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Costume Party (Peter Parker X Reader

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Requested: nope

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 870

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“A costume party in August? Who does that?” I ask staring at the poster advertising the back to school party. “Sorrell. She needed a theme. That’s what she went with. I’m okay with it. I already have a costume to wear.” my best friend Peter says examining the poster as well. “Oh my God you’re not go wear your-” I say looking wide eyes at him. “NO no no no no no! Not that costume.” He says, shaking his head, his beautiful brown eyes wide. “I have one too. I think I have an old Halloween costume that I can make into a character….”  I say, musing. “Well the party is tomorrow at 7….are you gonna go?” He asks. “Sure why not. I won’t be able to come over before because I need to go accessory shopping.” I explain, already making a list of what i needed. “Well then I guess I’ll see you at the party. Don’t forget your costume.” Peter laughs. I smile and say “I won’t.”

It was 3 pm the next day, and I had everything I needed for the costume. Iconic white robe with hood? Check. White waist belt with silver medallions? Check. Black blaster? Check. White boots? Double check. I walked home and started on the thing that I knew would take me multiple tries to get right, the hair. Making your hair look like cinnamon buns on the side of your head is not as easy as you would think. It took me 12 tries to get my hair up and even. It looked pretty damn good if I do say so myself.  If i left now I would be about 20 minutes early, but only if traffic was kind. But who are we kidding. This is New York. Traffic is never kind. I headed downstairs and caught a cab. The party was at Sorrell’s house. She and I had been friends since the 3rd grade. She was a bit crazy but I loved her, so I knew the party would be fun. The drive was about 10 minutes but with traffic it was about 30. The whole ride there I was fidgeting with my costume. I had always been a Star Wars fan so Leia was a easy choice for me. When I got there there were a bunch of costumed kids on the lawn and visible through the windows. I paid the cab driver and walked inside the house, looking for Peter. I saw a familiar mop of brown hair through the crowd and and walked towards it. “Hey Petey!” I say, hugging him. “(Y/N) hey….. we match!” He says, studying my costume. He was dressed as Han Solo. We accidentally dressed as one of the most quoted fictional couple’s ever. Oh my god. Then I saw Ned come around the corner wearing a Chewbacca onsie, which made me burst out in laughter. “AWEEEEE my two favorite people are a couple!” He says with a huge smile. Peters eyes got wide and his mouth pursed as he shook his head slightly at Ned. I wondered what that was about for a second before I heard a song I recognized. “Pete let’s go dance!” I say grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the makeshift dance floor. We jumped around and danced like nobody was watching. A slow song came on and Peter put his hands on my waist. “(Y/N)?” He says looking into my eyes. “Yeah Petey?” I ask. “We’ve known each other for a long time. You’re one of my closest friends. And I don’t want to lose our friendship. But there is something that I’ve wanted to tell you since the 6th grade. I have a huge crush on you. It’s you, and it’s been you for a long time. And I realize that you might not like me back but I had to get that off of my chest. I love being your friend but I want more.” He says, studying my face for my reaction. I was so confused. Peter, my Peter? Likes me? “Y-you… You like me?” I stutter out. “Yes. You.” He says, starting to look nervous. “I like you too Peter. Alot.” I say, my face breaking into a smile and my heart almost erupting with joy. There were butterflies in my stomach and my cheeks were flushing. “You do?” He says with a wide dopey grin on his face. “(Y/N) will you please do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?” Peter says, caressing my face with his hand. “Of course I will Petey.” I say. “Can I kiss you?” He asks, looking at my lips. “Yes.” I respond quickly. Peter leans down and captures my lips with his. The kiss was sweet and gentle but it set off fireworks inside my heart. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. Peter eventually broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against mine. “I love you.” he whispers to me. “I know.” I say, and kiss him again.

We heard the shutter sound of a camera and Ned shout “MY OTP IS DRESSED AS MY OTP.”

Peter told Ned to hush and went back to kissing me.


