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A new start - Hybrid!Au

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Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, tiny bit of angst. Smut, Hybrid!au Panther!Jimin

Summary: You were looking for a change in your life and all he wanted was a clean slate. A new Start someplace where even if it were for a brief moment in time he could feel human.

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My feet hurt.
My feet really hurt.
Like holy shit someone please cut off my feet it’ll be less painful.

These were your thoughts as you made what felt like the millionth trip around your office for different little jobs.
You wanted to be a vet, your mother was one and you were desperate to follow in her footsteps life didn’t always through opportunities your way. So you kept Vet school to the back of your mind, more focussed on living life than living a dream.

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Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 10.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

Demon AU. Featuring all BTS.

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 11 / 12 / 13

A strong hold kept you from moving too much, his arms pressed you to his body and at the same time formed a barrier around you. Guarded and protected, Yoongi made sure you couldn’t be touched by anything even in his sleep. It made you smile, after sleeping apart from him and restricting yourself to touch him having him like this was paradise.

You placed a kiss on the hand that rested over your chest, then you gave him another and another on every inch of skin you were able to.

-If you want me to wake up then might as well say it-

You smiled and turned around to find Yoongi still with his eyes closed but with a tiny smile. -You deceiving thing, you are awake-

His mouth went wider to a grin. -I never said I was asleep-

-Alright then- you pecked his lips and Yoongi pulled you closer. -I don’t want to stand up but but I kind of need to pee urgently- Yoongi shook his head and kissed you a bit harder. -Unless you have a dark mysterious power that could fix that-

Yoongi groaned tightening his hold on you for a few seconds before he loosed his grip and let himself fall on his back on the mattress. -Be quick about it-

-Such a bossy thing is what we have here-

You saw the string of shadow that was coming your way to pull you straight towards him again and squealed, jumping out of the bed. -Don’t cheat-

-I’m not cheating- he answered with a smirk on his lips and then his eyes focused on you, on every inch of your body.

You had jumped so fast you had forgotten you were completely naked. You were still a bit self conscious about it with Yoongi, of course one thing was being in the heat of the moment, or the slow times you would share tangled in the sheets, but like this, just standing completely bare with those dark eyes staring at you, it made you shudder, it made your heart go faster and it made you feel like you didn’t want to be apart from him longer than strictly necessary.

You felt shy, but you also felt the need to keep the interest of those eyes on you, to have him lingering, craving, if you could achieve that on that man, then the pleasure he would made you feel later would multiply. If you could apply power over him now, whichever was, then it would make you surrender in his arms at plenitude.

You didn’t take a blanket or anything to cover and instead you walked as you were, slower than needed, deliberately swaying your hips a bit more, arching your back to give your body a more sensual demeanor while walking, displaying certain things that made Yoongi sit up to be able to watch better.
Unnecessarily you even went to look for something in your bag to finally head to the bathroom, not missing the smoldering burning look Yoongi was giving you as you turned slightly to him and discovered him staring hard at you.

Finally you went to the bathroom and closed the door, your body trembling from the excitement of what you had just done.

-Y/N, if you take a second longer than necessary I’m taking the damn door down-

You laughed as you mentally clapped to yourself in delight, mission accomplished.

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Start a Fire - Rowaelin AU

[Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

The DJ was really good, Aelin noticed, surprised. 

But the fact that she could still have a coherent thought after the amount of booze that she had drunk was the real surprise. Or not, considering that she was drinking that same amount for two weeks now. She must be gaining at least a little resistance.

Dammit, she thought. Now she couldn’t even be drunk properly.

Aelin scanned the dance floor again while still sitting in the bar. Looking for a victim.

A young man with brown hair looking in her direction caught her attention, but she shrugged, turning her head the other way. The man was handsome, but the color of his hair reminded her of another boy, from another life.

Aelin emptied her glass, and made her way towards the dance floor.

Rowan was hunting. He’d been hunting for the past two weeks now, going in every club in town,  drinking only enough to make himself less intimidating, hunting someone as desperate as him to muffle the screaming in his head with another type of scream.

Every night he found someone, and every morning that painful scream was louder, and his heart, colder. Which was perfect for his job, but not so much for his mental health.

He was surveying the dance floor, eyes skipping almost automatically any girl who resembled her even a little, when he saw someone who caught his attention.

She was dancing right in front of him, with her eyes closed, her golden hair reflecting the red light in the club, her body swaying with the music, while a boy with black hair behind her had his hands in her hips and was trying to move in the same rhythm as her. She was wearing a black skirt and a black blouse, long-sleeved but with a very, very nice cleavage. Rowan was expecting to see heels in her feet, but she was wearing black ankle boots.

Suddenly, she raised her head and opened her eyes, like she was forced back into reality. Rowan felt like he was looking in the mirror, seeing the numbness, the lack of feeling in her expression, those dead eyes.

Those eyes focalized on him, and, like she was putting on a mask, her face turned into something similar to interest, a smirk forming as she measured Rowan’s body. One of her eyebrows had raised when she finally looked into Rowan’s eyes.

A challenge. 

And Rowan had found his prey.

If Aelin was sober, or maybe if she cared, the way that that silver haired man was looking at her would’ve sent her running. 

But he was everything she was looking for at the moment. Dangerous. So handsome. And, by the look in his face, wanting to use her in the same way she wanted to use him. Maybe this guy would be able to make Aelin feel something, even if just for a few hours, even if later, she would be deeper in that abyss.

He was wearing a black jeans and a white shirt that gripped tight the muscles of his arms. As he walked towards Aelin, she appreciated the determination in his steps. People moved out of his way instantly, and his eyes kept locked in Aelin’s.

When he got closer, she noticed they were bright green. And were looking at her with such predatory intent that Aelin couldn’t help to lift her chin to face the challenge.

She hasn’t stop dancing since she saw him, but had forgotten the boy she had thought would be her company tonight. Noticing his hands still in her hips, she turned her head back.

