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So, I made an Adventure Zone storyboard for a course submission and I got accepted! The course starts tomorrow and is for 6 weeks, so to celebrate, here are some designs for the boys and the first few pages of the storyboard (the scene I chose was from Here There Be Gerblins)!

I was going to time this out to the actual podcast audio and make an animatic but the boards were fit onto quite a small template and my Creative Cloud is broken so I can’t use Premiere right now unfortunately. If it gets fixed I swear I’ll make one and share it! 

MCU Characters as Named By My 24 y/o Brother

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-Steve Rogers (Captain America):  ‘Merica

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-Thor:  Too-sexy-for-my-shirt / Mom’s favorite

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- Tony Stark (Iron Man):  ROBERT

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-Bruce Banner (Hulk):  Your favorite

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-Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow):  Badass Female Relief

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-Clint Barton (Hawkeye):  Hawk-man (-guy/-dude)

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-Nick Fury:  Samuel L.-MOTHERFUCKIN-Jackson

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-Phil Coulson:  Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl

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-Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier):  Emo Edward Elric

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-Sam Wilson (Falcon):  Literal Birdman

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-James “Rhodey” Rhodes (War Machine):  Canon Black Guy

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-Peter Parker (Spider-Man):  Spider-man the 3rd Esquire

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-Scott Lang (Ant-Man):  Bugzzzzz Life (5 z’s Ashley, it has to have 5 z’s)

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-T’Challa (Black Panther):  King Cat

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-Loki:  The Least Favorite Child

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-Wanda Maximoff (Scarlett Witch):  Raven from Teen Titans

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-Pietro Maximoff (Quick Silver):  I LIKE TO GO FAST

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-Peter Quill (StarLord):  StarLord MOTHERFUCKERS

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-Gamora:  The Love Of My Life

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-Yandu:  Space Merle

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-Drax:  I got nothin’…

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-Rocket:  The Raccoon Thats Not A Raccoon

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-Groot:  Giving-Tree

You promise? I promise. part one

Summary: Y/n and Daryl have been in an on and off relationship since the start of the apocalypse, but what happens when they argue at the prison and she storms out? Does Daryl find her in his search or does he fail? Will they ever find each other again? (First part is pre apocalypse- the rest will be during) 

Warning: Angry Daryl, make up sex, swearing

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You angrily shoved your keys into your apartment door. You had just come back from Daryl’s house after getting into another fight with him. It was the third time this week that he had gotten black out drunk with Merle, you tried to encourage him to stop, this wasn’t the way for him to go but he wouldn’t have it and one thing led to another. You slammed the door shut behind you and threw your bag on the floor, heading straight to your room to go to bed. You were halfway through changing when you heard banging at your door. You weren’t surprised or scared, you knew exactly who it was. You quickly jumped into your shorts and threw a baggy top over your head before walking to the front door.

“(Y/n), open, up!” Daryl shouted, pounding his fists against the door. He was clearly still drunk by how loud he was being.

“Go to hell Daryl, we’re over!” You shouted back, hitting the door once before walking off.

You walked to the kitchen and you heard the pounding stop. You rolled your eyes at his behaviour, thinking he was gone you began to calm down until you heard the lock crack and the door swung open, Daryl storming in a shutting the door behind him.

“What the fucking fuck?” you said, slamming your drink on the counter and walking over to the door.

“We aint over!” he said, walking towards you and grabbing your face, pulling you in for a rough kiss. You tried to push away but he moved his hands to your waist, keeping you locked to his body. You wanted to slap him so badly, you wanted to push him away and finally be done with him, but you loved him too much. You moved your lips with his fast pace, his tongue entering your mouth and swirling around yours.

“We aint over” he repeated, his voice husky and filled with arousal. You wrapped your fingers in his hair and pulled hard, almost like a punishment for his actions.

“Fuck you” you said in between rough kisses.

“I can change” he mumbled against your lips as he pushed you up against the wall. He rubbed his obvious bulge against your thigh and you moaned at the touch.

“You promise?” you asked, pulling your lips away from him and staring into his eyes.

“I promise”

You searched his eyes for sincerity but it wasn’t there. You had begun to doubt Daryl’s words the first time he ‘promised’ to change. He had so much potential in him but he was being dragged down by his dead-beat brother Merle. You kissed him again, hoping that this was the last time you two would fight over the same subject.

Daryl’s hands roamed up your body and under your shirt, feeling your soft skin beneath his rough fingers. He then moved onto your shorts and yanked them down quickly, leaving a trail of rough kisses from our neck to your stomach. You grabbed onto his hair as he moved lower, the feel of his tongue against your slit sending electricity through your body. Daryl had no mercy as he lapped your slit, entering his tongue in and out of you at a fast pace all while rubbing at your clit with his finger.

“Fuck” was all you could say as he kept sending rushes of adrenaline through your body.

He suddenly moved away from you and started to take his clothes off, you worked on his shirt while he undid his belt and jeans. Your lips clashed together once more as your naked bodies were pressed up together. Daryl started to raise your leg and didn’t need any help finding your entrance, he knew your body like the back of his hand. He rammed into you and your body hit the wall with a lot of force, your boobs bouncing as he continued to fuck you hard. Your lips went to his neck as he ran his hands along your back, finishing by tangling his fingers in your long hair and yanking hard, giving him access to your soft skin. Your lips broke away from his neck as he started to bite and suck on yours, he was intent on leaving love bites for everyone to see, just so they knew you were his.

As he continued to pound into you against the wall, you felt a pool of heat growing in your stomach, an all too familiar feeling whenever you and Daryl had sex. He must have known your orgasm was developing as he pounded harder, grunting at how tight your walls were getting around him. You dug your nails into his back as he sucked at your pulse, making you feel even more pleasure than usual. Finally, your relief had arrived and it took over your whole body. You were a mess, shouting out his name as he fucked you through your high, your legs shaking and your mind going numb. Soon after you Daryl came. He shouted out your name as he spilled his seed into you and moaned at his sweet relief.

You both dropped to the floor when you were done, both sweaty and panting to try and catch your breath back.

“Shit, I should get you angry more often” Daryl joked, leaving a kiss on your forehead.

“Shut up, you get me angry all the damn time” you shot back, playfully hitting his shoulder.

Daryl got up and shrugged his boxers on, passing you your shirt and shorts at the same time. He reached for a pack of cigarettes in his leather jacket and offered you one. You took it from him and waited for him to light you up, doing the same to his after you. You both sat with your back against the wall, staring at your broken door in silence. He took a puff from his cigarette and you watched as the smoke made the surrounding area cloudy.

“I’ll try get that fixed tomorrow” he said, his voice low and tired.

You said nothing as you took a last drag from your cigarette before putting it out on the carpet. “I’ll wait for you in bed” You said before getting up and heading to your room, hesitant about whether you had made the right decision to stay with him.

Haunt - Chapter 1

Summary: Phil is a modern witch working in the morgue as an assistant medical examiner. When given an ancient spell book by his elder, he accidentally summons a demon instead of casting a healing spell. With no way to immediately send him back, Phil decides to help the demon live a mortal life until they can figure it out.
Genre: Witch/Demon!AU, Humour, Fluff
Pairing: Witch!Phil/Demon!Dan
Rated: PG13
A/N: Thanks to my lovely beta @writerdan
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