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The only thing more frustrating than people blaming Crystal for something that was also present in the manga is people blaming Crystal for something that was also present in the 90s anime...

Umm Lets see I can name a few..

Usagi’s Selfishness in season 1

Usagi being jealous of Chibiusa..

Usagi feeling insecure about her relationship with Mamo

Black Lady/Mamo kiss (even if it was a vision in the 90’s anime)

The senshi being somewhat ineffective in the final battle..

Animation mistakes….

Let’s see if @blackmantagirl can name some more.

Over the End and Far Away
Miyano Mamoru
Over the End and Far Away

Had this in my drafts for ages, thought I’d share it. ^__^ feel free to tell me if you find any errors.

English Lyrics

In the midst of spiraling despair
Without knowing how to voice my wish
My beautiful daydream dazzlingly fluttered to an end

My body wastes away
To the cold, dark side of the moon
I was lead by that voice, just wanting to respond

No matter where I was,
Without being able to grasp onto anything
I outstretched my hand
To the pleasure of darkness

Even though we knew it was all a lie, we lived in this world together
If we can no longer cross over the hill and go far away
If that’s so, then where do we go?

There’s only one thing we can do, we decided to live on from that day
But grief has no color, and our corrupted eyes were contented

In order to protect
What’s most important
I chose this path
And there’s no going back

If it’s not this body of mine, nothing is going to change
But right now, we’ve not crossed over the hill yet
And everything has decayed, and fallen to ruins

Even though we knew it was all a lie, we lived on in this world
Even if I reach out this corrupted hand, and cry out
Everything will still be dyed in red 

we will never get closer than this.
a sterek fanmix

songs for reminiscing. songs for what could be. songs for friends, songs for lovers, songs for we-have-no-idea. songs for laying in bed and wrting stories in your head. songs for heartbreak, songs for sappy-sweetness, songs for everything in between.

beta love - ra ra riot // lover’s game - geographer // dark night - MØ // it’s all around - anima! // black mamo - glass animals // the look - metronomy // closer than this - st. lucia // bloodflood - alt-j // animal screams - the dig // rusty chains - perfume genius // return to (feat. tom snowdon) - #1 dads // touch - daughter // help me close my eyes - those dancing days // wasted pilots - airling // duet in b minor - pacific air // haunted - leagues // who are you really? mikky ekko // heart’s a mess (new version) - gotye // bloodstream - stateless

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Hosoya Yoshimasa, Miyano Mamoru, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Shimazaki Nobunaga

To what color does the water in the cup changes to?

(this is actually a personality quiz so you might want to try and answer it too)

Zakki: “The water poured into the cup changes its color. Which color does it changed to?”

Mamo: You’re great Nobunaga kun, did you expected this just now (the incident where Zakki poured water to Hosoya’s coffee)

Zakki: You… you’re right


Mamo: Of course it would turn brown


Tatsun: It’s #3 right, no matter how you think of it

Zakki: “#1: clear, #2: yellow, #3: brown, #4: black”

Tatsun: Maybe it’s #3

Mamo: But the right one would be, the coffee that was supposed to be black changes to brown

Tatsun: Yes, yes. From #4 to #3


Tatsun: #3!

Hosoya: Yellow!

Mamo: There’s a person who’s thinking of this seriously

Hosoya: Yellow

Mamo: Huh? It changes to yellow? What about you Nobunaga kun?

Hosoya: Ahhhhh!!!

Zakki: I’ll go with brown

Tatsun: That’s not the right answer

Zakki: Not right?

Mamo: We chose brown and yellow so

Zakki: It’s clear

… . .

my interpretation: haraguro describes a person who appears kind and gentle on the outside but actually quite twisted on the inside

Zakki: This question actually reflects on how haraguro a person is

Hosoya: This is bad!!!

Mamo: So you actually glad? You didn’t choose black

… . .

Mamo: So this is about how haraguro a person is right, so what the hell is yellow?


Hosoya: There’s yellow in the option!

… . .

Mamo: After this when someone tell you that you’re haraguro, make sure you tell that person, “No, I’m yellow”


Black Mamo (Drepanis funerea) : 1907

Black Mamo, Drepanis funerea

Made extinct by a combination of introduced cattle farming (which destroyed much of its native habitat) and the introduction of rats and mongooses to its native Hawaiian island of Molokai. The last confirmed sighting was by collector William Alanson Bryan, who promptly shot it.

“To my joy I found the mangled remains hanging in the tree in a thick bunch of leaves, six feet or more beyond where it had been sitting.”

- William Alanson Bryan