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Not really a "Fuck Customers", More just a ???

Backstory: I woke up this morning to the sounds of my boyfriend and his mom screaming. Apparently they saw a mouse make its way to my bathroom, so they were freaking out together. I decided to stop by Home Depot to buy some mouse traps, just so they could have some peace in mind. Keep in mind, I just got off work, so I’m still in full uniform (which is a grey T-shirt with my company logo, black slacks, black non-slips, and a black apron with a yellow buffalo on it.)

The instant I walk in, I start looking at the signs to see where I could possibly find mouse traps. I’m immediately stopped by a lady with a thick Chinese accent. She’s asking me about the location of something, but I can’t understand her. I just shake my head and say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand you.”

I turn away to continue searching, but I’m, again, immediately stopped by a tall man, who walked into the store almost the same time I did. Which means, while this whole situation with this lady was going on, he was just standing there waiting… for me. Once I make eye contact, he goes, “Hey, where’s the restroom?”. I must’ve made a face when I responded, “No”, because he immediately retorted with, “I don’t like your attitude. Let me talk to your manager.“ 

I’m slightly annoyed and irritated at this point, so I decide to just ask for help from a sales associate. While the SA is explaining directions to me, another lady decides to come up to us and goes, "When you guys are done gossiping, can you show me where the screws are?” and crosses her arms at us. The SA explained to the lady that 1) I didn’t work there, 2) I was a paying customer like she was, and 3) The SA would help her after she’s done helping me.

tl;dr: Go to Home Depot after work. People saw that I was wearing an apron so they assume I work there(?). Had to explain to multiple people that I didn’t. I wasn’t even wearing anything remotely orange???

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The class fills and the kid from yesterday, the one who warned me about Mark, sits next to me. He’s wearing another black T-shirt with a NASA logo in the center, army pants, and a pair of Nike tennis shoes. He has disheveled, sandy blond hair, and his hazel eyes are magnified by his glasses. He pulls out a notepad filled with diagrams of constellations and planets. He looks at me and doesn’t try to hide the fact that he is staring.

“How goes it?”

I ask. He shrugs.

“Why are you wearing gloves?”

I open my mouth to answer, but Mrs. Burton starts the class. During most of it the guy beside me draws pictures that seem to be his interpretation of what Martians look like. Small bodies; big heads, hands, and eyes. The same stereotypical representations that are usually shown in movies. At the bottom of every drawing he writes his name in small letters: SAM GOODE. He notices me watching, and I look away.

this is the start of a beautiful “finding out we’re actually pretty badass” friendship

cause as you can see, in the last gif…sam is so excited for the badass-ness

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So basically I guess you could say I have some pretty rare merch? I haven’t seen many people with it and I got it way back when they old sold like 4 shirts on tour! And also it’s white (unlike the current logo shirt, which is black), and then the text isn’t opaque, it’s pretty transparent actually!