“I think I won’t be needing you tonight.”

The guy, too wasted to understand the dismissal, or maybe simply not caring, didn’t move.

Aelin felt a flash of anger. Anger was good. Even if anger was turning as difficult to maintain as any other feeling. She grabbed the guy’s wrist and twisted. “I said… out.”

This got his attention. He pulled himself away from her, shooting her a hurt and confused look.

“What the fuck, you crazy bitch,” he said, already backing away.

Aelin gave him a fake smile. 

“Thanks for the company”, she said, and turned, intending to go look for her new challenge… only to find him already standing right in front of her.

He was smirking, but his green eyes were now impenetrable. He had a tattoo covering his right arm, starting in his pulse and going up, disappearing inside his sleeve, so she couldn’t see exactly where it ended. It seemed like words, but she didn’t recognize neither the alphabet or the language.

Aelin stood still, with her hands on her hips, letting her eyes pass through his body again, slowly, up and down and up again. His eyes flashed with anger with this inspection, and his nostrils flared. 

“Are you done staring?”, he shot, and bared his teeth at her. His voice was rusty, like he hasn’t talked in a while. He had an odd accent, but it wasn’t italian. Irish?

She cocked her head, pretending to think about it. “You’ll do.”

The man took another step in her direction, standing so close that she had to raise her head to face him.

“What was the problem with that boy? You’ve seemed to be enjoying yourself”, he said, his eyes examining every inch of her face, her hair.

“Too soft.”

And it wasn’t a lie. Aelin needed someone hard, cold, impenetrable. Someone who wouldn’t mind her roughness, her lack of feeling. Someone she could use and not feel guilty about it. And this man, with eyes so cold that could freeze her soul if she still had one, would be perfect for the night. Maybe, after him, she could finally start the mission she had in this godsdamed city, and move on.

Gold. Now that he was standing this close to her, he could see that her eyes were deep blue, but with rings of gold around the pupils. And the gold of her hair only accentuated such strange eyes.

To see this eyes sparkling with joy, Rowan thought, must be a sight from heaven.

Oh gods. He was starting to make eye colors descriptions. What was he thinking? He could even remember the eye color of the last woman he bedded. He needed to get done with this girl, soon and fast.

Rowan lowered his head, whispering in her ear.

“And I seem hard enough for you, blondie?” Her smell was a mix of sweat, lavender and something that remember him of fireplaces and bonfires.

“That is something I intend to find out soon enough”, she said, her voice low, but he was too occupied noticing her earlobe to continue the conversation. Strange that it was bare. Rowan would’ve expected that a girl like her would be wearing earrings, big and shiny. What would she do, he wondered, if he bit it here and now?

And, before he could measure the consequences of his action, like he was used to, he did just that.


Prompt: Imagine being Garcia’s sister and meeting Spencer after all these years of hearing about him to help on a case, but your reaction surprises both of you

Warnings: idk, maybe language. If you watch Criminal minds, think of that sort of stuff

Word Count: 4664

Note: “What’s with you? You need a hug or something?” for @hanny-bananny This was so fun! Beta’d by the ever fabulous @like-a-bag-of-potatoes


You’d been out of graduate school for about four years now, with quite a bit of experience as a forensic psychologist. However, that didn’t stop any of the surprise when SSA Hotchner called you yesterday to ask if you wanted to assist a case.

“Dr. Garcia, I know you’d be a valuable asset for our team on this. This is your area of expertise, correct?”

“Yes, sir. But I’m not sure I have the correct skill level that your team does,” you had answered as you gathered ingredients for your dinner.

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We went our separate ways at the party; I danced with Ted once or twice and noticed that he seemed to be having a good time, talking with several women. He seemed to be completely entranced with a young woman who belonged to Seattle’s Junior League, a Crisis Clinic volunteer whom neither of us had happened to meet before. Since some shifts never coincided, it wasn’t unusual that volunteers’ paths didn’t cross. The woman was married to a young lawyer with a “future,” a man who is now one of Seattle’s most successful attorneys. Ted didn’t talk to her; in fact, he seemed in awe of her, but he pointed her out to me and asked about her. She was a beautiful woman with long dark hair, straight and parted in the middle, and dressed in a way that spoke of money and taste. She wore a black, long-sleeved blouse, a straight white silk evening skirt, solid gold chains, and earrings. I doubt that she was even aware of Ted’s fascination with her, but I caught him staring at her several times during the evening. With the others at the party, he was expansive, relaxed, and usually the centre of attention. 

Since I was the driver, Ted drank a good deal during the evening, and he was quite intoxicated when we left at 2:00 A.M. He was a friendly, relaxed drunk, and he settled into the passenger seat and rambled on and on about the woman at the party who had impressed him so much. “She’s just what I’ve always wanted. She’s perfect- but she didn’t even notice me…” 

And then he fell sound asleep. - Ann Rule talks about a woman Ted was fascinated by at the crisis clinic christmas party in 1972. 

Source- The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule

Cheryl Blossom Essentials

A rough guide on how to get Cheryl’s style. 

Her outfits usually consist of…

* High neck tops

* Crew neck tops

* Belts

* Ribbed tops

* Vintage pins

*Collared dresses

* Chokers

* Jackets/Blazers

* Fitted skirts

* Flared skirts

* Blouses

* Shorts

* Heels 

* Shoulder bags

* Handbags

* Crop tops

If you want to slowly transition your wardrobe to get Cheryl’s style, try these tips!

* Cheryl is known for wearing the colors red and black within her outfits. The color red is mostly seen in her tops, once in a blue moon on her skirts, whereas her bottoms are black (and appears interchangeably between her bottoms and tops). Invest in blouses that offer a tie neck, those appearing throughout Cheryl’s wardrobe. If buying a crop top, she seems to favor twist ones (can be seen in episode 2&7). Simple cherry print tops are never something to turn down. 

