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Never Trust a Guy With a Metal Arm

Summary/Request: Hello again!!! Here I am with a new request Buckyxreader. The reader is Peter Quill’s younger sister, she can control electricity and is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. During a patrol, she, Rocket and Baby Groot fell on Earth and the Avengers found they. The team bring they at the tower for the reader, finally, call to Quill. Bucky is impressed with her powers he meets her and starts to like her, but Rocket and Baby Groot are really protectors. It’s a little long but is this! Thank you! ( @mimisari234 )

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Nope i don’t think

A/N: I couldn’t have got this done without @winterxblood and her inspirational gif

“See? This is why I don’t like you driving my Milano!”

Peter scowled at you as he tried to shake off the restraints from his wrists and ankles.

The four of you were on duty somewhere beyond the galaxy. Having time to spend, you decided to gear up and start your brother’s Milano so the team would get to your destination faster, without having to wait for the ship to cool and start.

You thought it was smart, but Peter, on the other hand, thought the opposite. You insisted on driving and before you knew it, you crashed the ship on rocky grounds in the middle of god knows where.

 The group was immediately taken into a big truck where several people bound you at the wrists, ankles, and even took your weapons. You had a shock collar on in case you’d try your powers on the poor people. They obviously knew who you guys were.

“My apologies, brother for trying to help you out back there.” You huffed, resting your head on the cool surface of the vehicle’s wall.

“How thoughtful of you.“

“Where are they taking us, anyway?” Rocket asked. The four of you rocked back and forth in the car, trying your hardest to see what was on the other side of the driver’s spot. Groot shook in his tiny space in the little glass jar he was in, banging on the walls which clearly didn’t help.

“Hey, asshole,” You shouted out the window to the driver. “Where are you taking us?” Nudging your elbow to bang on the cement. The man in the uniform said nothing, only to glare at you through the mirror and shut the door.

“Thanks a lot, Y/N.” Peter rolled his eyes. You kicked his combat boots with yours.

“If only Gamora was here, she’d side with me and I’d have you kick your-“

The vehicle stopped in a halt, causing the four of you to roll and accelerate in opposite directions on the floor. You groaned slightly as your back hit a wall. The large doors opened, sunlight shining through the green scenery in the background. You pushed your body to sit up, back leaning against the wall again but only to be dragged out harshly.

You, Peter, and Rocket were now held up by numerous people who seemed to be dressed in blue stealth suits. One person held Groot (who was safe in his jar) as they followed you into a big complex.

Looking around, you got a glimpse at the scene surrounding you. This place looked familiar, you thought. Clearly it wasn’t from your former planet, but the planet you came from.

The big building was grey, a few stories high with a garage at the bottom. It was in the middle of a nice open green area where trees surrounded it, a big ‘A’ was labeled at the front. You saw people who looked like they were being trained all lined up to the right who were being instructed by their trainer, another building which looked like a storage space in the back, and numerous recruits surrounded the area.

“Let us go..” You heard Peter say from behind you. You saw him struggle in his restraints as the agents were trying to keep him still.

“Peter, stop moving.” You hissed as you entered the building. You looked up in awe when you were greeted with various jets plastered on a second stage, computers and tactical gear all around.

“Holy shi-“

“Is this?” Rocket asked.

“Cap.” An agent spoke. They nodded at the man who was now walking in front of them, dressed in a casual blue shirt with a brown leather jacket and jeans.

“Good lord.” You whispered to yourself.

The agents pushed the four of you to follow the blonde man into a secluded area. They sat you down in chairs, Groot on the table.

Once everyone was settled, the man spoke. “You can release them now, guys.” He said. The agents obliged as he smiled politely at them, shooing them off to leave.”

“Driving an aircraft into a privately owned land, I see?” The man asked, looking up at the projection in front of him. “Do you know why you’re here? Where you are?”

“The mighty Captain America, Steve Rogers.” Rocket smirked, rubbing his wrists. “Y’know, you could’ve let your men handle us a bit more with care.” He joked. Steve nodded.

“New complex, I see?” You asked, turning to a few others who stepped into the briefing room.

Steve was about to speak until another man spoke for him. You could recognize him, these people, anywhere. “That’s right, space girl. Proudly paid for by the one and only.” The man winked as he took a seat.

“Holy. That-This is Tony Stark!” Your brother exclaimed. “Big fan of you.” He smiled, shaking Tony’s hand.

A man with long hair and a metal arm took a seat next to you. He gave you a smile as you met his eyes, you doing the same as Groot climbed up your jacket and onto your shoulder, frowning at the man.

“Easy now.” You whispered.

Chatter started in the room as everyone sat down. “Alright, everyone settle down.” Steve announced. Once everyone was quiet, he started to speak. “My name, as you know, is Steve Rogers. My fellow Avengers and I have brought the four of you here because we want to announce something to you.” He explained.

Your files started appearing in a row in the middle of the table for everyone to see, projected on the little device. “We know you four, and all of the others up there.” Steve nodded as he looked at the screen.

“Flying raccoon, large-“ Tony looked at Groot who was held on your shoulder. “Small tree man, and two twins, basically.” He explained.

You frowned. “Fair enough.”

“We know what you guys have done. Your powers, abilities..” Steve explained. “Especially you, Y/N.” He smiled.

Tony stood from his spot, swiping the hologram. “Which is why we brought you here to recruit you. Of course, we were gonna send a ship to get you, but conveniently, you decided to wreck the land and show up.”

“Yeah about that,” You laughed. “Terribly sorry about that. You see, my brother and I-“

“Oh, we’re not looking for an apology, Quill. All we ask is for your assistance. Stay here on earth, train with us, earn your badges as an Avenger.”

“I mean, we would have to think about it first.” Peter interrupted. “We can’t just leave the planet for another team.” He sighed.

“Well, just know that you’re always welcomed here.”

And so you were. With four months of training again, your team decided to leave the galaxy for a while and come back to earth to help earth’s mightiest heroes. You got to know the team within the months, them becoming like your new family. It took time to adjust, but with a few bonding sessions and common interests, you were able to adjust quickly.

It was a nice day outside, so you and your friend, Wanda decided to train outside of the compound. You got along with her the most, since you two had powers that were useful together during battle. Tony joked how the colors of your powers went well.

You saw Peter training with Clint and Bucky on the grass, Rocket sat down on a nearby tree with Groot as he stared down at the man with the metal arm. You rolled your eyes.

