black magic punks


Boba Friday 13 “Oishii”

I couldn’t pick which color I liked best 🌝

Hurricane Irma is on its way I’m glad I could at least finish this before the storm.

Stay safe everyone! 💕

Alternative Black Girls

In middle school, I used to cry bc they said I wasn’t black enough

I had nothing with me to lean off

Finally the truth has been spoken, the real enemy is you, not them

I know who I am now with the struggles that tugged my mind & almost caused me to be blind

I am just a black girl. The same one who is still the most disrespected

The one who watches anime and play video games,

Listen to rock music, listen to k music, and cosplay my features,

Very quirky but I’m still in the game,

Be kawaii & embrace my melanin,

Maybe you should stop assuming that all black girls are classless & ignorant,

We’ve been silence for so long that we feel the need to express our lives,

But, you don’t wanna hear us but rather see us tear ourselves apart in hell,

We chosen our own destiny & respect all black girls around the world,

Society is the one to blame and they claim to tame me,

But no no,

I’m livin for my lifestyle for that I breathe in the life cycle,

Just to escape this bullshit called reality,

I’m fatality and this is my philosophy,