Wow I am SO here for black trans men.
Feminine black trans men.
Masculine black trans men.
Black trans men who love women.
Black trans men who love men.
Black trans men who are unsure of themselves.
Black trans men with mental illnesses.
Black trans me with wide hips or large chests that are hard to bind.
Fat black trans men.

Not every trans guy is a skinny white dude.

Choosing an Earth Religion That’s Right for You!

By Da’hou Ungherstahnk

If you are planning on visiting or moving to Earth, you may want to align yourself with a religion* to form a deeper bond with humans. While there are hundreds to choose from, here are some fast facts about the five most dominant religions on Earth.

There are many wacky quirks on Earth, but none are wackier than the concept of “religion.” Instead of distilling a code of ethics through Standard Galactic Protocol or the SovereignQUBE, humans take a more whimsical approach. They instead choose to worship vague ideas or deities as a way of framing the world around them.

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