* Cheryl’s “persona” seems to revolve around the idea of cherries. Buy vintage cherry pins (best website is etsy) to attach to your top. Besides cherries, just invest in vintage pins in general. They can be seen added throughout her wardrobe so be it on her belt or shirt. 

* If you’re not as comfortable showing your legs off as Cheryl, slip on some black tights (not leggings) underneath your skirt or pair your outfit off with some black knee high socks! 

* If it’s cold outside and a long sleeve blouse/top won’t suffice, slip on a leather jacket (keep it red or black) to stay warm. If leather isn’t your preference, substitute it with an elegant blazer, nothing too extreme that would take away from the outfit but rather add on to it. 

* If you’re buying more shoes - Cheryl strictly sticks to heels. Invest in black and red open toed shoes along with a closed pair. If the heel is closed, avoid a round front. Go for more of a pointed toe. Material wise, don’t pick out anything suede. Faux/normal leather is the way to go, preferably patent leather to provide the heel with a glossy look. 

* Switch your backpacks to shoulder bags. Make sure the strap is solid or is a chain/wrapped in chain. Never go for anything heavily jeweled. Keep it simple. 

* With dresses, she has seemingly made sure they are collared. Buy dresses where the collar is never plain, it always being different from the rest of the dress (but isn’t over the top). An example would be the collar being an evidently different material/having a different texture than the dress. Simple embroidery is also an option. 

* For necklaces, keep it to the maximum of black chokers. 

* Every time you pick something off the rack/shelf, ask yourself: Is it something you can see Cheryl wear?

Where can you find brands/stores selling Cheryl inspired clothing?

* Forever 21

* Aqua

* River Island

* Etsy

* Ted Baker

* Nasty Gal


* Topshop

* Zara

* Macy’s

* Target

* Tommy Hilfiger

* Ralph Lauren

* H&M 

* Gap

* Banana Republic

* JC Penny

* Express 

* Uniqlo

Workin' Gals | Min Yoonji

Crackfic | Requested by Anonnie

Word Count: 2,000+

Pairing: min yoonji x reader

Nonnie said: I’m really stuck on thinking about non cliche yoonji requests 😭but I think I have one. Maybe a office au! Where yoonji straight up just ignores the reader but then when one of the employees hits on her and went too far she steps in and tells reader even though she’s a girl she shouldn’t look so damn vulnerable but then plot twist reader starts cussing her out hehe. (If your not gonna use this thank you for reading it anyways !)) :))

   "Good afternoon. This is a State Farm call representative. This call is subject to being recorded at any time. My name is Min Yoonji, how may I help you today?“

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Word Count: 511 (Yes this is the shortest thing I’ve ever written. I’m sorry.)

Summary: You just finished your exams and Gabriel wants to cheer you up. Just a little post-school year fluff. 

A/N: This is for @katymacsupernatural ‘s challenge. I’m sorry it’s last minute. I’ve had a lot going on and I’ve been MIA. My boyfriend just came back from Africa after being gone for 2 years and I also just finished my college exams not too long ago. Haven’t had much time to think about Supernatural. Anyway, I’m still technically on a little Hiatus but I hope to be back soon. 

Gabriel leaned against the doorframe and watched as you flopped onto your bed, frowning at the dark circles under your eyes and the worry lines that creased your forehead. School had been taking a toll on you for the past few weeks, but now exams were over. He had to find some way to help you relax. You peeked at him out of the corner of your eye and raised an eyebrow, “Take a picture, angel-boy. It’ll last longer.” You said, more than slightly cranky.

Gabriel crossed his arms, a bit annoyed with your attitude, but chose to ignore it. “Hey, princess. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?” He asked casually, pushing away from the door frame to sit behind your head on the bed. You scooted back and rested your head on his thigh. Gabriel reacted immediately and began running his fingers through your hair. This was how you and Gabriel could usually be found on any given evening.

You thought hard for a moment, slightly distracted by the feeling Gabe’s fingers in your hair. Eventually, you just said the first place that had come to your mind when he asked, “Barcelona.” He looked down at you curiously and his fingers paused in your hair.

“Barcelona? How unoriginal.” He removed his hand from your hair and smirked at you briefly before he snapped his fingers. Suddenly, you weren’t lying on your bed in your one bedroom apartment, but on a warm beach in Barcelona, Spain. Your sweatpants and grey tank top had been replaced with a black bikini. Gabriel was wearing swim trunks and his shirt had disappeared. You sat up and looked around, confused.

“Gabe, what the hell?” You smacked his arm, only a little upset. “Give a girl a little warning before you fly her halfway across the world.” At that, he jumped up and helped you to your feet.   

“Come on, sugar. Let’s get you a drink.” He walked you over to a tiki hut and ordered you your favorite drink as you sat on a stool. The bartender handed you your drink and you turned toward the water, watching the waves roll across the sand. Gabriel stood behind you and smiled as you relaxed against his chest. He wrapped his arms around your shoulder and kissed the top of your head. He had wanted you to relax and he got his wish.

Later that evening, after watching the sunset set the water on fire, he snapped the two of you into warmer clothes; an ankle length skirt of all different colors and a white blouse for you and a black v-neck long sleeve with dress pants for him. Then he took you into the city for a night filled with dancing and seeing the sights. By the time the sun rose, you had forgotten all about the stress of your exams and Gabriel tucked you into your bed back home with a gentle kiss to your forehead just as the first light of day lit up the trees.



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Gabriel’s Gumdrops:


Irresistible Force - Part 1

As promised, here’s a very raw, unedited version of the first part of this fic. I’m still debating if I want to post the final up as separate chapters or just one big chunk. To be fair, the whole thing doesn’t have any sort of plot and reads almost like a bunch of drabbles connected to the idea: What if Corrin were a rich modern girl and Jakob was her bodyguard?

