black macaroons



As usual with the Lunar New Year coming up, Carmel would make some sweets to bring back to her parents’ for the New Year Celebration. This year she made Black Sesame and Red Bean macaroon and after packing few boxes of the sweets for the lunch tomorrow at her parents house as well as some to give to the younger cousins, nephews and nieces, she still had quite some left. With a box full of red, black and white macaroon, Carmel decided to offered them to some of her neighbor as a wish for luck, longevity and prosperity in the new year, “Hey, so I made these black sesame and red bean macaron for tomorrow and I made too much, do you want some?” she offered showing the macaroons.

the signs as teas
  • aries: chocolate chili chai // black tea
  • taurus: chocolate macaroon // black tea
  • gemini: grilled pineapple // green tea
  • cancer: guangzhou milk oolong // oolong tea
  • leo: queen of tarts // mate tea
  • virgo: buddha's blend // white tea
  • libra: forever nuts // tisane
  • scorpio: glitter and gold // black tea
  • sagittarius: main squeeze // mate tea
  • capricorn: cream of earl grey // black tea
  • aquarius: electric lemonade // mate tea
  • pisces: vanilla matcha // green tea