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Why you should watch Supermansion

WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS SHOW. I mean, SOME people are talking about the show, but only about the relationship between Groaner and Saturn, which - yeah, that’s a HUGE reason to watch the show, but it’s more than just a batjokes parady!!! It’s like, this entire self-contained comic universe??? With intricate story arcs and a diverse, constantly-changing cast and actual sacrifices??? Like, if you miss the old JLA cartoons or just love comic books in general, want a more domestic version of the Avengers, and like the idea of Rick and Morty (or Guardians of the Galaxy)-esque humor with Steven Universe-esque world-building and plot, than this? This is your show.

Also it’s free to watch on the Crackle website, because it’s a Crackle original series. Perfect to binge-watch over the weekend. Detailed description of the show under the cut:

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The Muslim community is mourning the passing of Nabra, a 17 year old young woman from Sterling, VA. Nabra was beaten to death with a baseball bat and left in a pond after going missing while walking to a mosque with her friends. Hate crime against Muslim Americans is at its highest point with more than 67% increase since 2016. Nabra is another example of the escalating violence towards Muslims Americans. Activists gathered at Union Square to hold a vigil for Nabra and her family and to stand against violence against Muslim Americans. 


if they had an extra hour to get to know each other before gettin to the lions.


This black-owned beauty brand is selling nail polishes for women of color

  • Harvard Business School grads and friends KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson are making good on their mission to launch a beauty brand that keeps women of color at the forefront.
  • In March, the duo’s brand Mented debuted with a line of nude lipsticks specifically with women of color in mind. 
  • Now, they’ve launched a line of nude nail polishes, making them one of the very first brands ever to address the fact that many polishes out there billed as “nude” only match the skin tones of very pale women. Read more (6/14/17)

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I had to get this out of my system after the trailer of S03 <3


Sometimes I make shitty memes even shittier. I’ve been freaking out cause of the ch 129 spoilers so here’s my contribution to the discourse. Unlike Sebastian though, I already love both ciels.