“So what do you think actually happened on that Ferris wheel?”

Immediately, Jakob lost his place on the page and glanced up in irritation.

“Do you mind –?”

She smiled.

Whatever rude dismissal he had planned died in his throat at the sight of the young woman seated on the stool beside him. She was small and slender, dressed lightly despite the autumn chill, in a black, long-sleeved blouse and a short pleated skirt that contrasted strongly with her hair which was so blonde, it was almost white.

Her hand gripped the long leather strap of a designer handbag as she peered at the curled paperback cover of the novel he held, almost as if to check and make sure that the question she had asked was indeed relevant.

“Did I interrupt at a bad time?”

“I was reading,” he replied dryly.

“Ah,” she seemed taken aback, her smile slipping a little as she realised that perhaps it had not been the best idea to strike up this conversation. “I’m sorry. I’ll leave you to –“

“I think you have the wrong book.”

She blinked at him, and he found himself pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoyed watching her brows lift and her cheeks colour faintly. She was quite a pretty girl.

“Oh.” Her eyes were a curious shade of brown and they darted quickly to the side, betraying how nervous she was despite her friendly and initially confident approach. “Oh… god.” Her shoulders shook as she lifted a hand to her mouth and he realised that she was laughing. “Oh, god, how embarrassing.”

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Easy Oral - Hollstein one shot

Read on AO3

Carmilla - student/teacher AU

Rating: P for Porn

Pairing: Hollstein

Wordcount: 3.753

A/N: Soooo to make up for my lack of writing I give you some filthy smut :3 I’m so sorry I haven’t dropped the fics. I am working on them, rather slowly, but I am. So, until then maybe give this a read??? Also sorry if this is highly inappropriate :3

Summary: Laura Hollis, popluar student of the school is failing her classes. She has had an eye on the English/Physics teacher Carmilla Karnstein and she is wondering whether she could get some extra credits from her.

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Secret Love [1]

<Part 2: Coming Soon>

NOTE: This was a requested scenario. We have decided that we wanted to turn this into a series, rather than simply writing up one long story. So there will be multiple parts to this story, and we’re excited to share! Also please go easy on me, this is my first time trying out a ‘series’ type of writing. >.<

request: “ Hello, have you heard secret love song by little mix? If so could you do a scenario where Kyungsoo and his lover have to hide their love? Thanks! 

to the sweet, sweet anon, if you’re still out there, this one is for you. the song basically made us both want to cry, it’s truly beautiful. 

thank you for requesting and we hope you stick around to see what else we have in store for you and this Ksoo story. <3

Originally posted by aishiteruyeol

Summary: What happens when you lay eyes on someone and develop feelings that you know you’re not supposed to have feelings for? Do you still risk it? 

Characters: Kyungsoo x Reader (w/ occasional appearances by members of Exo)

Word count: 2,660

- Admin R

The members of Exo were talking amongst themselves in their van as they were leaving the SM building. Concern and questions filtered the air about the new addition to their team for this cycle, which was essentially what the meeting was about. When the managers called for a meeting to go over new changes and adjustments before the start of their comeback, having a personal assistant was the furthest thing in their minds of what would be added to this edition. The guys were unsure about having a personal assistant added onto their team. Would this be a good thing? Would it be fun? What would their PA be like? All these questions filtered through in conversation on the ride back to their dorm.

“I don’t know, maybe it’ll be fun. Like having someone help us out and do stuff for us.” Baekhyun said, trying to put a positive spin to the topic.

“But we’re already surrounded by so many people. Wouldn’t it be easier with our managers just helping us? Like they’ve always done?” Jongin asked, looking around at his hyungs.

“Well,” Suho chimes in, “we’ll just have to wait and see.”  

A week has passed and the guys are all together in the studio for one last rehearsal before the comeback era begins. Music is blaring and drowning out the entirety of the room. The boys are fixated on the mirrored wall, studying every move they make, looking for flaws, finding room for perfection.

Suddenly, the music cuts, “Okay, take a break, guys!” One of the managers exclaims.

The boys disperse, heading for their water, laying on the ground, and catching their breaths.

“Boys.” Another manager announces, as he enters the studio room with a girl, a number of inches shorter than he. She followed in behind him, scanning the room. She wore a light blue long-sleeved button down blouse, black skinny jeans, and white flats. A light brown over-the-shoulder bag, and notebook in hand occupied her person. “Let me introduce you to someone. This is Y/N. Your personal assistant.”

They all are now standing in a line in front of you, eyes on you. Politely bowing to you, as you return the gesture.

“Hello, nice to meet you.” She says in a low tone, almost a murmur. She looked nervous, and probably was. Despite this, she still managed to hold herself up pretty well.

The manager goes on to introduce each of the members one by one, they all have sweet smiles and warm faces as they greet her. She’s eyeing each member trying to get the names to stick to the faces.

“Y/N is going to be on this leg of the comeback and tour with us. Anything you need, any questions you have, anything at all, she is your go-to person. We will not always be able to be around, but Y/N will be, so look to her as your sort of… savior.” The manager explains, a cheerful smile appearing on his face as he pats Y/N’s back and leads her to the other side of the room to go over other minor details.

The guys go back to taking a break, all talking and chatting amongst each other. Everything and everyone returned back to normal, except for one member. 


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Scenario: Blitzed Birthday

Prompt: Today was Kevin’s birthday, so you, Amber, and Eric decided to surprise him by going to the noraebang (karaoke). However, things get a bit crazy when everyone—but you—decides to get drunk.

“______! Where are you?” Eric shouted. You put your phone on speaker before setting it down on the bathroom counter top.

“I’m getting ready!” you replied as you quickly curled the last section of your hair.

“Ooh~, I bet Kevin will appreciate that.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed. “Will you stop? Kevin doesn’t like me.”

“Whoa, who said anything about that?” Eric asked innocently. You glared at your phone as if it was Eric himself.

