you all inspire everyday xox

there is a general unspoken rule that you can make a character the worst person on earth but as long as they are good at what they do, the audience will find something redeeming in them and i dont think i have seen this trope manifested in any character as realistically as it has been done with joe caputo in oitnb

joe is not a morally pure human being, he screws up and screws over (and sometimes just screws) people, he’s made mistakes, listened to the wrong people and taken the wrong advice, but the one thing joe does again and again and again is put the inmates first 

yeah joe hires bad people, has gross hate sex with fig, tries to please too many people at once but he also has pot plants, is in a cruddy band he’s proud of and at the end of the day he fights for the inmates in his care to the best of his ability better than ANYONE else on that show and tries to fix his mistakes as quick as possible

i kno oitnb is not a perfect show and so many of the subplots involving white dudes come off as thinly veiled white supremacist propaganda (see: poussey’s “accidental” murder, piscatella’s sad gay sociopath backstory, pensatucky’s crush on her rapist, etc.) but caputo is kinda the diamond in all that shit cos he might be a gross man in a lot ways, but he’s self reflective on his behavior and actions, he actively listens to people 99% of the time and is almost always working with someone else’s best interests at heart

(p.s. i have a dumb headcanon that he is jake peralta’s distant uncle and occasionally caputo runs into jake on the subway and they talk about criminals and why they love their jobs and what’s the grossest thing they’ve seen on the job, etc)

Things in One Piece that make me emotional

The first opening

Shanks putting his hat one Luffy’s head

Zoro telling Luffy he’ll never lose

Sanji thanking Zeff

Nami’s past

Luffy saying he can’t do the things his crew mates are good at but he can kick Arlong’s ass

Ussop becoming brave enough to fight

Luffy knocking down Arlong Park

The barrel thing when they enter the Grand Line

When they enter the Grand Line and they meet that guy that tells them Laboon was abandoned but you’ve read One Piece before so you know that’s not true

How the doctor knew that the mushroom Chopper gave him was poisonous but he ate it anyway

The sakura snow when they leave

Luffy fighting Crocdile for Vivi

Robin wanting to die

Bon Clay sacrificing themselves for Luffy and the crew

Teach telling Luffy that dreams never die

Luffy ringing the giant gold bell

Luffy’s fight with Usopp

Franky’s past

Usopp becoming Sogeking to help save Robin

Robin’s past

Robin saying she wanted to live

The Merry showing up

The Merry’s funeral

Franky building the Sunny

Franky giving the Sunny to the crew

Usopp asking Luffy to forgive him and let him join the crew again

Finding out Brook was part of the crew that left Laboon and that he’s been alone by himself for 50 years

Brook’s flashback where his old crew sings Bink’s Sake and he counts down to a solo as all his friends die around him as he keeps singing

That Brook will one day see Laboon again

The crew protecting Luffy from Kuma when he’s unconscious, Zoro willing to give up himself and his dream for Luffy, Sanji wanting to take Zoro’s place and sacrifice himself, How Zoro stops Sanji because even though they fight they still care about each other

The Straw Hats splitting up

Bon Clay sacrificing themselves for Luffy again

Ace dying


Luffy putting his hat on that stump

Thinking about how the crew had to be separated for 2 whole years when they all care about each other so much and for some of them the crew was the first people to care about them in a long time

The Straw Hats being reunited after 2 years

How god damn beautiful Fish Man Island is

The whole crew wrecking together on Fish Man Island after two years

Law’s past with Corazon

That they’ve found an actual clue to where the One Piece is now

How Robin used to not trust anybody but has grown and now trusts the crew completely and can be happy