“So, you got any missions this week?” You asked Wanda as you held your fingers up to attack her. She blocked your electricity with her powers, as you went back and forth on the grass.

“Nope. I’m free until Tuesday. I do have to train the newest mutants, though.” She sighed. “You?”

“Yeah.” You said, pausing quickly to attack her forcefield. “I’m suppose to go on a mission with Barnes tomorrow.” You smiled, a blush creeping up on your neck.

Wanda gasped, walking towards you to counterattack. “No way! You and Barnes?”

“I know right..” You smiled. “I’ve never gone on a mission with him. Hell, we don’t even talk to each other. I don’t think he’s ever seen me in action.”

“What do you think of him?” She smirked, noticing your blush as she floated in the air, you on the ground. “Oh, Y/N…” She teased, reading your mind as you laughed out.

“I’m excited, honestly.” You said as she lowered herself on the ground. “That’s why Rocket and Groot are..You know.” You tilted your head to see them.

You noticed Bucky sparring with your brother. He was in a black long sleeved shirt and jeans, barefoot as his hands were wrapped. You bit your lip as you watched him in action, rejoicing in your head as you got to see what he can actually do. Your eyes began to turn a light blue, signaling all your energy being built up.

You didn’t notice Wanda talk to you, but when you weren’t responding, she sent you flying back onto the grass, back up against the tree Rocket and Groot were on. She floated towards you, smiling as you groaned out.

“What was that for?” You frowned.

“I didn’t say we were done.” She smiled, holding a hand to help you up.

“I hate you.” You said, grabbing her arm to send a small bolt of electricity through her, causing her to punch your arm.

“Nice powers there.” A voice spoke from behind you. You turned around to see Bucky smirking down at you, unwrapping his arms and tossing the remains into his bag. He called for a break with Peter and Clint as they walked off into the compound, Wanda following behind.

“Thanks.” You smiled. “I could’ve done better. Probably send her off flying first.” You laughed.

Bucky smiled at the trail you left on the floor. “Took it hard, huh?”

“That’s Wanda.” You shrugged. “So, you ready for our mission tomorrow?” You asked him, leaning against the tall tree as you watched him pack up.

“Definitely. I’ve never been on one with you alone, though. I’m somewhat scared at what you could do.” He winked up at you, sending butterflies in your stomach.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“So you should. Your powers are amazing and come in handy with any enemy that come in contact with us. You and Wanda especially.” He said, slinging his bag over his shoulders.

“You too, soldier. Amazing combat training skills, a metal arm… Good with a gun and knives.” You raised your eyebrow. He walked toward you to listen closer. “Electricity does wonders with metal. You should be careful.”

“That so?”

“Mhmm.” You looked up at him, his chest meeting yours under the big tree. “But sometimes it can help out defeat the opposing team.”

“How strong is this electricity of yours?” He asked, arm resting on the trunk.

You smirked, slowly taking the knife out from his holster along his waist. You threw it at a nearby tree, and as it hit the trunk, you held your hand up to conjure your strength, sending the tree to cripple right then and there as it slowly started to send in sparks.

“Shit.” he muttered, looking at the tree.

“I’ll buy you a new one, don’t worry.”

He only smiled down at you, teeth sinking into his bottom lip.

We exist, you know!” A voice called from above you. You rolled your eyes to see Rocket come down and climb up your arm to rest on your shoulder. Groot did the same and sat in the pocket of your jacket.

You sighed, smiling as you met Bucky’s gaze at the creatures on you. “They’re a little over protective. Only want me to engage in contact with men in the galaxy.”

“I can see that. They’ve been eyeing me for the last two hours.” Bucky said. “Especially him.” He pointed at the raccoon who slowly frowned.

“If you do anything to her, boy I swear I will rip-“

“Rocky!” You shouted, pulling his tail. “Be nice.”

Bucky smirked, guiding you into the compound again, greeting others as they walked by you.

He walked you up into the elevator, which took you to the avenger’s rest areas and walked you to your room. You let Rocket inside as Groot sat peacefully in your pocket.

“You know, you really gotta tell me more about yourself, and your friends.” Bucky spoke. “I’m interested.”

“Well me and Peter were originally from here so we’re not any different from you guys.” You spoke. “These guys, however, are obviously different, but we’ll get to that some other time.” You smiled, taking Groot’s small hand to place him on your shoulder. He hid behind your ear.

“Maybe after our mission I can take you somewhere where we can talk about that.” Bucky offered. “Maybe somewhere in New York?”

“That sounds nice.” You agreed. “Yes, definitely. Without any distracting animals or guns and knives..”

“Great! I’ll see you in a few hours then.” He winked, placing his hands in his pocket.

“Will do.”

You walked into your quarters and sat down with a smile on your face next to Rocket. You laid your head back on the couch, sighing in content before you felt eyes on you.

“What?” You asked, meeting rocket’s eyes.

“Never trust a guy with a metal arm.”

Warmth - Sherlock

GIF not mine

Ship: Sherlock Holmes (BBC) x Reader

Summary: The depressing weather of London has been taking a toll plus a broken heater that won’t work isn't the best thing so you decided to pay a certain high-functioning sociopath a visit to brighten up your mood. 

Type: Fluff

Words: 1,460

Warnings: None

Notes: Told ya I'd post more than once today.

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Rise Up

Chapter Four

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 4872
Warnings: Swearing, fighting, angst

Song: Game of Survival by Ruelle

The original team had, again, gathered off on their own away from the compound within the bunker (Y/N) had been stashed in during her training exercise with Garry so many weeks ago. This time, however, it was not a training exercise which had them all milling about, but a demonstration, one a few of the team had decided to insist on, and one Matt had been, if not eager to be involved in, at least highly agreeable to.

Steve watched the man known as Daredevil from his stance beside his girl, arms crossed over his chest while Bucky warmed up a few feet away. He wasn’t quite sure what Matt was doing, but he was very still, his chest barely rising and falling.

Black cargo pants, combat boots, a fitted long sleeve t-shirt, and wrapped knuckles completed the look, that was until he reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a skull cap he tugged down over his eyes.

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Request - Could you do at Game of Thrones imagine where the reader is married to Robb and they’re deeply in love but when he goes to war he cheats on her with Talisa and Jon is there when she finds out 

Pairing - Robb Stark X Reader

Wordcount - 3000

Warnings - Strong Language, mature themes, violence 

Multi-shot - Yes 

Author’s Note - I might have gone too overboard with this request but I couldn’t stop writing it. - (Y/F/S/N) - Your first son’s name. (Y/S/S/N) - Your second son’s name. 