Method Man Freestyle  (Staten Island)

My repertoire is militant
The last days, what the blood is we dealing with?
The Johnny Blaze, grab yo’ pistol
Teflon, mega-bombs, and heat-seeking missiles
Time to go to war, shit’s official
The mic stalker, only if you can understand it
The sky walker, that be leaping over planets
Pain! Got that ghetto blood in my vein
Spread it through my kin, confess my sins, and blame
Society for unawareness, fuck the president
He don’t represent the ghetto resident
Recognize fool within the black coal there’s a jewel
The revolution been in effect, pull up your shoe
Utilize your third eye it be in my eye
Now I choose who gotta die - him, every time
Ticallion stallion now hold on
Like black diamonds, stud medallions, and so on

Surprise pt.1 

Summary: The reader, African royalty and Fiancee of T’challa comes to Vienna’s UN meeting to surprise him, but things go drastically wrong. 

Words: 1.4K

Warnings: Death 

Made by PJ(there’s a note at the end of the fic)

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“Where’s that book on herbs?” you asked, shifting through the piles of dusty papers and old volumes.

“I think Sam put it away last night,” Dean said from his place at the table. He was leaning over an old map, examining the strange markings inscribed there.

You sighed and extracted yourself from your spot among all the documents and books, stepping carefully over the fragile bindings. You saw the spine up on a high shelf and pulled over a step stool. Sam probably easily reached the shelf but it was going to be a stretch for you. You climbed up onto the little stool and reached up for the green, leather-bound book.

Dean glanced over and did a double take. As you were reaching up your t-shirt lifted enough to expose the black medallion tattooed on your side. He studied it along with the curve of your spine and hip and found himself nervously gulping and unable to take his eyes off you. Something about that tattoo on you was just–there was no other word for it–sexy.

Your hand finally closed around the book. “Got it!” you said triumphantly, hopping down with a wide smile. You brushed off the cover and looked down at it. “Thanks for all the help, Winchester,” you said sarcastically. You looked up to find Dean staring at you with an odd expression on his face. “…What?”

Dean snapped out of his internal monologue when he felt your eyes on him. “Hmm? Nothing,” he said quickly, clearing his throat.

You narrowed your eyes at him. “Okkkkay… If you say so,” you said, resuming your seat across from him at the table. You didn’t catch the covert glances he keep stealing at you as you dove back into the research.

Napa Cabbage and Smoked Sausage Soup

I freestyled this soup on New Years Day as a way to eat my way through all first of the year food superstitions (cabbage, black eyed peas and pork) but regardless of what the old ladies say I’d eat any of these all year long. This soup is perfect for chilly nights and for anyone trying to clean up their diet. It fills you up but doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and of course the vegetables and beans provide lots of helpful nutrients. The sausage, like always, is optional.

I used Napa cabbage because I waited until the last minute and all of the “normal” cabbage had been bought up by January 1. However, the light and delicate leafiness of the Napa really fit the soup well. The turnips and carrots add a subtly sweet vegetal tone and the smoked sausage and beans provide enough heartiness without making the soup feel too full.

1-2 bags of frozen black eyed peas
1 Napa Cabbage, washed, rinsed and coarsely chopped
1 small onion, coarsely chopped
2 turnips, peeled and coarsely chopped
6 carrots, coarsely chopped
1 bay leaf
3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 tbsp of EVOO
1.5 quarts of chicken or vegetable stock
quart of water or bouillon cubes (see instructions)
2-4 smoked sausages (I used andouille), cut into medallions
Fresh black pepper, salt

Soups are really quite easy. Ready, set,

Step 1: add EVOO, garlic and onion to a large pot on medium-high heat. Stir for 4 minutes or until the onion is translucent-ish. Add water, cabbage, bay leaf, turnips, carrots and peas. Add sausage and stock and let sit on heat, covered for about an hour. If you think soup is watery, add bouillon cubes. Add fresh cracked peppercorns and salt to your taste.

Note: Although I liked the soup immediately, as with most soups and some men, it gets better with age. Make it a day ahead, refrigerate and then reheat on stove.


For Matt I made a literal Mirror Shield. It’s not life size but still pretty dang big.

For @theupstairskid I made a Black Canary medallion. And then for the both of them I made key chains with their initials because they’re adorable and I’m cheesy.

These were given to them at RTX 2017. They are all made from acrylic material. The shield and medallion are able to be hung on the wall.


