black men... i love them

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This guy really wanted to fuck my ass, so how could I say no, right? The feeling of a cock entering my ass is incredible! But, when that cock is Black it’s more than just incredible, it’s incredibly lewd! My husband is the only white guy to enjoy my ass. Now, my butt-hole is for Black Dicks only! Since discovering my love of Black dick, 6 Black guys have had their dicks up my ass. I know how much Black Men love White Wives, so I’m doing my part to keep them happy!

I was reading a Black woman’s blog and she asked the question, “Black man, why don’t you love us?” Of course, I can only answer that question from my perspective, and the answer is that I’ve watched many black women do horrible things to good black men that had nothing but love and concern for them. I understand that many black women have been brainwashed by their white master’s, money and other black women. I understand that many black women have more faith in wealth than they do in God. I understand that a man’s money is more important to many black women than who the man himself is. I know that some black women are deceitful because they know they can be and because many black men don’t suspect them to be. I know that some black women use their bodies and kids as tools against black men. I know that many black women want to control the situation between themselves and black men toward their demise and not the benefit of the two as a whole. I understand that many black women are motivated by evil. But I understand more than anything that the great grand-father’s, grand-fathers and father’s of many black women weren’t fulfilling the leadership duties assigned to them by God.


I’m attracted to men of all ethnicities and while I get more attention from non-black pocs/white guys (god knows why) than black guys, I notice when it comes to black men, I love them dark. Tyrese, Djimon, Adewale, John Boyega, Tyson, the list goes on. There’s something about that rich melanin. If a beautiful dark chocolate black man ever hit on me, I’d be over the moon. For now I’m stuck with black coons who only like non-black women or fkboys who don’t rock with anyone darker than sand lol.


I love my black afrocentric melanin embracing proud feminist types. I also love the MEN that embrace them as well. You know…unapologetically black, unique and not afraid to be different. Those feminist types who are body positive and embrace having body hair. 420 friendly…about incense and meditation…love and peace.
But most of all keep up the fight and strive for equality


A gay black man, to black women and other black men.

I will admit that I’m high-key envious of my sisters lately. When I see post about how black men want to treat and spoil and protect y'all, my heart does back flips for yall but I also just want that too. Please don’t take that the wrong way. I know black women don’t get much love from black men, and I fully understand that you need more love and support from them, and I will always support and protect yall (even though I’m not interested in you guys sexually) because again you deserve the utmost respect for all the hardship yall have to deal with on the daily. Just watching the progression, I can’t help but empathize and (in a way) see some of my own struggles when I read and watch what black women have to say about your struggle. The way black men don’t care about you because you’re too dark for them, because your hair is too kinky, how many only see your importance when it comes to sex and fulfilling their needs, some of their abusive behavior and misogyny. I get a lot of that too as a gay man, especially as a bottom. I learn a lot from the struggles of black woman. And I’m scared putting these feelings out there. I understand that I have the privilege of being a man. It’s just to see black men OPENLY say “yo I LOVE MY WOMEN!” makes me feel happy and sad because I don’t think I’ll see many gay/bisexual black men standing up and being like “I LOVE MY BLACK MEN” So many just want to fuck me, use me, hide me, never take me out, force and rape me. Idk ladies, I’m glad some of our men are waking up and learning to respect yall and treat yall like the queens yall have always been, I will continue to speak out and fight for yall. I just wanted some dialogue.

C: Most times, I don’t know if I like Black men. I feel like a lot of them are selfish ass holes who don’t care anything about Black women and girls. I’ve literally never seen  Black men support and love Black women, in real life. I have seen them abuse Black women and girls tho’. I’ve never ever had a Black man’s support. No dad, no uncles, no grandfathers, no older cousins, etc. No Black male has ever been there for me and when I think about it it makes me so disappointed and sad. Like, I know that this can’t apply to every single Black man, but I don’t know if I like them or trust any of them at all. I don’t hate them, but I feel an aversion towards connecting with them. I feel like they’re incubi and they’ll suck the life out of me via emotional, physical, and verbal abuse. I’m scared of them doing this to me.