Before the war everything was so different, Robb and (Y/N) were deeply in love. After the birth of their first son, (Y/F/S/N) the strength of their marriage and their love for each other only seemed to blossom further. Robb was an great husband and an incredible Father. He would bring (Y/N) flowers and made sure she had everything she desired, even when she repeatedly told him that she had everything she could possibly want. (Y/N) and Robb were the perfect family unit and nothing would ever separate them or so she thought.

The death of her Father in-law, Ned Stark caused choas and corruption. Ned was loved among the people of Winterfell, his wrongful imprisonment had put people on edge but his death was what had caused the people  to want to go to war. The matter only seemed to worsen when the Lannisters refused to let Sansa and Arya go. The war truly broke out between the Lannisters and the North. Robb at first would occasionally return to Winterfell to visit (Y/N) and (Y/F/S/N) but soon it became un-practical. That final night, (Y/N) had begged Robb not to leave even know she felt selfish for doing so, she understood why Robb had to stay out at war permanently but she only longed for him to keep her warm at night and have knowledge her husband was safe. So that night before he left they made indescribable love where she conceived her second child, a boy who would be born nine moons later, her son wouldn’t see his father when his eyes first opened. His Father would only be given word of his sons arrival. He would probably not see him for several name sakes.

However there would be one man in their lives who became (Y/N) greatest asset to her. Whether he was consorting what to do with the people of Winterfell and the vital issues to helping raise the two boys. Jon Snow became a life saver and a great support system. While Robb was away Jon became the man (Y/N) relied on. (Y/N) sat in her chamber rocking (Y/S/S/N) back to sleep. It was late, he had been fed and changed but (Y/S/S/N) was not having any of it tonight.  

“Sh now. Your wake (Y/F/S/N) and Uncle Jon. Mummy loves you and so does Daddy. He’s off fighting a veracious Lion who has taken Aunt Sansa and Aunt Arya. One day he is going to come riding home, the Stark banner riding high in the sky. Everyone will be cheering and celebrating, when the King of the North returns with your Aunt’s and on that day we will be a family again” (Y/N) expressed as (Y/S/S/N) wriggled around her arms. He had not stopped crying, (Y/N) didn’t know what else to do. When there was a sharp brisk knock on the wooden door, the baby who was creeping up to witnessing his sixth moon only to began to cry louder. She pulled the door open to reveal Jon standing there looking tired and weary. 

“(Y/N), I thought you might need some assistance. Rest assured (Y/F/S/N) is still deep in slumber” (Y/N) smiled before stepping aside to let Jon into her room, that she had once shared with Robb. 

“Sorry I didn’t intend for you to wake. He just won’t settle. Nights like this I wish Robb was here” (Y/N) sighed as Jon extended his arms (Y/N) gave her over her screaming son, he immediately settled down, moving closer to Jon’s body heat. (Y/S/S/N) since birth had been closer to Jon and whether he would admit it or not he rather enjoyed spending time with all of you. You accepted him as the person he was not as the bastard son of Ned Stark. 

“There one little Prince fast asleep. Mind if I lay with him for a while. You know just in case he wakes up again” (Y/N) melted at the sight of Jon and (Y/S/S/N). He was so content when he was with Jon. 

“Sure as long as you can get Sapphire off the bed” (Y/N) replied looking at the Direwolf that was sprawled out over her large bed. Sapphire had been found beside Ghost, she had white and grey fur with pointed ears. She was also (Y/N) engagement present, she couldn’t ask for a better companion or loyal protector. 

“Sapphire move” (Y/N) instructed but the Direwolf simply opened her eyes before closing them again. As much as she loved Sapphire to pieces but she could be stubborn when she wanted to be. Jon did nothing more than pull the blankets back, removing the robe he had been wearing, leaving him in a pair of comfortable looking trousers as he laid (Y/S/S/N) on his bare chest, tapping the vacant spot beside him. 

“You look exhausted. Come here and lay down. Rest while he’s asleep. I promise not to try anything”  So (Y/N) took the place beside Jon in her night wear before covering herself with the thick warm furs before drifting off to sleep knowing her sons were safe and sound.  

The following morning morning, (Y/N) stretched her arms out to find the space next to her empty. Jon and (Y/S/S/N) were gone. She hurriedly moved out of bed rushing to put on her dress for the day, preparing her (Y/C/H) in a tidy manor before finally slipping on her shoe and tying them. She ran out of her room when she bumped into her messenger, Maxwell. He had been so loyal to her in the times that they had been facing being a war with the Lannisters. 

“Maxwell have you seen Jon and (Y/S/S/N) He’s going to be need to be fed” (Y/N) asked cheerfully as she was every morning. Maxwell didn’t want to give the news that he had heard and eventually witnessed for himself. Before he came to (Y/N) he always made sure he had sustainable evidence of the news that he had to give her. Yet he couldn’t seem to tell her before she broke her fast.

“There in the meeting room, breaking their fasts. Both children were with Jon. I will need to speak with you later my Queen” (Y/N) smiled at her most loyal servant he had been away for sometime. She was eager to know what he had found  But the frown apparent in his face was concerning. 

“Maxwell breaking my fast can wait. If it ‘s bothering you we can go and discuss this now” Seeing concern in (Y/N)’s face, he knew that there would be no easy way to break the news to her. But at the same time he understood how important it was for a women nursing a child to maintain their meals. 

“My Queen, break your fast and attend to your children. I can wait while you do so” So (Y/N) went down and joined everyone to break her fast. But the whole time she worried about the news that Maxwell had for her. As she nursed (Y/S/S/N) she didn’t even hear Jon knocking on her bedroom door. 

“(Y/N), you were distracted earlier, I thought you might want to talk about it” Jon kept a respectful distance away from  (Y/N) as she sat with her back to him keeping her eyes fixated on her youngest son. 

“Maxwell comes with news and by the look on his face it’s bad news” (Y/N) cleaned herself and (Y/S/S/N) as he clearly had enough. She placed small kisses on his forehead as she turned to look at Jon. 

“Would you come with me to see what news Maxwell has for me?” (Y/N) asked in reality Jon didn’t need to be asked, he was going to attend the meeting no matter what. After (Y/N) had given her youngest son to Marie ( the children’s Nanny) to meet with Maxwell, she gathered thoughts before stepping into the room noticing Maxwell pacing back and fourth in front of the fire. 