Mono Black Ramp Package - $18.40

Ramp is one of the most fundamentally important part of any EDH deck. The ability to throw out creatures and spells that are bigger or more numerous than the mana curve traditionally allows is something that is something that resonates well with players. So much so that even newer players, still building an understanding of complex mechanics already understand the appeal of bigger creature earlier. However, over the years the mechanics of mana ramping has shifted. While each colour has access to accelerated mana, it’s more prominently in Green these days. Before that, Black was the colour that reigned supreme over generating free mana, and much of that philosophy has stuck around. We simply now see much less of it than we once did. Too, in black, it is incredible important to get fast mana, to keep a fighting chance against Green or Red decks, as part of it’s colour pie tends to be high cost creatures, or those with a downside so it needs to be a very important part of black if you plan on holding steed against aggressive decks.

Dark Ritual - $0.74: The card that started it all. Originally printed in Alpha, as part of the Boon Cycle. A cycle of cards that produces 3 or something for 1 mana. These cards varied wildly in power, from the never-printed-again-since-Unlimited-Edition card Ancestral Recall to… Healing Salve. Dark Ritual, in my opinion lands smack-bang in the middle of the cycle. Right between Lightening Bolt and Giant Growth as it is a powerful card, but the benefit it has needs to be timed well. It can be cast more often than a Giant Growth, but not as much as Lightening Bolt. However, that said, in the right deck, chaining them can be extremely powerful.

Liliana of the Dark Realms - $7.42: An extremely unusual version of Liliana, as she has never, outside of this card, cared much about Swamps and mana. Rather, she’s more into discarding and sacrificing. However despite that, you can use this to your benefit. Her ability to fetch you a swam every turn, or pumping or nerfing a creature on the battlefield, gives her versatility based on the board state. Her Ultimate, which only needs 2 turns after casting to reach, will increase the power of your swamps dramatically. And since she is unlikely to pose a threat to a player directly, she may not come across as a target. 

Charcoal Diamond - $0.24: Not my favourite card on this list, but a useful one all the same. Being able to ramp into an extra black mana on turn 2 will help to make spells cast later easier. It may enter tapped, but in the mono colour deck, it could easily be a signet without needing a mana to activate.

Caged Sun - $3.99: A buff and ramp in any colour you’d like. For a debatable high cost of 6 mana to cast, Caged Sun not only makes casting lots of creature easier, but makes those creatures bigger too. This sort of card would be extremely powerful in a faerie tribal deck, as many are black, draw you cards and cast for very little, allowing you to chain buffed faerie into buffed faerie.

Magus of the Coffers - $0.48: I spoke about the Magus cycle in a previous package, and this card is a continuation of that. A re-imagining of Cabal Coffers from Torment, Magus of the Coffers is a creature the same ability with a sturdy 4/4 body, at a fraction of the cost. In a mono black deck, this thing is incredible. 

Crypt Ghast - $2.85: Always at the centre of rules confusion for it’s Extort ability, Crypt Ghast is an excellent way to ramp, and drain life. The confusion often stems from the reminder text for Extort that asks for a hybrid W/B mana. Traditionally a spell with that could have white in it’s colour identity. But remember: it’s in the reminder text, so it’s a mono black creature. The combination of Extort with the extra mana complement each other beautifully as it will often leave you with as least 1 mana open after casting a spell.

Bubbling Muck - $0.33: A black version of the card hightide, a staple in Blue/Red storm. This card behave in much the same way, as for 1 mana, it doubles the mana production of all swamps until the end of turn. While it may only be at sorcery speed, being able to drop it at a second’s notice can give you the upper hand when opposing a reactive player, who has momentarily run out of options. Cast this, into your biggest creature for a sudden shock

Herald of Leshrac - $2.35: When I first saw this card, I honestly didn’t believe it existed. Stealing your opponent’s lands seemed gross and unfair. But not only that, giving it a boost for each land, was insane. However, I failed to realise you lost the lands when you couldn’t take anymore and fail to be able to pay the upkeep cost. Still, despite that, this card is incredible, especially with more players and more lands. Throw in a quick Rain of Filth to sacrifice your opponent’s lands for a suddenly mean twist of fate.

The running theme of Black’s mana ramping is usually about solidarity in colour. Black perpetuating black, which fits really well with blacks ‘all for me’ philosophy. Even with Herald of Leshrac’s ability to steal lands too fits into that. This is something to keep in mind when building decks around black ramp because adding too many colours will diminish the return on investment. You may still be better off than not including it, but often the optimal way to use Black Ramp is in Mono Black or Black heavy decks.

