black mako


My favourite adoptive relationships in fiction



Soulmate color AU with SouMako

(left side is Sousuke’s POV and right side is Makoto’s POV)


Thank you for being born, thank you for being awesome, thank you for being inspirational, hardworking, hilarious (especially with those dirty jokes lmao!) and thank you for being you!! Happy 34th, Tatsu!! 


1983.11.11 at 11:10am a legend was born

(This list is based off of my favorite roles of his..!)

sorry for disappearing this week, have some quick random doodles

DC’s Batgirl, Darkstalkers’ Hsienko, Kill la Kill Mako, Final Fantasy’s Tifa and Yuffie doing some Trigun cosplay, Kancolle’s Destroyer Water Demon, Black Rock Shooter’s Loveness, and Shantae’s spider form accidentally attracting the affections of a Bonelegs

I let the RNG pick up subjects and topics, that’s why Tifa and Yuffie have such random cosplay


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“In chess, the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board, as it can do whatever the fuck it wants, whenever the fuck it wants. The King is more important to the game, as you need it to win, but it is pretty useless compared to the QUEEN.(X)(X)(X)