“Maxwell it’s not like you to be phased by news. Is Robb okay?” (Y/N) asked concerned for Robb’s welfare. Maxwell collapsed onto his knees, looking ashamed of himself. 

“My Queen, please don’t hate me for what I am about to tell you. The King has been having an affair with a young women called Talisa” Affair? Talisa. Robb. No! He would never have an affair! She thought to herself. 

“Did you see them together?” (Y/N) asked quietly, Jon could see her heart breaking at the thought of Robb with someone else, he took her in his arms as her knees buckled beneath her. 

“My Queen,I have, I would never come with word of such betrayal without actual evidence. Her name is Talisa Haegyr, a noblewomen from the free city Volantis, she gained medical training relocated to Westeros when she could no longer stand slavery, the King found her sometime ago” The news devastated (Y/N), what more did Robb want from her? She bared him two beautiful sons she ran and maintained Winterfell with Jon’s aid. Yet while she was in Winterfell with their children, he was fucking some noble whore. There was no denying the pain that she felt. But seeing Maxwell so intimidated and afraid, it didn’t make her feel any easier. 

“Maxwell, it’s not your fault. I could never hate you. You are the most loyal of messengers. I consider you a loyal friend, a protector of my sons I only have one question, do you know where Robb is? She asked as she took Maxwell hands in hers.

“Of course, my Queen” (Y/N) smiled before looking up at Jon. She gave him a look that he had never seen off her before 

“Tell Marie to prepare the boys for travel. Pack your bags or travel. Gather food, water and blankets for the journey. Get twenty of our best men, make sure their prepared. Maxwell,will you take us to Robb” Maxwell and Jon were surprised at how calm she was. But in  reality her heart was breaking and she desired nothing more to run to their shared room and cry. But she was Queen of the North and mother of two.

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Summary: Louise drags Dan out for a night of forced fun, just to get him out of his books and maybe into a cute stranger’s pants for the night…

or, the one where phil’s much older than university-age dan, there’s a height difference, and then they fuck

a/n: it has been forever and a fucking day and i’m s o r r y that all i have is porn i have a plot piece in the works i promise

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Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 4

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” - C.G. Jung

Part 01 | 02 | 03

“Impossible.” Y/N gasped as she took a sip of the beef stew Taehyung was cooking up at the stove. “Is there anything you can’t do?”

Taehyung smiled as he passed her a tissue before looking into the pot and stirring it slightly. “There’s wine in the cabinet.” He said with a motion of his head and Y/N grinned.

“You prepared.”

V chuckled as he shook his head, knowing that she was right. He did prepare and that was saying a lot from someone who hasn’t even done his grocery shopping since moving in. 

As Y/N finished setting the table and putting the bottle of wine on the kitchen counter, she took a moment to look at V. He was in dark jeans and a long-sleeved beater shirt, a black apron wrapped around his slim waist. She had never see anyone look hotter in a kitchen set-up. 

“Stop staring, Y/N.” V suddenly said and she rolled her eyes to hide her embarrassment.

“How do you know I was staring? You’re busy cooking that up!”

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i’m going to a party tonight and i’m honestly gonna look hot as fuck i’m gonna wear my black long sleeved wrap dress w the LOW neckline and my black heeled booties, my makeup looks good as hell, and i just shaved and moisturized the fuck out of my legs someone better Give it to me tonight

Title: Gamble
Pairing: Connor x Reader
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Having eyes on her and thinking she’s just a prize,he will soon find out that she is just more than just an easy bet.
Author/Authoress: Nuts

(A/N): Another post from me :) Enjoyyyy!


In the Green Dragon Tavern,Connor Kenway and his friends were huddled in a single table,sloppily taking long swigs of their drinks and laughing at each other’s drunken state. Stephane and Norris both filled their cups with the finest brew and whooped when Connor drank his 2nd cup for tonight. Connor just smiled,glad that everything on his shoulders seem to became much lighter than before. Being an Assassin is too much work,blood and sweat. Missions always piling up,trouble with the guards always makes his day worse. He really deserved a break from all of the these things. 

And within minutes,they became a huge,drunken mess. Norris was dancing on the center,Connor lingering with his 3rd cup with droopy eyes and a lazy smile,Stephane and some strangers laughing their heads off because of Norris’s state. Everything seems to be happy in Connor’s view.

But then a door opened,and silence suddenly fell. A brown boot stepped on the wooden floorboards,silent footsteps made their eyes look at the newcomer. It was a she,impressively clothed in brown pants and white long-sleeve tunic,her upper body wrapped with black cloth,and seemed to wear a black hood. Her eyes were not seen,but her lips were curled into a devilish smirk. The people in the room seemed to observe her,men’s jaws were opened wide as she took a cup from a man’s hold and took a short sip. “Evening,gentlemen.” Her velvety voice mostly made the men sway,and made the women looked at her with curiousity. She sat beside Connor,who looked sober yet alert. “Hello,brother.” She greeted to him,grabbing the cup from Stephano and took a long swig. Connor’s brows knitted,and gave her a curt nod. 

This stranger made Connor nervous,almost readying himself in combat. Even though she is a fellow Assassin—whom he never even knew,or noticed in this city—she might be a spy for the Templars,and stole the Assassin insignia from his comrade. Her aura seemed comforting,nice and very thrilling. “Do not be afraid,dear brother. I mean no harm to you.” She whispered. “I only came here to have a good time,to spend this lousy night with a couple of drinks.” She leaned closer to him,a smile on her pink lips which he stared at. “I might even add my amusement by having a few fights with some…men here.” She laughed softly,nudging Stephane to fill her cup. Connor gave her a tiny smile and sipped his drink. 

“I haven’t seen you around here.” She shivered a little,which made Connor smirk. “Where have you come from? What’s your name?”

“I think you should be the one to give your name first. It will be…awkward if I wouldn’t catch your name and became a fool to answer your questions,brother.” She returned his gesture,looking at him while drinking. He only laughed and reached out his hand. “Connor…Connor Kenway." 

”(Full name). Pleasure to meet you,Connor.“ 

"Same to you,(y/n).” She gave a lovely smile which made his heart skip a beat. The night continued to be as great as possible,until it came to the point when (y/n) decided to have a drinking contest with Connor,which he isn’t really good at,because he doesn’t really drink a lot. He couldn’t even see her face from her hood,even her eyes. He frowned at this,but then proceed to take his cup. 

The Assassins drank their cups,slamming their cups to refill it quickly then drink it again until they couldn’t even take it anymore. Connor felt the ecstasy when he drank his 6th cup,his head feeling woozy and felt a bit nauseous. But then (y/n) didn’t even stop. ‘Damn…she knows her liquor.' 

