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Could you please do a post on ENTJ Ravenclaws? Your blog is amazing, I check it several times a day😘

  • would not be surprised if they captained the quidditch team
  • like the gryffindors would be complaining about how much wood makes them work and ravenclaws would be like ‘…bruh’
  • the type to set up a black market in muggle supplies with heavily inflated prices
  • will use magic for anything and everything as soon as they come of age
  • would also probably be a prefect, you know that golden child who’s good at everything
  • being in ravenclaw is actually really good for them because it broadens their horizons a bit and forces them to look at other perspectives
  • absolutely hate having to answer a riddle to get into the common room who’s idea was that it’s stupid 
  • walk into their career guidance with flitwick with a ten point plan and a powerpoint
  • will stay up for hours working on a spell until they can do it right
  • when someone dares stands up to an entj on debate night the entj instantly wants to befriend them
  • probably very good at transfiguration and would greatly admire mcgonagall 
Beautiful Detective
Day 5: Emptiness//Late Night Talks// “Once I believed love poems were foolish, yet now I do nothing but dream about love.” - Chuuya Nakahara, “Exhaustion”

Pairing: Kunichuu

Rating: T (for swears)

Read on AO3 here

Treason. It’s treason. If you pursue it you’ll get caught and promptly executed. That’s what he tells himself anyway, in attempts to force his attention back to the task at hand.

Every day in the Mafia is busy, and Chuuya tries his best to keep his mind on his work. If he gets careless he could end up out of a job. Or, you know, dead. He realizes that the latter is the most likely outcome as he narrowly dodges a knife thrown by an enemy fighter.

Crushing a rival black market weapons outfit should have taken ten minutes, but with Chuuya’s scattered mind, it was looking to end with his head on a stake. But one well-thrown SUV ended the skirmish quickly.

The journey back to base allowed time for Chuuya’s thoughts to stray from work. Back to the bar he’d been at a few nights prior. The night everything had gone horribly, terribly, wonderfully wrong.

Work had been tough that day, so Chuuya headed out for a couple of drinks to relax after nearly dying a few times. He hadn’t been expecting to run across an Agency detective with his head on the bar counter and a glass of whiskey in his hand.

He certainly wasn’t expecting it to be the cute blonde one. Chuuya hadn’t even known the man’s name as he took a seat in the stool next to him, asking the bartender for whatever the blonde was having.

Where Chuuya looked angry, the detective just looked tired, pretty hazel eyes watching him under blonde bangs, “Can I help you?”

“You’re awfully friendly.” Chuuya had tried so hard to remember his name, but he had no clue. He knew the man was shitty Dazai’s new partner, but that was it. He wasn’t even sure what his ability was, or if he had one.

The detective sighed heavily and reached for his drink, “Shut it, Mafia.”

So he did know who Chuuya was. Great. “Rude. Can’t a guy get a drink without being verbally abused?”

“You’re awfully weak if that’s considered abuse.”

Chuuya snorted into his whiskey, “Call me weak one more time, I dare you.”

“Nah,” the blonde mumbled, “I’m to tired to fight someone so small.”

He was getting less cute by the minute and Chuuya shoved his shoulder, “Shut up.”

The detective sat up, a frown quirking his lips, “Abuse. Bartender, I’m being abuse by this tiny man.”

“Fuck you,” Chuuya spat, downing his whiskey and signaling to the bartender for another one.

“You’ll have to catch me first.”

With that the detective pushed a couple of bills across the bar to cover his tab, slid off his stool and was out the door. Chuuya didn’t even have time to process the exchange before he was gone.

And here Chuuya is, three days later, still thinking about that stupid blonde detective with his stupid ponytail and stupid pretty eyes. His dumb, cute ass nearly got Chuuya killed six times this week. It’s Tuesday.

Chuuya isn’t quite sure what he’d do if he sees the detective again. Maybe ask for his name, offer to buy him a drink. He certainly wouldn’t tell him he’s been writing stupid poems about him in the margins of Port Mafia meeting notes.

He’d die before he would admit to loving that sort of thing.


Zimbabwean Style Blogger @diaryofsmurfdinkie wearing Tanya Nefertari downtown Harare

Photocred : @zashcraft

Bomber jacket : @tanyanefertari

Jeans : Mbare Flea Market

Shoes & Top : Copacabana Flea Market

Location : Cameron Street Harare Zimbabwe

Khajiit came out to buy furnishings and have a good time and this one is honestly feeling so attacked right now


radmarket_official: parka L size black. (front/back)
it’s super comfortable to wear!
#radmarket #blackmoral #thegazette
radmarket_official: parka L size white. (front/back)
it’s the first time we have a white parka, but I gotta say, personally I recommend it ! !
#radmarket #blackmoral #thegazette
Aoi: good morning. 
thanks to me the weather is nice. wuooh, the tension is insaaaane! 
Ruki: morning. it’s sunny, huh! 
I don’t have anything but the L size parkas at hand but here are some pictures of me wearing them. I do recommend🤓!
Instagram Has Been Waiting For This Very Palette For a Year Plus
By Devon Abelman

Founded by West African Chichi Eburu, Juvia’s Place creates eye shadow palettes inspired by Africa.

Their The Nubian and The Nubian 2 palettes, in particular, pay homage to the OG queen of beauty, Nefertiti, with her image on the cover and a combo of lush metallic and matte shades.

Beauty vloggers like Jackie Aina, Stephanie Nicole, and Bretman Rock have raved about the shadows’s creamy, butter-like texture that doesn’t leave any crumbly fall out under the eyes. Also, the color payoff is insane.

They are so intensely pigmented and opaque that they look pretty much the same on all skin-tones.