“You always mention Kevin around me, and now you’re pretending to be innocent?”

Eric chuckled. “Okay~, you caught me. But really! He so does like you!” You ignored his comment and resumed back to fixing your unwanted hair flyaways with some hair spray. “Hello~? Don’t ignore me, ______.”

“Sorry, but I don’t like it when you give me false info.”

“It’s not false!” he countered. “I’m pretty sure he likes you! Don’t you think he’s been acting strange ever since last week?”

“No? What happened last week?”

“Uh, your comeback? He visited you backstage at Music Bank and took pictures with you, remember? He practically wrote an essay over how much he loves you in the description on Instagram.”

“Eric!” you said with a laugh. “It was not an essay, don’t exaggerate. Besides, he took a picture with Amber too when it was her comeback.”

“So? You’re still the only one who got an essay for a description. He so likes you.”

You sighed. “No, he doesn’t. It was just a sweet, normal message. He is one of my closest friends, after all.”

“But even Amber thinks he likes you, and Amber is… Amber,” he emphasized. “We’re all friends, aren’t we? It’s so easy to tell that he likes you.”

You puffed your cheeks up, frustrated. “Eric, I’ll believe it when he says it himself. For now, don’t make assumptions.”

“Aigoo, you’re so clueless. Hurry and pick up the birthday boy from his house because Amber and I are already done decorating the noraebang room.”

“Okie dokie. I’ll be there soon. Bye!”

You ended the call and looked at yourself in the mirror one last time. ‘I think I look pretty decent.’ You were wearing a black, long-sleeved turtleneck blouse that had lace around the collar with some normal skinny jeans and white bow flats. Your plan was to look naturally pretty, so your makeup was very minimal, and your curled hair was spot on. ‘Good job me,’  You looked at your phone to see it was 8:00 P.M. ‘Now let’s go get Birthday Boy.’


“So~ where are we going?” Kevin asked, full of curiosity and anticipation after he got into your car. You shook your head and smiled.

“Not telling. But it’s nothing special.” you replied as you made a sharp turn onto the next street.

“Aw, that’s not true. I’ll love whatever you guys schemed.”

Schemed?” you questioned. “You make us sound so evil!”

Kevin threw his head back and laughed. “Well, you guys aren’t… that evil, I guess. Especially not you. You’re the nicest one to me.”

You smiled at his words but didn’t know how to reply to them. You figured maybe silence would be best for now since you were afraid of letting Eric’s assumption slip out into the open and making things awkward. ‘Why is this bothering me so much? Even if Kevin did like me, I don’t feel that way about him… do I?’

Kevin noticed your odd behavior and wondered why you weren’t talking as much as you normally would. Believe it or not, you two actually met because you were the chatty one—not him. You were the one who approached him first backstage during his “Standing Still” era as a newly debuted soloist, and he was amazed at your sweet, friendly nature. You two just happened to click really fast, and he then introduced you to Eric and Amber.

“We’re here!” you exclaimed as you parked your car.

“Yay!” Kevin unbuckled his seatbelt and got out immediately.

“Wait, wait, wait! You can’t look yet!” You literally bolted out of your car and ran behind him in order to cover his eyes with your hands.

“Huh? It’s dark! I can’t see!” Kevin cried. You giggled at his panicked expression.

“That’s kind of the point. I’ll guide you into the room.” You practically had to stand on your tippy toes to cover his eyes.

“What room?”

“You’ll see. Just start walking forward.” You hadn’t really noticed it before, but Kevin looked really handsome in his grey button up shirt with dark blue jeans. You could tell that he spent some time styling his blonde hair because it looked flawless, as usual. ‘When did he get this handsome…?’

As you and him kept walking, you realized your hands were becoming more and more shaky. Luckily, Kevin didn’t really notice, but it was so hard for you. You didn’t know why you were feeling so… nervous.

“Just a little more. Turn right here.” you told him.

“Ooh~, I’m so excited for this!” he said happily.

You then saw the room that you, Eric, and Amber had rented up ahead, so you instructed Kevin to open the door and walk in.

“Surprise!” Eric and Amber shouted. You immediately removed your hands off his eyes, and he gasped loudly. The decorations were done beautifully with a colorful banner that read “Happy Birthday Kevin!” along with plenty of balloons and streamers strung across the room.

“Happy Birthday! You’re getting old!” Eric teased while throwing confetti at Kevin’s face.

“You’re older than him though.” Amber pointed out.

“Shh! Details!”

“Aw, thank you guys!” Kevin said, full of joy.

You laughed as you closed the room door and sat down on a sofa, observing the room once again. The lights were dim, but there was a multicolored disco ball that kept rotating continuously. There was also a stage, a big screen TV, and a table in the center of the room with a birthday cake and bottles of soju on it. “Oh no… were you guys planning on drinking?” If there was one thing you couldn’t tolerate, it was alcohol. You didn’t mind your friends drinking it, but they always told you that they overdo it. That’s why you never went out with them when it involved drinking. ‘Guess I’ll experience seeing them drunk for the first time.’

“Heck yeah! Come on, ______! Let’s party!” Eric cried as he plopped down next to you. “Even Amber is going to drink, and you know she normally doesn’t.”

“Hey, someone needs to be able to drive you guys home.” you said with a giggle.

“Eric’s right. Let’s get this party started! How about every time ______ laughs, we take a drink?” Amber suggested as she sat down on your other side. You gasped and shook your head.

“No! That’s a terrible idea!” you said, laughing once again.

“Oh! She laughed! Let’s pour the soju!” Kevin cried.

“Oh boy…” You smiled to yourself. ‘This will be a long night.’


I, want you to, shake shake that brass,” Amber sang confidently on the stage with a mic in one hand and a soju bottle in the other. You couldn’t help but laugh at how drunk she looked because her eyes could barely stay open. “I, want you to.” she repeated.