He dropped his cup and put his head on the table,signaling his loss for the competition. (Y/n) whooped,slamming her cup and proceeded to stand up in victory. But because she drank probably too much,she almost fell from her seat. Thanks to Connor,he held her arms as she laughed and pumped her fist in the air. “I am the best drinker in this tavern!” She yelled,sinking herself into Connor’s warmth and gave out a blissful sigh. “God,I can’t even go home being this sober.” She grumbled,her arms slipping around Connor’s torso and her head resting on his chest. “Cooooneeeeerrr…” She trailed off,her hood almost exposing her face as she put her hand on her cheek. “Help meeee…” Her legs suddenly gave out,giving Connor no choice but to carry her to the homestead. 'She could stay for the night,' he thought. 'As long as she doesn’t give me trouble,she’s okay.' 

He didn’t even seem drunk anymore,having a bit of conscious in him to take themselves home and rest for the night. He took his horse and placed (y/n) in front of him and made her lean on his chest as she fell asleep when he carried her bridal style outside the tavern. As he rode in the night,he suddenly felt nervous. For the first time,he went to the homestead with a girl who is sober yet mysterious. He brought home a stranger,and it made him think that he shouldn’t have laid his eyes on her first. 


“Well well well,Connor.” Stephane gave him an all-knowing smirk,winking at Connor as the Assassin took a seat on the bar and ordered a cup of ale. “I seem to have remembered you taking home a very glorious woman. Did you…have fun with her?” Connor only frowned in response,not liking the point where he could even take his advantage on having that kind of fun on her. He’s a nice guy,he doesn’t play unfair unless he is forced to do so. His mother taught him the correct manners and the correct ways on how to be a good gentleman. It would be disrespectful and disappointing that he will not follow his mother’s teachings. 

“I do not want to do those kinds of things with helpless women.” He answered,taking a sip of ale and felt his head soothe a bit. Stephane could only sigh and look at Connor with his eyebrow raised. “You,my friend,are very disappointing." 

Connor just shrugged and noticed that Norris just arrived and took a seat next to him. "I saw that you brought a marvelous lady in your homestead.”

“And I did not do those kinds of things to her.” Connor sighed. Norris just groaned,and ordered a cup. “Oh come on,Connor. She’s a fine lady! Did you even take a peek of her face?” Connor shook his head,and Norris and Stephane just shook their head in disappointment. “Connor,my boy,I think you should be a man and court her." 

"Why should I? She is a stranger to me." 

"A fine stranger.” Norris added. Suddenly,Stephane bang his hand on the table. “I got an idea.” He exclaimed. “Let’s have a bet then." 

'A bet…?’ Connor thought,thinking that it will be a waste that they will just make a bet on who will charm her first. He just felt his chest hurt when he thought that a man will just take (y/n) away and court her as his. 'Why do I feel this way?' 

"Take this seriously,Connor. I bet that you could steal her heart in a few weeks,or maybe days.” Norris said,sipping his cup and grinned at Stephane. “How 'bout you?”

“I think Connor could win her heart today.” Stephane winked. “Just a hunch." 

"Very well. Whoever wins will have to run naked in the town and be chased by guards." 

"You have a deal there,Stephane.” They shook hands,grinning at Connor who just looked at them in displeasure. “Go on,Connor. Come back to us if something’s happened between you two.” Norris just dropped his cup and shove Connor outside the tavern. He looked back,then grabbed the reins of his horse to return to the homestead to check on (y/n).


She only came out with her white tunic and brown pants,her black coat missing. She sleepily made her way to the kitchen and rub her eyes to see Connor on the chair in the kitchen eating a loaf of bread. “Mornin’.” She greeted,her luminous (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair shining bright from the sunlight. He became frozen as he looked at her stunning beauty. She seemed naive—or maybe too sleepy to care—that he only stare at her as she went to get an apple from the basket on the counter and took a small bite. She blinked,suddenly becoming wary and looked at Connor’s careful eyes. “Ummm…Connor.” He looked at her eyes,suddenly numb because of…her. 

Her beautiful (e/c) orbs,her soft (h/c) locks,her risqué body that was all muscles,her smooth voice,plump,pink lips,and her devilish yet charming smirk. Everything about her seemed so…deadly. In a good way,though. He could stare at her all day and kiss her all night. He suddenly became aroused at this. 'Too early for that. She’s just a stranger,for goodness sake.' 

“Sit,(y/n).” He smiled,staring at her as she carefully sat on the stool in front of him and ate her apple. Connor cleared his throat and put his hands on top of the table. He bore his eyes into her mesmerizing ones,looking deadly serious and proceeded at his questioning.

“Where do you live,(y/n)?" 

"I live in France when I was a child,but then went here because I want to join the Assassins here.” He nodded. 

“Since when did you become an Assassin?”

“Ever since I was trained,like when I was 5.” 'Impressive.' 

“Where are your parents?" 

"Dead.” He cringed and apologized to her,which she shrugged off nonchalantly. 

“Do you…uhh…want to stay here? Maybe live here to join our cause?”

“I already joined the cause,but sure. I can stay here.” She smiled,and his heart again skipped a beat. She made him nervous without an effort at all. Why isn’t she nervous? 

“Alright. I’ll make the arrangements later,and maybe you should also get your things later in the afternoon. You should rest now.” She smiled and nodded. She got up from her chair and went upstairs to rest for a while. When she disappeared,he gave out a huge sigh. 'Since when did I feel this way? She is just a woman,for Christ sake!’ He looked at the window with a frown. 'Do I need to take the bet seriously?' 

He shook his head and went upstairs to get ready.


When they had lunch,(y/n) made him nervous again. He was sure that his face should be stoic and his mind blank from all of the thoughts about her. But it suddenly came back to him,and hit him like an arrow to the heart. 

He gritted his teeth and ate his meal calmly. (Y/n) continued to eat her meal like she didn’t even notice him and his depressed state. It could have been so obvious,but then she looked like she had a lot of things in her mind. Even Connor has a lot of things in his mind,but different ones,like her,for example.

The way she could pass by him without looking back at him,the way she strides on the hallway like he wasn’t even there. Her hips sway in a very seductive way,and he even twitched when he saw her bend a little when she dropped her coat. Gosh,she seem to have affected him a lot,in a good and bad way. 