Honourable Mentions:

Jet Medallion: An incredible replacement for Charcoal Diamond, costing the same, maybe not tapping for mana, but reducing the overall cost of all black spells. Thus netting you more mana than the Diamond ever could if you cast more than one spell a turn. It was simply too expensive for the package
Cabal Coffers: Powerful non-basic land. Too expensive for the deck
Solemn Simulacrum: Sad robot is a great mana ramp card, however, is both expensive and despite being colourless, isn’t as powerful at ramp as some other cards.
Nirkana Reventant: Powerful mana doubler and creature. Very expensive, however.
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth: Not strictly ramp, but excellent black fixing. 

—Max, @commandtower-solring-go

So a long story short, where I work decided to fuck me over- when rent was due. I am $260 short of rent. So the goal is to get to that in the next couple of days.

These will be done as quickly as possible. Return, depending on numbers, will be 1 week of there about.

So lets talk about what you get.

Whatever color lines you want. Whatever color background you want.
Single: $15
Pair: $20

Stand Alone:
Transparent background with two flourishes (i.e; flowers and a crown.) These are softly colored.
Single: $35
Pair: $55

Transparent background around medallion. Line art can be colored or black. Complex background inside medallion, with bust of character. URL or name can go on outside.
Single: $50
two matching medallions is $90.

Soft background, props, soft line art and uncensored. Small dialog may be added.
Single:  $40
Pair: $60

Character Design:
Want something designed for you? A monster? Animal based? Myth based? I can help you with that. You will get a sketch ref sheet with flat colors, and up to 5 free edits.
Starting at: 50+

Transparent background, small (200px x 300px or around that) people, animals, etc.
Single: $20
Pair: $30

Sketch Page:
Any color line art and background, minimum of 12 sketches.
Flat Rate: $90

Comic Pages:
These are very loose, can be discussed sorts of things. Includes detail, dialog, background, etc.
1 Page: $100 per page
3 Pages: $75 per page.
5 pages: $50 per page.

Waist heigh pin up:
Naked, may have one prop. Softly colored.

For more examples, click here.
If interested, please note me with:
What kind of commission, single, pair or more, references, and any suggested clothes/poses, mood, etc.

Feel free to note me as well for questions.

Donations are also accepted at my paypal,

Thank you!

*For those that share between 6/5/15 and 6/8/15, you are entered in a free raffle for a single or pair sketch, you don’t have to be following me.

I scrolled down my dash today for about five minutes and I began to cry. All these beautiful young black people, loving ourselves and our blackness, it’s so amazing to me. It makes me lose my breath.

When I was young, growing up as a part of the burgeoning black middle class of the last century, junior high, high school and college, it was before selfies, before digital cameras. There weren’t black people in positions of power. We didn’t run things. We weren’t CEOs or senators and the only black man to run for president was seen as a joke. MTV ruled “cool” and took years to start showing black artists (and then it was only Michael, Janet and Whitney). The black people on TV only existed in the universe of Bill Cosby, we never sat behind a TV news anchor desk, and there was maybe one of us, maybe, on the big TV dramas as supporting cast members, never the center of a storyline.

Our history was muddled. It was all MLK all the time (with occasional dashes of Rosa Parks) but it was a whitewashed and neutered MLK, made a legacy instead of a man, painted over by respectability politics on overdrive in the push for the annual holiday, Letter from a Birmingham Jail disappeared under the mountaintop. Malcolm X was pariah. The Black Panther legacy was (seemingly) ruined, tatters no one would dare reclaim, the works of good ignored, the organization work decried, the assassinations ignored or worse, considered justice.

The motto from the 70s “black is beautiful” was an embarrassing, laughable relic of a bygone age that no one would dare say aloud (and which many would claim no one needed to). The funky vibe of the 70s was gone and natural hair was as passé as dashikis and Black Power medallions.

Assimilation was our lookout, seamlessly joining all that was around us - preppy culture, valley girl speak (corpses of a billion superfluous “likes” litter the graveyard of our grammar) the United Colors of Benetton, elite private schools and colleges that cost $16,000 a year in 1980s money - was the highest goal, the aspiration of everyone I knew. That those things weren’t for us or by us didn’t matter, that they were but small tokens we bought (into) and not anything we gained didn’t matter either.

We may have loved ourselves, but it was in spite of, or beside the fact of our blackness.

We were black, but we laid it aside. Describe yourself in five words or ten, gender, religion, region, politics, education would all make the cut, black probably wouldn’t. We took no pride in it. We weren’t ashamed, but we weren’t going to speak up and make people any more aware of our blackness than they were just by seeing us.

