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Inktober?? What’s that, did you mean excuse to draw my OTP 31 days in a row after not posting art for like a year?? That sounds about right. Get ready for my trash heap of blackice doodles on this spoopy month 🎃
Anyways here are the first three days! More to come so stay tuned
(p.s. I might need ideas for drawings so feel free to send some my way??)

sudden tag dump !! mostly ship (FINALLY) and some AU/verses ones cause i’m slowly working on verses page lol

So I’ve been meaning to draw something from @dinoswrites wonderful fanfic Black Coral for some time because YES victorian painter solas is the greatest thing. It’s a seaside AU with the entire Inquisition cast represented wonderfully and (allegedly :p) elf mermaids. I cannot recommend this fic enough ^^

idk what happened with the trippy colors but i like ‘em

For Makoto, there probably wasn’t anything more horrifying than the idea of swimming in the ocean during the night. Who knew what horrors and dangers could hide beneath the black water, ready to brush against your legs and clamp your ankles..
But with Haruka it was a completely different story - what monsters would even dare to come close, with a merman by his side?

From a story I’m writing.. maybe?

Also, first post of my artblog! :D

Just something I decided I wanted to write for some reason.

Komaeda was certain he was going to die. His chest and throat burned, every part of his body screaming for oxygen. But, somehow, he felt calm. He didn’t see the point in panicking: there was nothing he could do, after all. The surface was too far away. Even if he was released, he wouldn’t be able to swim all the way back up.

The one pushing him down further and further into the icy water was a merman. Long black hair coiled around the two of them, and Komaeda saw the glint of the merman’s tail. His red eyes bore into Komaeda’s. He wondered if those eyes would be the last thing he ever saw. But he didn’t mind. Komaeda felt truly lucky to have seen someone so beautiful.

His lungs were ready to burst. Bubbles escapes his mouth and drifted up to the surface, and Komaeda felt his consciousness slip. His vision fading, he looked into the merman’s eyes and smiled.

He felt something wrap around his waist, but he didn’t care anymore. He let the darkness swallow him whole.

Groggy, disoriented, some part of Komaeda’s slowly waking mind was aware that he shouldn’t be alive. He groaned, then coughed. His limbs felt heavy, his soaked clothes clinging to his skin. He opened his eyes to the glare of the sun, and the sensation of waves lapping against his legs.

His face and hands were pressed against something rough and hard. As he pushed himself up with shaky arms, he realised the hard surface was a large, craggy rock that slopped down into the water, where his legs were still submerged. He could see the shore some distance away. He had only just started to inspect the small cuts and scratches on his hands when he heard a voice.

“You’re awake.”

Komaeda looked up. The merman was watching him with those bright red eyes, his head just above the water, long strands of black hair sticking to his face.

“Did you save me?” Komaeda asked with a smile. “Thank you.”

The merman almost seemed displeased. “I tried to kill you.”

Komaeda knew that. He remembered walking by the rocks, exploring and searching for shells and small fish, when a hand grabbed his ankle and dragged him into the water. He knew the merman tried to kill him, and yet he wasn’t scared. “But I’m still alive.”

The merman didn’t respond. He scowled down at the water, contemplating something. Komaeda tried to start another conversation.

“Can I ask your name?”

“My name?” The merman stared at him warily for a moment. “Izuru Kamukura,” he finally said.

Komaeda smiled again. “It’s nice to meet you, Kamukura-kun. My name is Nagito Komaeda.”

Kamukura’s scowl turned into a glare, and he lowered himself further into the water, as if preparing to flee. “You’re doing it again.”



Despite everything, Komaeda laughed. “Ah, I’m sorry, I’ve been told I do that a lot. I’ll try to stop, if it bothers you.”

“When I was drowning you,” Kamukura said, “You smiled at me. When humans drown their expressions are filled with fear or anger or pain. But you smiled. Why?”

“Oh?” Komaeda tried to think back. “Well… Why wouldn’t I smile? I got to meet an actual merman. Honestly, I feel unbelievably lucky.”

“But you were going to die.”

“Ahaha! I guess I was.” Komaeda glanced towards the shore. It was too far away. He wouldn’t be able to swim there by himself. “Hey, I’m sorry if this is a bother,” he said, turning back to Kamukura, “but could you help me get back home? Not all the way, of course. Just until we’re a little closer to land.”

Kamukura showed him a displeased expression. “You’re not scared? If you’re in the water with me, I could easily try to kill you again.”

“Hmm, I didn’t consider that,” Komaeda said, looking genuinely concerned for a moment. Then he smiled. “Well, I trust you, Kamukura-kun.” He reached out towards Kamukura. Sighing, Kamukura grasped Komaeda’s hand.


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