 He groaned in the inside,biting his cheek inside as he looked at her taking her dish to the sink. She just smiled at him as she took his empty plate and washed them clean. He smiled when she turned around. Heck,he grinned like an idiot when she wasn’t even looking at him. 

She just made him a person who became depressed at first,then made him smile only because of her. 

She is affecting him too much,that his feelings could have hurt him. 

“I’m going to get ready,(y/n). Just go downstairs if you are ready.” He said,jogging up the stairs to put his robes and weapons on. He would have to get the horses—maybe a horse—ready for their journey to the city again. He should make himself impressive to make her notice him. 'This is just a bet,anyway.’


As they rode towards Boston—in two horses,since he is considerable—,Connor and (y/n) was silent,not knowing how to spark up a conversation. They were both shy people,but very aggressive when it comes to battle. How could even two Assassins be shy to each other? 

“We should be near Boston.” Connor awkwardly said,looking at (y/n) to see her nod shyly and fiddle her thumbs. Trees and grassy fields suddenly disappear,and then later on,they have arrived on (y/n)’s place. She invited him inside as she fix her things and make sure to not leave anything behind. Connor just looked at her home,portraits of her family hung on the wall and some of her pictures were framed and placed on a table near the front door. 

“Alright,Connor. I'm—hold on.” She ran towards her room,grabbing a box and a bunch of papers and shoved them inside the box. She secured it with the lock and placed it under her arm. Her other belongings were placed on a small yet bulky bag,only one bag. "Alright,I’m ready.“ 

He nodded and grabbed her bag,opening the front door for her like a gentleman. She nodded her thanks and walked towards her horse. She secured her things and hopped up the horse without any help and pulled the reigns. Connor also went to his and nodded to (y/n). They both went back to the homestead,only to be stopped by the guards. "Assassins!” A gunshot was fired,and suddenly (y/n)’s horse went down. She grunted when she fell off,her things suddenly tumbled on the ground making her curse out loud. “You wanna play?!” She roared,flicking her wrists and her sharp blades sprung out,her lips crinkled into a devilish smile that made Connor halt and shudder in fear. “Let’s dance then." 


After letting (y/n) 'dance with my blades’,they finally arrived at the homestead with her things buckled on Connor’s horse. (Y/n),with her robes decorated with blood of the guards,went inside the house with a smirk filled with victory. Connor swore that he could feel the fear of thirty guards because of a girl’s threat. She suddenly turned into a killing machine,and Connor is didn’t help but look at how she strikes. She was graceful,swinging her sword and dodged every attack they give to her. No matter how many guards she was battling,she didn’t even have a look of fear or doubt that she could make it. It really made Connor swallow when she sheathes her bloody sword and looked at him with her dark (e/c) eyes.

"You didn’t even help me kill those idiots.” She pouted,making Connor blush and laugh nervously. “Y-you were…quite busy right there,so I left you at it.” He nervously mumbled,scratching the nape of his neck with a sheepish smile. She laughed,grabbing the mysterious box and slung her bag on her shoulder. “What’s that box,if I may ask?” Connor sounded like an old grandfather worried of his granddaughter,making him think about Achilles,his fatherly figure and his mentor. (Y/n) looked at him then proceeded to open the box. 

“It should be a secret,but you helped me with a lot of things,so…” The lock clicked open,revealing crumbled papers and wilted roses. She frowned when she pulled a paper out of the box and examined it. “The box was given to me when I was eighteen. They told me to open it when I was ready to become 'one of them’. I did know what they mean,but then I decided to do what I was told. One day,I became curious,so I proceeded to open the box. I didn’t know the code,so I tried to open it by attempting to place random numbers on it. But then I had an idea to input my birthday,and it did open. There was notes inside along with a key. The key,when placed on the lock from my father’s chest is my Assassin robes. The notes came from my father’s last wishes to me along with my mother’s and uncle’s. And then Templars suddenly burst in and came to kill me,leaving me no choice but to flee and search for a place to hide.”

“It suddenly came to the point that I came here to find the Assassins here. I found a place and then disguised myself as a girl who sells fruits in different places. And then I decided to show myself to the world that I am an Assassin,so that I could search for comrades and Assassins whom I could be with. I dressed in my robes,and then went to the tavern to find some Assassins. And then there you were at the tavern,looking a bit sober.” She smiled,closing her eyes and breathed deeply. She felt like a huge weight suddenly left on her shoulders,and she felt happy about it. 

She grabbed her bag from Connor’s hand and rushed up the stairs without another word. When she disappeared,he gave out a huge sigh. She finally exposed herself to him,which made him satisfied. He was glad that she had her trust in him. It made him more happier than usual and loved her even more. 

'Wait,loved?' He couldn’t bear to look at her smiling and laughing at him. It seemed too difficult that he could control himself and continue the bet. It looked like he could be the one to loose himself before she does. The feelings that grew inside of him bloomed into something more,something that he proudly call it as love.

“Connor?” He swiftly looked at the direction of her voice,seeing her walk down the stairs slowly,torturing him by looking at her shy (e/c) eyes and her pouting lips. He really controlled the urge to kiss her right now. 

“Umm…I just want to thank you.” She gave him a small smile,her head tilted to look at him straight into his warm,brown eyes. He clenched his fists as he finally surrendered himself and gave himself a chance. “Thank you for taking me in your home and making me a member of the Assassins. Its really a great honor to—”

“I’m sorry.” He suddenly blurted,slamming himself along with (y/n) to the wall behind her. She gasped,looking at him with wide eyes and blushed. “C-Connor—”

“I like you,(y/n).” He snapped,making her mouth close shut and just looked at him with a shocked look.  "I…I couldn’t control myself…my emotions…“ He trailed off,leaning down to let his forehead touch hers almost lovingly. His warm breath mixed with hers,their heart beats having the same tempo. "Maybe you weren’t just an easy bet after all…” He whispered,making (y/n) look at him angrily. (Y/n)’s eyebrows furrowed,gritting her teeth and growled,“Why you—”

He cut her off by slamming his lips with hers,kissing her passionately and wrapped an arm around her waist,his other hand pushing the nape of her neck lightly towards him. She moaned into the kiss,warping herself into another universe Connor brought her to. Sparks were everywhere,she felt her chest tighten at the passion they shared in the kiss. She felt bliss and the passion he gave unto her. When her lips molded with his,they felt like they were both the missing puzzle pieces that are finally together. And at last,they did.