Don’t stick out, our parents taught us. Don’t do things to call attention to yourselves. The worst thing we could do was attract attention, unless it was for being exceptional, the lead in the play (but we never were) or the winner of the spelling bee (sometimes) or the best in math (occasionally) or the occupant of a special positive niche we created for ourselves (the absolute best we could do).

“We’re just like you,” was the lie that we told, and wanted to believe. We’re just like you, accept us, embrace us the way we’ve embraced you, taken your culture as ours, replaced our heroes with yours, our music with yours, our art, our dance, our reliance on self and community.

We’re just like you, just a darker hue.

And we all tried to believe it until there came, in small ways or large, the many reasons why we couldn’t. A whispered insult, a teacher who blatantly played favorites, a rejected relationship, the begrudgingly given invitation, the parents who failed to hide their surprise when we were brought home as friends from school, a lost election, being passed over even for volunteer positions, the questions of our qualifications, the sneer of “affirmative action admission,” the quiet or blatant “you don’t belong here.”

I was in my thirties before I could look in a mirror at my (not that) dark skin and my nappy hair and deem it good that my Creator gave them to me, made me unable to fade into the woodwork, the mediocrity, a faceless nameless cog, one of the crowd. It took me more than three decades to be thankful that I was made different, made to stand out.

Made Black.

Each time I see another teenager or 20 something loving themselves, the bend of their hair and the plump of their lip and the melanin kiss of their skin, I give thanks, for change, for time, and for a black community that found our voice and pride again, that reclaimed our beauty and remembered to teach ourselves and our kids how to love ourselves once more.

Black people are beautiful. I’m so glad that we remembered. I’m so glad that we know it. I’m so glad we’re celebrating ourselves today, and every day.

Don’t ever stop and don’t ever forget.

This is our power.


So once I was a ps2 gamer then i bought my first pc with assassins creed, specifically for playing the first assassins creed game and I never stopped since then.
-ACII black edition i found very cheap at game
-ACB bought it for pc download years later I bought a codex edition
-ACR animus edition bought at xtralife shop years after the release very cheap
-ACIII join or die edition because of the medallion
-ACIVBF black chest edition because it’s fucking awesome
-ACU guillotine edition came broken and with no game, so after the extra month for pc release I had to wait a month more, until ubishop sent the game, worst experience ever The 1st AC game i played almost with a disgusting feeling…
-ACS big ben edition in london i trust

My god…i fkng love london

Jamaica's National Heroes Day

The Order of National Hero is the most senior order. The honour of the Order of National Hero may be conferred upon any person who was born in Jamaica or is, or at the time of his or her death was, a citizen of Jamaica and rendered to Jamaica service of a most distinguished nature. National Heroes are entitled to be styled “The Rt Excellent” and the motto of the Order is “He built a city which hath foundations”.

The Insignia
The insignia of the Order of National Hero consists of a gold and white enamelled star of fourteen points, the centre of which shows the heraldic Arms of Jamaica in gold on a black enamelled medallion. This is surrounded by the motto of the Order in gold lettering on green enamel. The collar badge is suspended from a black, gold and green neck riband by a gold and green enameled laurel wreath.

Members of the Order of National Hero - Deceased
Nanny of the Maroons (circa 1600s – circa 1740s)
Leader of the Windward Maroons at the beginning of the 18th Century

Samuel Sharpe (1700s – May 23, 1832)
“Leader”, Burchell Baptist Church
Montego Bay

George William Gordon (circa 1820s -October 23, 1865)
Member of the House of Assembly

Paul Bogle, Deacon (circa 1822- October 24, 1865)
The Native Baptist Church, Stony Gut, St. Thomas

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, (August 17, 1887 – June 10, 1940)
Founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)

Sir Alexander Bustamante, GBE (February 24, 1884 – August 6, 1977)
Chief Minister of Jamaica (December 1944 – January 1955)
Premier of Jamaica (April 1962 – August 1962)
Prime Minister of Jamaica (April 1962 – February 1967)
Founder – President of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)

Norman Washington Manley, MM, QC (July 4, 1893- September 2, 1969)
Chief Minister (January 1955 – July 1959)
Premier (July 1959 – April 1962)
Founder – President of the Peoples National Party (PNP)