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What would happen if Black Widow and Elektra fought? Lauren Mary Kim (Elektra’s stunt double in “Daredevil”) created this fight with Amy Johnston (Scarlet Johansson’s “Avengers” stunt double) to find out.
It’s an amazing fight. Lauren Mary Kim is quite the choreographer.

Black Canary Appreciation Post since y’all love to sleep on my girl so much
  •   Her Canary Cry is strong af. My girl can break things, shatter metal, kill aliens, rip almost anyone’s head off with it. 
  • “She possesses a incredible degree of control over her vocal cords. This enables her to mimic sounds and generate any sound she desires.“

  • "Canary Cry has been able to reach 300 decibels,which is enough to make a person’s ears start bleeding even if they’re not the target.

  • MARTIAL ARTS. She is one of the most skilled martial artists in DC. She is an expert at hand-to-hand combat. 
  • She is a very important member of Justice League. Even led it. 
  • In Young Justice, Black Canary provides counseling to the team after tragedies.
  • She offered training to the girls she (they) has rescued.
  • here she is, holding her own against some Amazons. (AMAZONS, PEOPLE.) 

  • And here she is kicking some *** because why not? 
  • She doesn’t take shit from anyone. And i mean ANYONE.
  • Remember when Superman&Batman&Wonder Woman had secret meetings and tried to lead the league behind her back? NAH-UH.
  • “In our line of work, asking a favor means asking someone to put their life on the line. Dinah Lance, The Black Canary, doesn’t even hesitate one moment.”
  • “Why should i fear you?” 

“Because i fight like a girl.”

To summarize, Dinah Lance is a very powerful, strong, caring, kind, badass, amazing, talented, smart woman who deserves to be loved and appreciated way more. 

Something to remember

People who do not practice martial arts do not completely grasp it’s entirety. They think we just kick and punch and do chops and weird stances. Always remember that it’s more than that. You are in tune with your body and your muscles. You FEEL karate. You learn all the values that come with it. It teaches you not only the kicks and punches, it lets you discover who you truly are and what you’re capable of. You are a better person because of everything you’ve learned in karate. Anyone telling you that you’re wasting your time with martial arts doesn’t get why you continue doing it. So keep pushing forward and do what you love.


No slowmo, no problem 

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