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The 8th House Planets


what each planet in the 8th house oozes. if you do not have a planet in the house, you can always use your original 8th house sign (whatever planet the sign rules over) but it won’t have an effect as strongly as the planets do, the planets are what you naturally are influenced powerfully by. look at it like the planets have longing desires while living in the house, they control whatever sign that is in the house, even though the sign typically doesn’t agree but it’s less powerful than the planets. the 8th house is always activated subconsciously, especially with planets making a stronger impact. 8th house is sexuality, inheritance, death, rebirth, transformation. it’s the underlining ego at it’s core.


☀️Sun ☀️

Oozes: vibrance, brightness, warmth, enlightenment, purpose, valuation, masculinity, drama and ego.

Colors: Gold & Orange


✨Moon ✨

Oozes: sorcery, mystics, enchantment, nature, sensitivity, vulnerability, femininity, vengeance and emotion.

Colors: White & Silver


👁‍🗨Mercury 👁‍🗨

Oozes: stimulation, sharpness, hidden, intelligence, penetration, curiosity, convertibility, anxiety and thought.

Colors: Yellow & Grey


💕Venus 💕

Oozes: harmony, artistry, lush, attraction, fragrance, sensuality, femininity, obliviousness and love.

Colors: Green & Pink


☄️Mars ☄️

Oozes: passion, radiancy, impulses, arousment, flesh, dominance, masculinity, aggression and sexuality.

Colors: Red


🏞 Jupiter 🏞

Oozes: liveliness, faith, optimism, expansion, knowledge, comprehension, masculinity, greed and luck.

Colors: Blue


🏠Saturn 🏠

Oozes: concrete, field, control, responsibility, experience, patience, masculinity, hatred and discipline.

Colors: Black & Brown


⚡️Uranus ⚡️

Oozes: electricity, glitter, bolts, uniqueness, visibility, glamour, masculinity, detachment and change.

Colors: Matallic & Silver


☁️ Neptune ☁️

Oozes: ecstasy, bliss, smoke, alleviation, heavenliness, relaxation, femininity, delusion and dreams.

Colors: Purple & Lilac


🔮 Pluto 🔮

Oozes: deepness, intensity, death, possession, hunger, transformation, masculinity, violence and power.

Colors: Dark Red & Matallic Black


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