Ooh~ yeah, yeah.” you sang beautifully. You were also on stage with her, singing Taeyeon’s parts to the best of your ability.

Yeah, I, want you to, shake shake that brass. I, want you to…

Shake that brass~.” You then sang the bridge powerfully while Eric and Kevin were screaming in the background. Once the high note came, you hit it perfectly and sang the run flawlessly too.

“Whoo!” Kevin yelled as he took another shot of soju.

“Yeah! Go ______!” Eric added as he chugged down the remaining soju in his bottle.

As “Shake That Brass” came to an end, you set your mic down in its proper location while Eric slowly staggered over to the stage to snatch Amber’s mic.

Ooh, ooh! Oh, pretty baby!” he sang loudly. “Ooh, Ooh!

“Hey! You can’t do that~!” Amber whined. “I love that mic… give it back~. ______! Tell Eric to give my mic back. Please~?”

You giggled. “Eric, give Amber back her mic.”

“No wait~. I have one more song to sing! Ooh ooh~.

“Boo! Get off the stage!” Kevin said while cackling. You were quite alarmed because you had never seen him laugh like that before. He was so… obnoxious. It was quite hilarious, actually.

“K-Kevin! Kevin… it’s your turn to sing again.” Amber said, slurring her words together. She slowly navigated her way to the sofa and plopped down on it, face first.

“I think it’s getting kind of late… maybe we should end the party…” you suggested.

“Hahahaha! You’re so~ funny, ______!” Kevin said happily. He slowly walked up to the stage and snatched the mic from Eric.

“Yah! How dare you!” Eric shouted. “______! Control your boyfriend!”

Your mouth hung open. “H-He’s not my boyfriend! What the heck are you saying?!”

“We all know it’s gonna happen~.” Amber said into the sofa, muffled. Eric nodded as he walked over to the sofa.

“I’m going to sleep. Good night~.” he said as he collapsed on top of Amber.

“Oh no. Eric! You can’t sleep on top of her like that!” You immediately dashed over and strained to lift him off of her. “Oomph… you’re heavier than I thought.” You wrapped his arm over your shoulder and successfully carried him to the other side of the sofa. “Geez… this is why I don’t drink.” you said while shoving him off of you.

“Hey ______!” Kevin called out. You turned around and saw him swaying back and forth on stage with a dopey smile. “I think I’m drunk… Hehe! Aren’t I adorable?!” He started to do random gwiyomi actions with his hands and kept pouting at you without a care in the world.

“Kevin! Aigoo…” You ran back on stage and took the mic from him. “You’re really out of it. How much did you drink?”

“I don’t know. 3? 4 bottles? 6? I forgot how to count… what are numbers?” he asked cutely. You quickly set the mic down and shook your head at him.

“You know that your tolerance for alcohol is low. Go lay down.”

“Ok!” He suddenly fell forward, and you barely caught him in time in your arms.

“K-Kevin! Not on me! Do I look like a bed?!” You were becoming red.

“Hmm~ but you’re warm…” he murmured. You looked at him resting on your shoulder with his eyes closed.

“Are you falling asleep on me? Wake up!”

“You smell nice…”

“This boy!” You awkwardly carried him to another chair and plopped him down on it. “Kevin… open your eyes. Wake up.” you demanded while shaking him.

“But I’m tired~!” he whined. You crossed your arms and frowned. He was such a child.

“Then let’s get you into my car, so I can drive you home. I think Amber and Eric’s rides are already taken care of by their companies.”

“You’re such a great friend to me~,” he cooed while suddenly grabbing your arm and hugging it. “Don’t leave me!”

“What are you talking about, you idiot? I just said I’m taking you home.”

“No no. Not that~.” He slowly raised his head up to look at you. “Why am I losing you to someone else?”

You raised an eyebrow. “What are you talking about?”

“T-The comeback~. Your comeback. Your song is about wanting someone to give you a chance, so who were you talking about?”

“What? No, it’s just a song, Kevin.”

He slowly got up from the chair and gave you another pout. “Then why can I relate to it so much? Why won’t you give me a chance?”

Your eyes widened. ‘Is he being serious?’ “I think you’re really buzzed. Let’s get you home.”

“No~! I’m not! I… I like you~.” he said with a giggle.


“You’re so adorable… and short and kind and talented,” he said while poking your nose at each adjective. “So I know you would never give me a chance because you’re so perfect.”

You were really touched at this point because you had no idea he thought those things about you. Your mind was blank, but your heart was practically beating out of your chest. You had never really looked at Kevin as more than a friend, but it’s not like you never considered it. You did imagine what it would be like dating him a couple of days ago, but you figured it would never happen.

“Kevin… are you sure you know what you’re saying right now?” you asked, nervously.

“Duh~. I just said I like you~. Want me to say it again?”

“No, it’s fine. Don’t—”

I, Kevin Woo, like you ______!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Shh! Oh my gosh! You’re such a dummy sometimes!”

“Hehehe. So sue me.”

“Aigoo… now you’re just being stupid. I’m going to leave you.” you joked as you started heading out. You suddenly felt a warm pair of hands covering your eyes from behind.

“You can’t leave me if you can’t see~,” Kevin said sing-songy. “Besides~, don’t you want to know what I really wanted for my birthday?”

You removed his hands off your eyes and turned around to look at him. “What is it?”

“You…” He pointed at you. “… and me…” He pointed at himself. “Together!” He made a heart with his hands, causing you to giggle.

“Aigoo~, you’re so cute… but you’re really out of it. I know you’re going to forget this all tomorrow.”

“Nuh uh~,” He suddenly hiccuped. “Hehe. I’m hiccuping.” *hic*

“Let’s just get you home.”

He shook his head. “Nope. I’m staying here.” *hic*


“I want to know how you feel about me. If you reject me, I won’t remember anyway.” *hic*

You frowned. “You stubborn little… I’ll tell you how I feel… tomorrow. That is, if you remember.”

