black lullabies

Once Upon a Long Time Ago

Once upon a long time ago
safely held within a child’s lullaby
a young soul dreamt of golden wings
perhaps one day to boldly fly

We’d grow up to be like Captain Jack
master of the mighty Black Pearl
or even Cyrano de Bergerac
to win the heart of the pretty girl

And then the world came to call
we found ourselves tethered here below
left to regret all that never was to be
once upon that long lost time ago

Titled: All the Pretty Little Horses.

Excuse me while I have babies on the brain.

Inspired by the lullaby All the Pretty Little horses.
(Can listen here:

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💙Mermaid playlist! For Mermaids, By Mermaids.💙

💙 Hey, you know… I’ve seen a lot of playlists about mermaid songs but… all of them are sad, and mermaids aren’t sad all the time people. Accept it. 

Now a mermaid has made a more joyful playlist, but still themed with the Ocean, the Moon, singing… that kind of things we merfolk love(?

It’s mostly dubstep, but it’s not the only type of music we’ve here!

💙 Black Sea - Natasha Blume | Lullaby of the Moon - Nightcore** | Deep Sea Girl - English cover* | How i became the Sea - Owl City | Siren - Kat Krazy ft. Elkka  | Oceans - Nightstep** | Lights and thunder - Krewella  (feat. Gareth Emery)  💙

💙  Listen to it here!  💙

💙 *=This song is originally on japanese.

💙 **= This songs are nightcore edits of the original songs.. I think they sound better that way tbh.


Thor: Ragnarok sure didn’t disappoint—both as a film and a treasure trove of Easter eggs! The following is a guide to all the ones I’ve spotted along with any deviations from the source material (I will update this as more come to light). Note that owing to the convoluted and complex nature of comic books, I’ve tried to include only the most essential information regarding a character’s history and backstories.

Ragnarok in the Marvel Universe is very much like the Ragnarök of Norse mythology, essentially a cycle of life and death. Asgard is destroyed by Surtur (a fire demon from Muspelheim), with many of its citizens perishing. They are then reborn after some time, and the cycle starts all over again. The Ragnarok story the film mostly draws from spans Thor #80-85 (2004). During a mission to find out if Ragnarok can be stopped, Thor finds out that a group of gods known as Those Who Sit Above in Shadow consume the energy released from Ragnarok, and thus keep the cycle going. He resolves to end the cycle of Ragnarok by having it occur one last time. Thor then proceeds to destroy the Loom of the Fates, severing Asgard’s tie to Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. Of note, we have Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, being destroyed in Thor #80 (though this is not the first time it has been damaged). And with Asgard having been destroyed during the story, Thor rebuilds it on Earth in Thor #2 (2007).

While this may be the third Thor film, it also adapts the “Planet Hulk” (The Incredible Hulk #92-105, 2006-07, Giant-Size Hulk #1, 2006) storyline as part of its narrative. The Hulk is sent into space by the Illuminati, the group believing that it was too dangerous for him to remain on Earth. Instead of landing on a planet without sentient life as intended, the Hulk’s shuttle goes off course and crashes on Sakaar where he’s enslaved and forced to fight in gladiatorial battles for the Red King. It is from this story that the film adapts Hulk’s gladiator costume, while the Hulk wearing beads is a look taken from Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #1-6 (2005-09).

In both media, Korg is a Kronan who was enslaved on Sakaar. In the comics, however, he arrives on Sakaar after his ship crash lands on the planet while trying to get back home. He went on to became a member of the Warbound, a group led by the Hulk that started a rebellion and overthrew the Red King. Also a member of the Warbound is Miek. Both incarnations are members of the insectivorid race called Natives. Unlike his cinematic counterpart, the comic book version can actually speak.

Thor threatening Loki by having Mjolnir return to him while he holds onto the trickster god is taken from The Mighty Thor #359 (1985), though in the issue he uses the tactic to have Loki undo a love spell. In the film, Loki apologizes to Thor for the time he turned him into a frog. This has indeed happened in the source material, occurring in The Mighty Thor #363 (1986). Thor, in his civilian guise, banging his “umbrella” down to reveal his Asgardian garb is a nod to how Donald Blake would strike down a stick (a disguised Mjolnir) to transform into the god of thunder. During the final battle, Thor loses an eye to Hela. A one-eyed Thor does exist in the comics—the Thor of Earth-14412 who is king of Asgard.

Skurge is a half-Storm-Giant-half-Asgardian warrior who earned the moniker “the Executioner” after slaying many Storm Giants in battle. His double-bladed axe allowed him to open dimensional rifts and could produce blasts of ice and fire. Skurge aiding Hela in the film is similar to how he often helped the Enchantress with her schemes (albeit, manipulated into doing so). Skurge dying while fighting on the side of good is similar to how he meets his demise in the comics. In The Mighty Thor #362 (1985), Skurge dies while holding the bridge of Gjallerbru (using automatic rifles!) against the creatures of Hel, allowing Thor and his companions to escape.

