My fiancé and I started our YouTube vlog channel!!!! 🙌🏿 We’ve been putting off this channel for so long now and decided lets just DO IT. We would love and appreciate the support. Subscribe if you like what you see so you can follow our journey 😁 #MeetTheFemmes

Me and Fiancé have a bond so strong it’s sometimes hard to believe love like we have still exist, I really love him with all my heart, only person who can make me cry and smile and laugh at the same time. He loves me like my parents love me so intangible and unconditionally, I hope everyone finds love so pure it betters them as a person. Photographer: @bloodonmynikon (Instagram)


My husband and I finally introduced our 27 week preemie, who was born at 1 lb 10 oz and spent 79 days in the NICU, to the internet this weekend and I wanted to share with you guys also!

He is 4 months July 10th! Now 8 lbs 5 oz. God is good you guys!!