“No way~. Tell me now!”

You sighed and gave him a tight hug. “… I like you too, Kevin. I just never realized it until today.” you whispered.

Kevin hugged you back just as tight. “Yay~,” he said faintly while resting his head on your shoulder. “You’re mine now.” *hic*

You smiled. “Yeah, I guess I am. Ready to leave now?” You didn’t hear him reply. Or even hiccup. “Kevin?” All you could hear was the sound of him snoring softly. “Aigoo~… Happy Birthday, my cute drunk.” you whispered.

A/N: I know it’s not Kevin’s birthday, but I had this idea in mind for a while and just had to type it out! How was it? Thank you for reading! :) Blitzed Kevin sure is adorable, huh? Lolol.

UPDATE: Hi everyone! Out of all my scenarios, this one has the most responses/likes/reblogs! I just wanted to inform you all that I have finally posted an actual fanfic with a plot line and everything on asianfanfics and it would mean a lot if you guys read it! Please comment too. :) 

Link is HERE

Ready Now

Summary: Sunghwa has something on his mind, but are you ready to hear what he has to say?

Heaving, you pushed the door open with your back while your arms were occupied with a brown paper bag full of the groceries you just bought. Following closely behind you was Sunghwa carrying two papers bags on each hand.

You glanced at him as he stopped just before the door. His brows were knitted close together. “What?”

“Nothing,” he replied, shaking his head gently, and followed you inside.

You headed into the kitchen and placed the paper bag you were holding on the table. Once Sunghwa appeared, you gestured your head to the table and he deposited his hand carries beside yours.

Sunghwa pulled a chair and sat down for a rest, clasping his hands on the wooden surface of your dining table. He watched you as you tied your hair in a high ponytail and opened a drawer to retrieve two glasses before taking a pitcher out of your ref.

“Thanks,” he muttered when you handed him a glass of water. He drank all of it in one and go and asked for another.

There’s something weird going on with him, you thought, as you looked at him being so quiet since he picked you up at the mall after you bought your groceries. You would never mistake that look on his eyes and the way he kept on opening his lips yet uttering nothing at all. He had something in his mind that he couldn’t bring to say.

“Should I bring them out?” He asked all of a sudden, nodding at your groceries.

Squinting your eyes, you decided to let him talk about whatever he’s mulling over when he’s ready. But if he still won’t talk about it until he went home, then you’d just ask him up straight.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll just go change my clothes,” you said. When he didn’t say anything, you stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “You can talk to me, Sunghwa, just remember that.”

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Thank you to everyone who voted in Harry’s 2016 fashion survey. We’ve got ourselves quite a mixed bag of looks in the top three, which makes sense given Harry’s lowkey year. Despite his elusiveness, Harry was still able to give us some distinctive outfits. Special shout out to the Randy’s Donuts sweatshirt. You didn’t rank here but you’re the real MVH (most valuable hoodie) in our hearts. Details for each look are below.

#1 - October 6 - Another Man AW16 Launch Party - London

Dior Homme Tuxedo • Saint Laurent Velvet Wyatt boots • Rockins Black Embroidered Skinny Scarf

This look received 33.1% of the votes.

#2 - January 22 - Out visiting a friend - Los Angeles

Cream silk long-sleeve blouse • black skinny jeans with rips • Saint Laurent Wyatt harness boots in nut suede • tortoiseshell sunglasses

This look received 9.18% of the votes.

#3 - December 7 - Out shopping - London

Gucci wool sweater with contrast trims • black skinny jeans • Saint Laurent Wyatt fringed boots in tan suede • black round-frame eyeglasses

This look received 9.09% of the votes.

Another Man survey results to follow…

This is what you get (JB)

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

Warning: Contains smut

You and Jaebum were sitting on the couch casually watching a movie when his phone suddenly started receiving texts every two minutes. You tried your hardest to put all your concentration on the movie but the message tone started getting on your last nerve. “Jaebum, can you please for the love of God turn the message tone off.” You laughed as you trued to hide your annoyance. “Oh sorry Jagi” He replied as he kissed your nose as an apology before turning the sound off. You nuzzled up closer to him as you got your concentration back on the film, until the vibrating started. You forgot that if he turned the ringtone off it would vibrate instead. You looked up at him squinting your eyes as your showed your frustration with him. He didn’t notice for a while as he had his head buried in his phone as he continued to text who ever it was.

 “Someone’s popular today.” You said slightly bitterly. He looked down at you as you tried to sneak a peek at who he was talking to. “Hey there nosy.” He chuckled as he shielded his phone from you. “I just want to see who it is, I want to make sure it’s not another girl.” You joked as you stretched your neck further so you could get a quick glimpse. He outstretched his arm so you couldn’t see it “Why would it be another girl” he asked as you tried to climb up him to get the phone. “’Cause your famous and good looking and every girl wants a piece of you.” He laughed again at your protective nature. “Nope I think that’s Mark you’re thinking of.” He laughed as he referenced his own song. You rolled your eyes at his terrible reference, “Just let me see.” You said as you finally climbed far enough to touch the phone. He continued to stretch his arm so you decided to push him over and slightly pin him down as you finally retrieved the phone off him. “Oh it’s just Youngjae,” You said as you scrolled through the messages. “He’s inviting us out to a meal with the rest of the group?” You asked with a smile starting to grow on your face. “Yes he is I was just going to ask you if you wanted to go until you got nosy again.” he laughed as he took his phone back. You nodded your head excitedly, you loved hanging out with the whole group and now food was involved so there was no way you were going to pass that up. “Okay then I’ll let him know, go and get ready then I’ll join you in a bit.” He smiled as he started to text Youngjae your answer.