They pulled away,breathless and looking dazed into each other’s eyes. Connor closed his eyes and pressed his forehead on hers. “I’m sorry,(y/n). But my friends unintentionally let me join into this bet. They thought that I could steal your heart in a few days or weeks. But then one day was all I got for me to fall in love with you.” He whispered,looking at her fascinating (e/c) eyes. “You were the one who stole my heart,not the other way around.” He kissed her again,much slower but filled with love. She closed her eyes and let herself drown into love,the feeling she really missed the most. When they pull away,she became breathless and smiled. Connor smiled back,kissing her cheek and whispered on her ear tenderly.

“I…I love you,(y/n). And that’s how I really feel." 

Monty’s Birthday Drabble

Happy birthday to Monty @montysmayhem !!! Here you go, lover!! 

“Movie Night”

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You threw yourself down onto the large bed, a small, tired sigh escaping you. 

“Is that my favorite girl?” Bucky called from the bathroom. 

You grinned, “That depends? Is it me you’re talking about?” 

“Who else would it be?” He exited the bathroom, steam billowing behind him. A towel hung low from his waist, water dripping down his chiseled chest. You bit your lip. 

“Oh, I don’t know. Attractive men like you may have many favorite girls.” 

“Not me, sweetheart, you’re the only girl I got.” 

You sat up, eyes trailing down his damp body, “That’s good to hear.” 

He made a noise of acknowledgement before grabbing two shirts from his dresser. He threw one at you, “Get undressed, Doll. I got a few movies that I know you like.” 

You gasped teasingly, stripping your work clothes quickly, “That sounds like an amazing Friday night.” 

“It’s even better because I’m here.” Bucky crawled onto the bed in nothing but black boxers and a grey, long sleeved shirt. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you to him. 

You nudged at his collarbone with your nose, “You’re the best. You want me to order Chinese?”

“I already did.” You pulled back from him quickly, eyes wide, making a loud laugh burst from him. “I know, I’m just that good.” 

“You really are!” Your lips molded to his, hands gripping his shoulders tightly, communicating how much you appreciated the relaxing night in after a long day of interning. 

He pulled away, a dreamy look in his eyes, and cleared his throat, “Well then… Now that you’ve literally kissed the thoughts from my head, I’ll go put the movie in.”

“What movie?” Your eyes narrowed at him, hoping it wasn’t another war movie. 

“Sky High.” He smirked.

“Oh my gosh! I love you!” You froze, realizing the words that just exploded from you without thought. Bucky was staring right back at you. You began stumbling over your words, “Okay, listen…I didn’t mean to say it like that… You don’t have to say it back.” 

He took large strides toward you, saying your name over your loud babbling, before finally yelling, “Baby!”

“Yeah?” You were breathless, chest rising and falling rapidly.

His hands encased your face, “I love you too.” 

The breath whooshed from your lungs in relief, “Jeez, scare me why don’t ya.”

He cut you off, lips attacking yours. 

Magic Words - New Olicity AU Fic - (M)

Hello Fabulous! 

Today I am rolling out my latest fic (#15!). It’s an Olicity AU story set in Las Vegas. (I mentioned a different title earlier this week, but settled on this better one). 

Please note that while the first two chapters are barely frisky, things heat up quite a lot after that – but with the some humor, as you have come to expect from me. I hope you enjoy this story. Posting it here along with Ao3

Chapter 2 arrives this weekend! 

Note the little rabbit in he cover image. He doesn’t have a name yet. Welcome suggestions in the comments. 

Summary:  An up-and-coming Vegas illusionist with a non-existent love life is encouraged to amp up the sex appeal in her act, but the magic really happens when she flirts with a handsome businessman from out of town. 

Magic Words

Chapter 1

Presto was crowded today, Felicity Smoak noted the numerous men and women angling for attention at the bar of the bustling lounge, desperately filling whatever seating was available around the opulently appointed space. She knew this room well, having spent time there nearly every afternoon for the past several months.

It could be a little much sometimes, forcing herself to observe the couples on holiday, how they exchanged glances and touches like no one else was in the room. A part of her was desperate for that. It had been too long since she’d met a man who performed the kind of alchemy that stole her breath, one whose kisses transformed her solid being into something floaty and transparent. She knew for certain that she wouldn’t be meeting that kind of man here in the hotel bar of The Merlyn casino.

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His Little Mermaid ~ Myungsoo

This is for Anon! I hope you like what I did, thank you for waiting so long, please let me know what you think <3

Request: Here

The light began to soften as the sun moved lower in the sky. The bright, pastel colors just started to be painted across the sky. Myungsoo slipped on a sweater over his t shirt and lifted the camera from its case as he slipped the shoulder strap around his neck. Escaping the small house, the fresh salty air welcomed him happily as he walked to the beach. The cool breeze combed through his hair as a smile molded onto his face.

Within minutes, the beautiful pastel sunset formed into a vibrant, colorful sight as he lifted his camera, snapping a few pictures of the sunset. A broad smile sat on his face as he tried high, low angels along with effects that he used on his camera.The simple joy of pictures took over as he snapped one after another. Moving from the beautiful horizon to pictures of the ocean spray as it collided with the pier, the soft light hitting the droplets as the pictures flowed one to another.

Looking down the shoreline as the soft light hit the ocean foam perfectly; focusing the picture, he snapped a few as the tide came onto the sand. Lifting his camera slightly, a dark mass laid on the sand as it came into his view. Quickly moving the camera from his eyes, he ran towards what seemed to be a human at the edge of the water. 

The wind quickly whipped around as he ran to the person’s side. Bringing himself to his knees, he tried to shake your shoulders.

“Excuse me, miss?” Myungsoo called as he shook your shoulders, with no response from you. His eyes scanned you as he pressed his hands against your cheeks, his hands felt your cold skin as he gently took his hands away from you, checking your pulse, he felt a faint heartbeat. Carefully, he took off his sweater as he wrapped it around your cold body, in an effort to warm you up. Lifting you up into his arms, he carefully carried your cold body bridle style to his little house as the light began to disappear.

Maneuvering through his house, he laid you on his bed as your body was still cold. With your clothes damp, he gathered some clothes of his and brought them out to you. Carefully, he changed you into the dry clothes, slipping you under his covers before leaving to dry your clothes and to gather more blankets. Placing a few blankets on top of you, he sat on the edge of the bed as he looked over your cold complexion.

Myungsoo gently pushed your hair out of your face, tucking it behind your ear as he ran his fingers over your cheek slowly, not believing how beautiful you are. Night quickly fell upon the house as he stayed by your side, the soft light gently lit up your face.

