black marching band

I am so thankful mcr happened. I became an mcr fan late, and I wasn’t a teenager when they were at their peak, but still a fan nonetheless. This band was so important and significant in so many ways, and a defining piece of 2000s emo culture.  They saved so many lives. They were the voice of a generation. They taught a whole generation of kids that it was okay to not be okay, to be emotional, and to embrace themselves, and to express their sadness in ways that weren’t self destructive. They taught us that our quirks and problems make us who we are, and nothing to be ashamed of, and to be unapologetic ally ourselves. They taught me to not be afraid to keep on living. They were unapologetic about it all, about expressing feelings, the dramatic/theatrical feel to their music, wearing makeup, wearing skinny jeans, defying gender roles, being themselves.

 Even the inception of this band reflects this. Gerard way was feeling lost and in a state of emptiness and depression, and seeing a disastrous event before his eyes prompted him to get up and do something instead, to change the world around him, to speak out, to create something significant out of what he was feeling. And he did do that, out of nowhere, MCR happened, and that outlet became the outlet of millions of teens as well. I just think that’s so amazing. And to this day, my chemical romance is still doing that. The fandom is still alive, and younger kids are discovering them and listening to their music. They still continue to be that inspirational significant band that they were for people that were born 10 years before teens today. They are not forgotten. Because just like Gerard Way said, MCR is done, but it can never die.

Because it is not a band, it is an idea.  

PSA: Tomorrow is March 22, so here is a reminder to NOT TWEET ANY OF THE GUYS ABOUT MCR
They’ve made it clear they don’t like it, it’s annoying, and honestly I’m sure they might be a little upset themselves. Or maybe not who knows but that is besides the point

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