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that post you reblogged with the screenshots is kinda awful.. we complain about the lack of content featuring poc but then when people do share theri writing we bully them like this insteado f trying to trying to point out what they're doing wrong and helping them grow? seems like its only going to make people afraid to share their content and not going to help us get more fics about poc :S

I can see how posting a screenshot of something including the URL would be hurtful, I really do and honestly I don’t do it myself. I’ll give you that. But I happen to know that the bad content of this particular fic was indeed explained already to the author. Even besides that, there have been COUNTLESS posts circulating since civil war came out OVER A YEAR AGO that outlined why having T'Challa as a “sugar daddy” for the white avengers is just gross and wrong. It’s been a year, a month and two days since cacw came out. If people haven’t seen any of these posts, it’s because 1. They either don’t follow anyone who gives two shits about T'Challa (and therefore probably should not be writing him) or 2. They are brand new to tumblr. There’s always the third option, which is where someone has seen these posts and blatantly ignored them in favor of staying ignorant so that they can write Steve and Bucky being pampered in a nice, warm foreign country.

If you follow me, you have to know I’m allllll about explaining people’s racist tropes to them in a nice way since for some reason I choose to believe that most of it is unconscious racism caused by years and years of it being fed to all of us without our knowledge. Usually this leads me nowhere but it’s worth a shot.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, YES I want more content for the characters of color. YES I would love it if white creators wrote it. But IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN ABOUT RACIST TROPES AND HOW TO WRITE A CHARACTER OF COLOR, DO NOT WRITE THEM AT ALL!! It’s more hurtful to see Shit like that than it is to be missing another T'Challa/Bucky fic all together. The same goes with any other character of color. If you don’t care enough about them to learn how to write them well, then leave it to the people that do.

I’ve had multiple white authors come to me with questions and I’ve always answered them (when I can) or sent them to someone else who can answer it better. I’ve content read for multiple white authors. I sit and take the time out of my day to answer asks like this. I’m helping moderate the Sam Wilson Birthday Bang. I’m doing my damn part. I’m allowed a petty post now and again. Tbh, every poc on here has been through and seen so much shit that we’re all allowed petty posts.

But google is a thing y'all. A simple google search of “racist tropes” will most likely lead you to a list of things to avoid. There are blogs on here with giant master posts of how to write poc. The information is out there. It is NOT poc’s job to hold everybody’s hand and walk them through everything they write. It’s not hard to not write a fic where T'Challa or Sam aren’t treating Bucky like they are his mammy- only there to take care of him. At this point is really is almost damn impossible that you can be a regular tumblr user and not have seen a post about why that’s wrong. If an author chooses to ignore it, that’s not my job to explain it to them.

Personally, I will ALWAYS do the best that I can because even I myself have to ask my fellow black writers their opinions sometimes. Racism is so ingrained inside of us. I’m also white passing so I take my privilege very seriously. I don’t think it’s a wild idea to expect white people to do the same. It’s just not that hard, tbh. Send someone a quick message or do a google search. If you want to write black or poc characters, try and act like you care about them. But nobody’s forcing you to write them. Sure, writing a black man enjoying his wealth is great but why is taking care of white men he barely knows the only thing he does? Is seeing Bucky gain weight (I’m not even touching the chubby kink part of that fic with a 10 foot pole) the most important thing to him? Or is it just the most important thing to the white author? T'Challa is literally nothing more than someone to snap his fingers and make sure Bucky gets fat and happy. Why is he even in the fic? Put Bucky at a damn buffet. Bam. Done. Same result and racism avoided.

If people are scared that they’re going to write something racist, they should really be looking inside themselves and start from there. If there is no inherent racism, there are no racist tropes. As I said before, we are taught racism at a very young age. If you do not undo it it will never go away. Realizing that “okay, yeah this train of thought is racist” is the first step.

If people are scared that they’re going to write a racist stereotype into their fics, they should just take the extra time to educate themselves about what’s racist and hurtful and what’s not. They should talk to writers of color. They should at LEAST be reading their work/content to have an example of how the character of color should be written. Not everything has to be sam-centric (as an example), but Sam should not be treated like fucking shit. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Tl:dr? If you don’t want to take the time to learn how to write a character of color properly, leave them to the writers who do. It’s also NEVER a poc’s job to teach you how not to be racist, but it’s always a good idea to have someone content read if you are nervous.

What’s is purchasing power? Purchasing power is the power or right people have to consume whatever they want from food, clothes, houses, sporting goods etc. It’s a right that CAN NOT be taken away or monitored by the government. So basically if you earn the money, you can spend it how ever you like!

How is Purchasing power and/or Spending power Black people’s last power in America? Over the last decade Black People are the WORLD’S LARGEST CONSUMERS and have the FEWEST PRODUCERS. I’ll repeat BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE WORLD’S LARGEST CONSUMERS AND and have the FEWEST PRODUCERS. The last few years Black people have spent over a 100 billion dollars on just consuming. 100 Billion dollars which never allocated back to our communities, because we didn’t spend it on ourselves and our businesses. It’s time we use this great power we have the right way, by redirecting it on ourselves! Buy Black!

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