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Gray Space: Natasha Romanoff x Reader AU

Soulmate AU: Part One

The world, quite literally, was black and white for you and it had been that way for what felt like a very long time. You were one of the unlucky kind, fated to only gain their sight of color upon meeting their soulmate. Some were lucky enough to be born with words marring their skin, or have visions placed in their mind. But you, Y/n, were perpetually trapped in a blind abyss. One that served as a constant reminder that you were alone in a world of lovers. That was the black and white, soulmates and loners. There was a thrumming divide between the two kinds of people, regardless of what fated divine practice led them to their other halves. In a black and white world, there was no escape of that reality.

Maybe it made you more callous, cut off from people because you couldn’t truly experience the world and they could. Even your perspective was black and white. Perhaps if you had a soulmate you wouldn’t be so bitter. So pessimistic. You preferred to be called realistic, but that was subjective.

In a world you couldn’t fully be a part of, even your comforts were removed. Though that couldn’t be blamed on one person directly, as it was an alien invasion. After the first exposure of the so-called Avengers, your take on the world became a little less black and white.

In the literal sense.

In one moment, you went from interviewing random bystanders about the recent incident in Germany for a freelance piece, the next there was a giant gaping hole torn through the sky with horrific looking figures spilling out of it. There were no words to describe the horror of having your ideas on cookie cutter reality shattered. Instead of running as everyone else did, you had done the only thing you knew, stick your nose where you didn’t belong to write a new piece.

You saw them before they saw you, some you recognized from the recent Germany exposure. The dinky camera in your hand moved faster than you thought it could. Snapping photos, wonderful exclusives that would give your name the meaning you’d only dreamt of. While those aliens were frightening, your self-preservation lost as you tried to creep closer to the scene.

That is, until one of them turned around to see you.

“Hey! Get out of here!” Your head whipped away from the camera at the sound, eyes meeting the female of the group.

Red. There was so much vibrant red. She was red. You didn’t even realize red could be so beautiful. Yet there she was, your red amongst a black and white world.

You hardly noticed her own slackened jaw as she met your eyes, far too overwhelmed by the new color intruding on the world around you. You didn’t care that someone grabbed your arm and tore you away to find shelter in a café, distracted by the civilians red nail polish. You hadn’t even know that your own shoes were red.

And then she was gone and you had no way of contacting her again because the world was not gray and kind for those trapped in black and white.

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I have just peeked the spoiler tag. I didn’t even know in which chapter we were, I’ve fallen behind since the whole start of this new arc.

And now I’m feeling like I was back in chapter 94, when I unintentionally caught glimpses of the chapter

I had stopped reading Kuro for like 2 years then, and literally devoured the chapters I had left behind just to get to chapter 94 and understand it.

And now we’re here again.

No, don’t worry, no spoiler images from chapter 127 on this post

This is why I love Kuroshitsuji, man.

I don’t care about the fan hate and negativity that flies around at times, I care about the story and the emotional impact and the plot twists and considerations and brainstorming we can do and the art and talent of Toboso Yana and how all this has been improving in the past decade she has shared her work with us.

Yeah, I know folks are shocked with chapter 127, and so am I. Because I had to once again be reminded how fucking amazing Kuroshitsuji is.
I should know better by now.

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Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

“man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is” — Albert Camus                                                                                                                      #coffee time


Yesterday after my rant on appreciating black history and beauty I told my cousin that we would be going to the library to read about it.

It was not a joke, nor a threat.

Before he picked his book I sat down and had a one-on-one talk with him about the importance of learning our history. At first he was resistant (he hates reading).

But after a while all he could do was smile and he told me that he loved me for making him learn what no one else will.

My heart jumped for joy.


Marvel Cinematic Universe + Magnus Chase chapter titles


Reading the Times by Don Harder
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If I were retired, I’d do this in between taking photos. Honest.