PS– I know that my thoughts a are my own and I can respect and appreciate other people’s opinions  about this confession. Just please don’t be a condescending jackass. You’re not perfect either…

C: Now this confession is gonna hurt some feelings (men mostly) but it needs to be said. I’ve been told by numerous black men that I intimidate them. But the truth is I LOVE it when men say I intimidate them! It’s because it deters the fuck boys I don’t wanna waste my time on. I absolutely hate it when people say that one of the reasons black women can’t get a partner is because their standards are too high. What the hell? So on the one hand you tell us to respect ourselves and to not “give it away to anybody” but then when we do have standards you say their too high?? I’m attractive, have a college degree (and on my way to being published), funny, a good cook, and fun to be around. But I gotta settle??? Get the fuck outta here! I’m not gonna date/marry a guy just because he finds me attractive and treats women halfway decently. Being respectful to women is the bare minimum! Don’t even talk to me if you refer to women as bitches and hoes.  I’m not saying I need a guy who’s a millionaire but I want a guy who’s trying his best to succeed. Nothing wrong with working at Mcdonald’s if you have a higher goal in mind. Matter of fact I’ve never heard a black woman say “my future husband has to make six figures, own a mansion, and blah blah blah”. Racial preferences are wrong but having other types of standards are fine! If a woman only wants to date a man who has a college degree then that shouldn’t be seen as having too high of standards. That’s a legitimate preference. These men who say they want “wifey material” don’t wanna put in work so they can become “husband material”. The same guys who say “I want a 10, who can cook, clean, have a good body, long hair, a good job and blah blah blah” are the same dudes who are a 3 on a good day, not even looking for a job, can barely wash their ass, and have the personality of a dry sponge! At the end of the day I’d rather be single than settle for a guy I won’t be happy with. And even though I’m “intimidating” I’ve still managed to have a few boyfriends

C: I love black men but why do a majority of them find pleasure in belittling and degrading black women? I can’t even go on twitter for too long without coming across the mean tweets that they say about us. I know many of you saw the tweets from this past week in which there was a picture of various women lined up in order from pale white skin to dark brown skin (and all the shades in between) and many black men decided that they wanted to put mean captions above the picture such as “ladies line up in order from chill to petty” or “line up from highest GPA to lowest GPA.”

The lowest GPA one bothered me so much because it is exact proof that their posts are perpetuating stereotypes and are a reflection of how society views us. These men are assuming that black women aren’t as smart as white or Asian women yet according to the National Center for Education Statistics, the majority of associate, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees conferred in this country go to us. The worst thing is that these guys go on twitter and become so bold because all these white and non black women are gassing them. They NEVER address the problems that black men face such as mass incarceration and unemployment which are REAL issues but they have plenty of times to paint us as doing nothing with our lives. I know that not all black men are like this but its so hard to believe that when all you see on social media are the ignorant ones putting us down. We always stick up for them so why is it hard for them to do the same for us?

Confession:  Is there a place for a black woman to live in peace?  I’m tired of white people killing us and insulting us on a daily basis.  I’m tired of working with them, they are so self centered and stupid.  I’m tired of white privilege and dealing with clueless white people.   I’m tired of black men harassing black women on the street like we’re a piece of meat.  I’m tired of black men going after non-black women because of dumb and frivolous reasons such as being loud, ugly and ratchet.  I’m tired of fighting for black men and loving them yet I’ve got none in return.  I’m tired of black men placing misogynist ideals to us and expect us to take it!  Well frankly I’m tired of the BS and wish for place to escape the fuckery!!  I’m so tired.

Confession: I love black men. They are some of the most beautiful men on the face of this planet.But I don’t like them. I grew up seeing horrific violence. My first memory of it is my dad punching my mom in the mouth when I was four. His fist, her blood, my tears. I remember it all. My life is littered with the experiences of hurt and shame that black men laid at my feet. Black men who should have cared for and protected me, let other black men hurt me. I am not safe with black men. Black men who are hell bent on ruling women, will cut them down even as the women are laying their lives down for them. Black men can be so self centered. So selfish. They are dangerous to the black woman.

I am a black mother raising a black son.
I love him with everything I’ve got but I wonder when will he, too, forget who I am - and attempt to put me in place? Will he value black women?