black men that dont date black women

I posted something about Chris brown being anti-black women and so many black women out here defending him saying "but he's dated Rihanna". like chris brown and many other rap artist will only date mixed or very light black women if they do at all. The whole point of dating a bunch of Rihanna's & mixed chicks is bc they're "easy on the eyes" and make better for looks . It's in their music& their videos . THEY'RE NOT FOR ALL BLACK WOMEN and we still haven't learned this when we're still defending them. So once again I DO NOT SUPPORT TRASH DARK SHAMING BLACK MEN THAT DONT SUPPORT ALL OF US.

even though i know that black women are desirable despite what we grow up being told all our lives, and even though ive dated outside of my race a few times

it still surprises me when i see black woman dating a non-black man irl? cause i dont really see that here?

i see black men with non-black women all the time. at least once aday around here. its nothing unusual at all. i also see black men with their mixed babies daily

but when i see black women /w nonblack men its just a little shocking? not in a bad way but like “oh wow. that does happen.” kinda like a reminder?

i guess its because im used to seeing black women as some non-black man’s secret? like if they are together, hes silent about it?

idk where im going with this

anyway, to black women in interracial relationships, i support yall cause i know its hard as hell

Black men...

Somewhere in America there’s a Black man chasing after a white women because he can’t handle a Black woman’s “mouth” or “attitude” Some Black men view Black women as mouthy, stubborn, jealous, crazy and never the less we come with an “attitude”… they say. Everyone is entitled to their own preference on who they date but for a black man to openly say “I don’t date black women” or “I don’t find them attractive enough” is when we have a real issue. Your mom is black and so are your sisters, aunts as well as grandmothers! I dont understand how Black men can sit here and say that they don’t acknowledge nor like Black women, knowing good and well they’re black themselves. The whole “if im going to be with a black girl she has to be light skin or “I want a light skin/ mixed race child” is so played out to me. Black men who bash Black women and praise other non Black women have some deep manifested self hatred within themselves that they need to come to terms with and work on. To all my black women: Don’t stop being strong and dont be ashamed of the natural traits and God giving features you were given that other non Black women VALUE and misappropriate so much!

Confession: My boyfriend was, still is, my best friend for years before we started dating. Before us, he was dating a white girl during college, which I met. I found it funny after she met me she started to follow and friend me on social media. While also telling my best friend, that she needs to “watch” me because she know the type of girl I am. Bitch, wtf does that mean? You dont even know me. since she would never hold a conversation with me. She would try to bash me on social media and such. I just found it hilarious that she found me the next day after meeting. And suspicious. Its not my fault your insecure around a beautiful black woman, who was nice and supportive at the beginning. At the same time she was all about social justice and supporting black people. Because she started to be more “supportive” about things bp care about. Last time I checked I am black. She failed to realize she was making herself look foolish to my best friend on numerous occasions. He was too, offended by the way she was treating me without me saying anything to him. Funny thing is, he ended up dumping her on his birthday…. Let’s just say that was best decision he has ever made and what a present for himself. Moral of the story, if you feel like you’re insecure around your man’s black women friends, you’re not secure or strong enough to date a strong black man in the first place, white girl. I guess it’s a slap to her face, that we are dating now… *Kanye shrugs*