“Why is a beautiful girl like you, out on the beach?” He talked to you softly as his fingers played with yours. “I will take good care of you.” The hours seemed to tick by as he fell asleep next to you.

The sound of the seagulls woke Myungsoo as he sat up and looked at you with soft eyes.

“Please wake up soon.” He wished as he felt your skin again, it was warmer than it had been. Opening the window, he let in some fresh air as he made some hot chocolate for himself before sitting beside you again. Trailing his fingers from your forehead, he pressed his hand on the side of your face as you slowly moved your head into the warm hand. Myungsoo jumped slightly as he removed his hand from your face.

Slowly, you turned your head over and slowly opened your eyes. You looked around the strange, new room.

“It’s good to see you awake.” Myungsoo said as your eyes moved over to him. Moving your arms to prop yourself up, he shook his head softly at you.

“Take it easy, do you want anything?” He offered as you shook your head swiftly, moving to sit up a little. A smile gently slid onto his lips as you were too cute to be real. He stood up from the side of the bed as he went and poured another cup of hot chocolate for you, just in case you changed your mind.

With your mind racing, you tried to recall what exactly happened. Playing with the sleeves of the long shirt, you shot your eyes to the strange man. He turned around and walked back over to you as you looked back down at your clothes.

“Your clothes were wet, so I changed you into one of my shirts, to keep you warm.” He explained as he handed you the warm mug as you took it between your hands. Pulling the blankets up on yourself feeling awkward, he smirked. “Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything. I just had to help you.”

Nodding softly, you pressed your lips against the warm cup as your eyes fluttered closed. Letting the war, liquid rush down your parched throat, you smiled slightly as you moved the cup from your lips.

“Do you know why you were out on the beach?” Myungsoo asked as he pulled up a chair next to your bed as you bit your lips slightly, letting your eyes drop from his. “Can you talk?” He asked after some time as you knew you could, you just couldn’t. “That’s ok, you have been through a lot. Just rest, ok. I will be back soon.”

Myungsoo said as he grabbed his coat as he waved to you before he walked out the door. Once the door closed you sat up as you looked around the little house, with little separation from one space to another, you saw the whole space from your bed. Sitting up a little more, you looked out the open window at the waves that crashed against the shore. Feeling your eyes drop, your head lulled to one side as you put your cup on the chair that the man had sat in.

Myungsoo had returned a few hours later, with sacks of food and ingredients for helping you get better. After setting everything on the floor of the kitchen, he glanced into the bedroom where he found you asleep, sitting up. Shuffling over to the bed, he cradled your head in his hand as he guided you onto his bed again. Tucking you in, he pulled the covers up to your shoulders as you took a deep breath and peacefully slept. Moving back into the kitchen, he kept looking at you occasionally as he put away his things.

Days passed as you still couldn’t find words to talk to Myungsoo, both of you thought it was due to the tramatic events that had led you to be on the shore. Yet he stayed with you and talked and kept you company, he would talk to you about the things that he would do, share with you the pictures that he took, and tell you stories about when he was little. Somehow everything that he did always brought a smile onto your face.

On a late night, Myungsoo sat on the couch as he tried to remain awake. The cold air, opened your window, letting in the cold air. You tried to close it but you were too short. Peeking your head around, you looked for Myungsoo as you found him, sitting on the couch. Lifting your feet from the bed, you carefully put them on the ground as you moved over to him, in your black long sleeved shirt.

Moving into the seat next to him, you wrapped your arms around his torso and rested your head on his chest as you folded your legs up under you. Myungsoo wrapped his arm around you as he slowly opened his eyes and looked down at you.

“What are you doing up? It’s really late.” He said as you just nuzzled your head into his warm embrace. “Ok, I’ll come and see what’s wrong.” He smiled as you got up from the couch, he gave you his hand as you slipped your hand into his. Pulling him into the bedroom, you pointed to the cold window as he smirked at you, squeezing your hand softly before stepping on the bed and locking the window shut.

“There you go.” He patted the bed as you climbed under the covers. Once you had laid down he sat in the chair and hummed a sweet song as you started to fall asleep. He watched your eyes close as he got up and moved to the  couch, yet you caught the back of his shirt and held him back. Your large, pleading eyes looked up at him.

“I thought you were asleep.” He moved to your side as he sat one the edge of your bed. Wrapping your hand around his wrist, you placed his hand on your head as he brightly smiled and looked away trying to hide his blush. “Ok, I will stay with you.” He smiled as he pet your head softly, as you fell asleep. His eyes never left yours as he gently combed your hair with his fingers, his heart began to race as butterflies appeared in his stomach.

The next morning, you woke up to have arms wrapped around you and your body pressed against another. Opening your eyes, you looked up at the figure as it was him. Ever since Myungsoo had brought you home, you had become more and more comfortable with him. Slowly you wrapped your arms around him as you pulled him close. Pressing your ear against his chest, you heard the foreign yet familiar sound of his heartbeat as you smiled.

“Will you stay with me, I don’t want to let you go.” Myungsoo whispered in his husky, deep morning voice as you looked up at him again.

“I’m not going anywhere.” You finally said, finding your voice after three long weeks. Myungsoo quickly looked down at you, for not hearing your voice before this moment. Tightening his grip on you, he pressed you against his body as you smiled and snuggled into his embrace.

So, a while ago I posted an edit of this image. There was talk of writing a little fic to accompany it and I promptly found myself blocked. I am quite relieved to say that I finally finished it…whatever it is. 

This is a bit of NSFW fun. Read what happens when Oliver gives Felicity a tour of the Queen Inc. basement. Hint. Naughty things. You are warned. Thank you for reading!


Arrow fanfiction by quiveringbunny 

Read on Ao3

Felicity wanted to learn the company from top to bottom. Now that she was running Queen, Inc., she realized that there was more to it than just business units like Applied Sciences and she wanted to familiarize herself with everything, even the building itself. Since the top levels were still being rebuilt following the tragic explosion earlier in the year, Felicity and Oliver ended up at the basement door of the high-rise that bore Oliver’s family’s name.

Not exactly dressed for the grimy bowels, Felicity was still wearing her work clothes, which had subtly transitioned to a stronger vibe, befitting an executive. Today’s outfit was a red leather pencil skirt topped by a soft white wrap blouse with full long sleeves. Black peep toe high heels adorned her feet and her hair was gathered in a casual, low ponytail. She knew the outfit had met Oliver’s approval when he gave her the once-over accompanied by a heavy sigh in the lobby.

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