In the comics Hela is goddess of death and ruler of Hel and Niffleheim. She is the daughter of Loki and Angrboda—a detail understandably not carried over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor having a sister, however, does have precedence in the source material, though it is Angela who is the thunder god’s sibling, not Hela. Hela’s powers include enhanced strength, energy projection, teleportation, illusion casting, levitation, and the ability to kill Asgardians when in contact with their skin. She becomes weakened if her cloak is ever removed, and her true form is revealed, the left side of her face appearing decayed. Hela’s ability to manifest weapons in the movie is taken from Gorr the God Butcher. In fact, her line “What are you the god of?” is another thing taken from Gorr—a question he poses to Thor in Thor: God of Thunder #2 (2012).

The Grandmaster/En Dwi Gast is an Elder of the Universe who has a penchant for playing and collecting games. He possesses a vast intellect and, like his fellow Elders, doesn’t age and is virtually immortal. The blue marking running from the Grandmaster’s bottom lip down to his chin is a nod to the character’s blue skin in the comics. The Grandmaster refers to his gladiatorial battles as the “Contest of Champions,” referencing the limited series of the same name (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982). The story sees the Grandmaster challenging Death for the chance to resurrect his brother, the Collector, with both sides using heroes from Earth as pawns.

Brunnhilde/Valkyrie is an Asgardian warrior and leader of the Valkyrior, a group tasked by Odin to bring the slain worthy heroes to Valhalla. She wields a virtually indestructible sword called Dragonfang and rides winged horses. In the comics the character has blonde hair (there is a nod to this in the film with a blonde haired Valkyrie saving Scrapper 142), while the cinematic incarnation has black hair. The MCU Valkyrie’s moniker of Scrapper 142 is a reference to The Incredible Hulk #142 (1971), the first appearance of Samantha Parrington as Valkyrie.

Bruce Banner’s analogy of how when the Hulk is in control he feels as though the Hulk is driving the car while he’s locked in the trunk is lifted from The Totally Awesome Hulk #1 (2015), which features Amadeus Cho as the green goliath.

Fenris Wolf (simply referred to as Fenris in the film) is a large wolf with the ability to change its form into that of a wolf-like humanoid. Though he isn’t Hela’s pet in the comics, she did enlist his help to bring about Ragnarok in The Mighty Thor #277 (1978).

Adorning the Grandmaster’s tower on Sakaar are head sculptures of Man-Thing (guardian of the Nexus of All Realities), Beta Ray Bill (a Korbinite warrior who wields the hammer Stormbreaker), Ares (Olympian god of war), and Bi-Beast (an android with two heads, one on top of each other).

There has in fact been a group called the Revengers in the comics. Led by Wonder Man, the group attacked the Avengers, believing that the super hero team does far more damage to the world than they do helping it.

In terms of MCU Easter eggs, the most notable would have to be Thor turning to Doctor Strange to help him track down Odin. Then there are the numerous callbacks to previous films: the play recounts Loki’s “death” from Thor: The Dark World, Hela points out that the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s vault is fake, the Tesseract is seen once again, Loki points out that he’s Thor’s adopted brother, Hulk thrashes Thor in a similar manner to what he did to Loki in The Avengers, Thor attempts to use Black Widow’s lullaby to calm the Hulk, the code word Thor has to use to activate the Quinjet is “Point Break” (Tony Stark’s nickname for him in The Avengers), Valkyrie suggests going to Asgard via Xandar, and Bruce attempts to turn into the Hulk by falling from a height (as he did in The Incredible Hulk).


Tea assortments to Square-Enix to celebrate 30th year of Final Fantasy are now ready! 

Black tea, vanilla, cinamon, ginger, star anise, clover, cardamom and black pepper.

Rooibos tea, strawberry, chamomile, vanilla-cream and daisy petals.

Black tea, elderberry, quince, dried orange peel, pineapple and thistle petals.

@ff30thfanproject will deliver these forward to Japan :3

No, but let’s look at this, okay? Natasha grew up in Russia. She would most likely sing RUSSIAN lullabies in Russian. This meant that Bucky knew them too. But here’s the catch. Most Russian lullabies were threats to children so that they would fall asleep. Look below at Tili Tili Bom….


Закрой глаза скорее,
Кто-то ходит за окном,
И стучится в двери.

Кричит ночная птица.
Он уже пробрался в дом.
К тем, кому не спится.

Он идет… Он уже близко…

Ты слышишь, кто-то рядом?
Притаился за углом,
И пронзает взглядом.

Все скроет ночь немая.
За тобой крадется он,
И вот-вот поймает.

Он идет… Он уже близко…

Ты слышишь, кто-то рядом?
Притаился за углом,
И пронзает взглядом.

Close your eyes rather
Someone goes outside the window,
and knock at the door.
Screams night bird.
He had already made ​​his way into the house.
For those who can not sleep.
He goes … He already close …
You hear someone nearby?
lurking around the corner,
and pierces the eye.
All hide silent night.
For you it is stolen,
and is about to catch.
He … He is already close …
You hear someone nearby?
lurking around the corner,
and pierces the eye.

You think that Clint was scared? Well yeah! He had a right to be. Now we know what she was singing to his kids!!! Two Russian assassins singing in Russian is bad. Very bad…..