You had just gotten out of the shower and you were now pulling out various outfits and throwing the ones you didn’t like to one side. You were now left with 2 options, the first being your short black dress with long sleeves or your white lacy blouse with your black skinny jeans. You felt the blouse and jeans were too “casual” for this meal so you finally decided on the short black dress. You stepped out of your room with your hair and make up done and dressed up in your dress. As you fixed your hair in the mirror Jaebum couldn’t help but look you up and down mesmerised by your dress. “Like it?” You asked when you noticed him staring. “It’s …. umm … very … short.” He stuttered as he tried to find the right words. “I think it’s fine.” you said as you looked down at your dress which just about  covered your ass. He bit his lip slightly as he stared at you, “Okay just don’t come crying to me if any of the other members start staring at you” He said as he wrapped an arm around your waist and guided you out the door. 

The atmosphere in the restaurant with all of Got7 together was the best, it was so high in positive vibes, laughter and smiles. This is one of the many reasons you loved being around them, all your problems seemed to melt away with them and the only pain you felt around them was when your ribs hurt from laughing too much and the only tears you shed around them was happy ones. There was never a dull moment with them. You were currently laughing at Yugyeom and Jinyoung as they argued over Yugyeom’s obsession with Descendants of the sun. “Why do you always have to talk about it.” Jinyoung asked sounding a little fed up but you all knew he was joking. “It’s amazing that’s why and you need to watch it instead of having your head buried in a crappy book in your cupboard room.” Yugyeom retaliated as he laughed. An offended look came over Jinyoung’s face at Yugyeom’s book comment. “How dare you reading is amazing and you’re just too stupid to get that.” Jinyoung fought back. “Okay, okay, guys calm down don’t kill each other.” Mark said as he tried to get his breath back from laughing. “No I shall kill Yugyeom with knowledge.” Jinyoung replied as he glared at Yugyeom. That was it if they didn’t stop arguing you was going to burst . 

You ended up leaning on Jaebum for support. He stroked you thigh too soothe your laughter, but he soon got a few ideas of his own. He started to slow down his stroking and would stoke the whole length of your thigh, from your knee and up until he was dangerously close to your womanhood. You looked at him with wide eyes as you noticed what he was doing, he looked towards you and gave you a wink as he smirked at you and carried on doing what he was doing. You grabbed his hand and looked at him. You had a conversation through the way you looked at each other. You were basically arguing over if it was a good idea. You tried to tell him you’ll get caught but he was dead certain you’d be fine. He managed to break free from your grip and go back to stroking your leg, you had given up at this point and let him do what he wanted.

You jumped a little as you felt him ghost his index finger over your clothed entrance. You pretended to be a little uncomfortable about it but the danger of possibly being caught was exciting for you. He pushed the think fabric of your panties to one side as he lightly stroked between your folds and quickly running his finger over your clit. You tried to keep your cool and continue with the conversation you were having, you looked at Jaebum again and you were surprised to see that he was acting perfectly normal. You closed your legs a bit as you tried to control yourself but you were stopped when his hand left your womanhood and pushed your legs further apart so he could get easier access. He slowly dipped one finger into you while still slowly stroking your sensitive bud. You tried your hardest to not make a noise and to look normal. Seeing you were struggling with keeping calm Jaebum decided to make it a little bit more difficult for you by adding another finger inside you and started to slowly pump in and out of you while trying to find your sweet spot. 

You took a couple of deep breaths to calm yourself, Jaebum who was amused by your struggle started to pick up his pace and started to add a little pressure to your bud as he started to rub little circles around it. You griped the table cloth as you were now finding it more and more difficult to stay silent. Lucky for you the rest of the boys were too indulged in conversation with Bambam and Jackson to notice you. “This is what you get for wearing that dress” Jaebum whispered in your ear while the others were distracted. “What.” You managed to say through gasps. “I wasn’t worried about the others staring at you since they’re too good to do that, I was more worried about what I would do to you” He replied lowly growling in your ear. Your eyes widened as he picked up his pace again. You tightly griped his thigh and dug your nails into him as you tried not to scream out in pleasure as your climax came closer. He swiped his thumb over your clit again and before you knew it your walls tightened around his fingers as you came. 

You gave out quick but silent gasps as you came down from your high. As Jaebum removed his fingers from inside you you started to feel a little empty without them. “Excuse me for a second guys I just need to run to the bathroom real quick” he announced as he got up and went to walk away. He was stopped when you grabbed his arm and pulled him down to you. “You’re so gonna pay for that when we get home.” You growled in his ear. “I can’t wait.” He playfully whispered back as he tapped your shoulder and walked of to the bathroom.


Mobile Masterlist

Pumpkin Patch Festival

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The summer season had come and passed. The weather was cooler and the leaves were turning from green to golds, reds, and oranges, becoming crisp before falling off their trees and decorating the forest floors and cobblestone streets of Regal Province in autumn’s color scheme. The pumpkin season had also arrived and farmers were selling them in town as well as carving them to serve as decoration throughout the season.

Hikari was dressed warmly in a white, long sleeved blouse, a short brown, skirt with black leggings underneath, and one inch heeled boots. She had a little pull-cart with her and had just finished buying two pumpkins. The farmer loaded them into her cart, but the moment she tried to pull it along, she struggled. They were a little heavier than she thought they’d be, but that didn’t stop her from managing to pull it a few feet. 

#3 (IMAGE): Pancake art has come a long way, and the art form doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Let’s see pancake art of Guernica, Judith Slaying Holofernes, The Weeping Woman, anything by Heronymous Bosch, or another famous work. (You may not do the Mona Lisa or anything abstract.)

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION]: Haley stands on the left, facing the right, looking at 4 framed pancakes on the wall in front of her that depict Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh on the top left, Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer on the top right, The Scream by Edvard Munch on the bottom left, and The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai on the bottom right. The wall they are hung on is a neutral grey. Haley has short blue hair just past her ears and wears a knit black long-sleeve blouse.]