black market skates

(Paraphrasing, obv)

Briand: Yuzuru’s withdrawing based on his doc’s suggestion to focus on getting back into top form for the Olympics…

Me: Ah. Okay. Kinda expected he’d only really start to feel that fall in the morning anyway. Cos nooooo way that won’t hurt, hoo boy. Thank goodness it’s just the NHK (and the GPF but oh well) and here’s hoping he’ll have a smooth recovery all speedy-like and come back swinging with meatier fists. Not like he’s never done it before on multiple occasions. Hmm, the guy is saying something else here but I already have the info I want so maybe I should just stop right here. But it’s just a few short words more so what harm can it do? Here goes!

Briand: …but it wasn’t an easy thing for Yuzuru to accept because he was crying when he accepted it.

Me: .